IADW Exhibition 2019: 70 artists donate paints to Van Lang University

 (Admission & Media Office  – Van Lang, 10/4/2019) – IADW2019 exhibition commence at 16h30 on 12/4/2019 at the LV Building, 3rd Campus of Van Lang University. The last activities of VL25 series of activities successfully closed by the opening of the paintings exhibition of the Arts subcommittees, with 83 painting from 70 artists come from 10 different countries in the world.

vlu iadw 002 minAlong with the international scientific conference “Social Design – Vietnam design trend 2025”, Design workshop “Art for Society” was hosted by Industrial Fine Arts Faculty of Van Lang University occur from 10 to 12 April 2019.

vlu iadw 002 min

The opening ceremony of the exhibition in the afternoon on 12/4/2019, MSc. Artist Phan Quan Dung – the Dean of Industrial Fine Arts Van Lang University summarize the results of international scientific conference “Social design – Vietnam design trend 2025” and Workshop IADW 2019. The series of activities successfully occur with the convergence of 77 international artists, designer, educational experts and 33 national artist, reputational designer of Vietnam; with 39 discussions of speakers and contributed ideas towards the topic “Social Design”.

Along with International Scientific Conference, Design Workshop “Art for Society” of the Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts of Van Lang University which has the participation of 70 national and international artists. Workshop is the place wherein artist connected, discussed knowledge about culture and arts. After the design workshop, there are 83 art masterpieces created by Vietnamese and international artists give to Van Lang University and exhibited at International Art & Design Workshop 2019 exhibition. 

vlu iadw 002 min

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu – President of Van Lang University thank you to all the guests, leaders, organizers and students who contribute to the success of IADW exhibition 2019 and International Scientific Conference VL25.

vlu iadw 002 minDesign Workshop “Art for society” having 70 artists from 10 different countries – the full convergence at a Art Design Workshop in Vietnam. In the picture, artist come from many countries together put the nation flag around he IADW 2019 logo and to create a logo of Van Lang University.

vlu iadw 002 minLike a thank you to international artist who participate and upgrade the quality of scientific conference and design workshop of Van Lang University, Dr. Nguyen Cao tri – Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustee Van Lang University thank you to international artist and give the certificate of attending the VLU-IADW 2019 design workshop.

vlu iadw 002 minAssoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu – president of Van Lang University and MA. Vo Van Tuan – Standing Vice President give certificate of attendance VLU – IADW 2019 to Vietnamese artists.


vlu iadw 002 minThe representatives of Vietnam Fine Arts Association – Artist Le Huy Tiep gives speech. He said that it is the honored to attend such a successful VL-25 international event of Van Lang University. He as well as other guests are invited to the conference and Design Workshop that gain new knowledge about “Social Design” Artist Le Huy Tiep assert the success of this series event which show the high appreciation for art value and create the art connects among cultures.


vlu iadw 002 minArtist Rosihan Dahim (Singapore) shares, he has more internation friends after attending this event VLU-IADW 2019. Mrs. Annette Chang (Australia) believes that the positive activities like VLU-IADW 209, the Industrial Fine Arts Faculty of Van Lang University achieve great success in both domestic and international context in the future.

vlu iadw 002 minArtist, Thanarit Thipwaree (Thailand) gives portraits of Mr.Bui Quang Do – Chairman of the Board of Trustee of Van Lang University.

vlu iadw 002 minThe students of Fine Arts Faculty of Van Lang University, share the feeling when they have chances to take the logistic activities of the Conference, Workshop and Exhibition. This is the uncommon opportunity for them to have the engagement with famous artists national and international; is supported for lecturers. This is the valuable lesson, in fact it contribute to the belonging of future young designer.

vlu iadw 002 min

Professional Ao dai performance of Industrial Fine Arts Faculty of Van Lang University. The performing outfits are the specialized the graduation project of students at University.

vlu iadw 002 minLeaders of Van Lang University, leaders of Industrial Fine Arts Faculty, artist Nguyen Quan, artist Le Huy Tiep together cut the opening ribbon IADW 2019.

In the closing session, guest and students observe the exhibition, discuss about the idea which presented via paintings. It is almost not barriers between artistic creators from different countries, between students- young people “freshmen” and speakers, famous artist, the IADW 2019 Exhibition closes the series of VL-25 International event with emotions and happy memories

Tue Khanh

Photos: Nguyen Linh

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