Taking an original approach to the Graduation Project of the Interior Design Specialization

(Admission Office  – Van Lang, May 28th, 2018)The Graduation Project defense session of the academic cohort no. 20 in the Interior Design specialization took place on May 18th, 2018, on the 7th floor of Campus 2 of Van Lang University. These 68 graduation projects were exhibited for a week in Gallery C701.

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Interior Design students started the graduation project defense season of the academic cohort no. 20 of the Department of Industrial Arts. Their defense session was in the morning and afternoon of May 18th, 2018 with 3 Examining Councils.

Examining Council 1: MSc. Architect Nguyen Chi Dung (Chairman), MSc. Nguyen Thi Bich Van (Member), MSc. Architect Nguyen Thu Phuong (Member), MSc. Architect Nguyen Chanh Phuong (Member), Architect - Designer Nguyen Tran Duy Nhat (Member cum Secretary).
Examining Council 2: MSc. Le Long Vinh (Chairman), MSc. Architect Vuong Hoang Le (Member), Architect Hoang Vinh Phong (Member), Designer Nguyen Huu Dat Sanh (Member), Designer Nguyen Thi Nam Hai (Member cum Secretary).
Examining Council 3: MSc. Architect Pham Quoc Phong (Chairman), MSc. Architect Ngo Hoang Viet (Member), Designer Phan Nguyen Bao (Member), Designer Bui Ba Nguyen Khanh (Member), MSc. Ho Thi Thanh Nhan (Member cum Secretary). 

The 68 graduate projects of students of the academic cohort no. 20 of the Interior Design specialization all meet the requirements for graduation, with a wide range of themes and styles. Among them, 11 high quality projects that are harmonious in function and aesthetic, original and innovative, and attractively presented received high grades, ranging from 9 to 10 points.

There was a relatively great variety of types of works selected by students for the graduation project: offices, play areas, resorts, homestays, hotels, villas, houses, libraries, restaurants, cafés, club, etc. A number of students tried to bring the national cultural values and tradition into advanced, modern works.

  • The "Office of Bazzar Fashion Magazine" Project, scoring 8.16 points, by Le Nguyen Anh Thy (class K20NT2), was inspired from the sensitivity of the modern-day Vietnamese woman, which was represented by the delicacy of the daisy.
  •  The "Lua Moi Vietnamese pancake (Bánh xèo) Restaurant" project, scoring 8.05 points, by Nguyen Tien Phuc (class K20NT1) featured the designer’s memory of the small bánh xèo restaurant of his family in a rural area of the Mekong Delta, which nurtured the designer throughout his years of studying. The rice pounder and the flour mill helped shape the concept of the central area of ​​the works.

Many students found inspiration and ideas for their projects by exploiting foreign cultures, such as the Zulu tribe in South Africa with a round-roof restaurant style; the fiery Flamenco dance, bullfights and the guitar in Spanish culture; the mysteries of African aborigines; the simulated Coto roof and other symbols of Bhutan; films on Jewish themes; Japanese ramen; Chinese Peking Opera; famous French phrases and even foreign art works, etc. Such new topics and original ideas stemming from cultures around the world was highly likely to create curiosity and impression on viewers, but posed a challenge for the designer. He/she had to ensure that the concept was expressed and maintained throughout the construction of the space, not just in the title of the project, the names of the layout areas, and individual decorative areas or ornaments. In order to make good use of a new idea or design concept, students need to read a lot, and understand enough about the object of research. The reason is that Interior Design is a study based on the foundation of architectural works. The first task of the designer is to read the profile and the architecture of the building and respect its architecture.

DH Van lang 2Nguyen Hoai Anh Dao (class K20NT1) was a hard-working, detail-oriented student who persistently pursued her style. The story behind her "Steampunk Coffee House" project (Instructor: MSc. Pham Quoc Phong, score: 8.91 points) - a project inspired by the Steampunk novel - was delivered nicely to the audience. Her descriptions of the building, from the ground floor to the second floor, were very interesting and lively.


In particular, during the graduation project defense sessions of the academic cohort no. 20, there are 2 excellent projects that scored 10 (a rounded score). Both projects are of exceptionally good quality; take an original approach to architectural language, material, and style; catch up with the international interior design trend; delicately harmonize the technical and artistic aspects within the works; and give impressive TVC presentations.

The "PAUSE nightclub" project by Nguyen Bay Nhi, Instructor: MSc. Hoang Vinh Phong (scored  9.78 points)

PAUSE creates another world that enables people to pause all work-related activities and free themselves from stress to recreate new energy, to dynamically balance, and to find the ego in them. Lighting Art, the designer’s solution, pushes people into their highest emotional states to reach beyond their limits.

The "2039 Restaurant" project by Lam Luong, Instructor: Designer Nguyen Huu Dat Sanh (scored 9.68 points)

2039 is a Japanese cuisine restaurant yet has a design of the surreal space of the future. The space of the dining area is featured by simple horizontal and vertical bars and decorated in dark colors. The highlight of the space is the illuminated posters bearing the theme "Disturbance when time passes". The project creates an opposing 2-dimensional state, with many interesting philosophies about the past and its relation to the present.

Interior Design is a field combining both technology and art. Each Interior student has to train hard in order to do the final graduation project where they has to present the story behind their design, their design ideas, their design styles, etc. as part of the requirements for graduation. This task is also a reminder to every future designer that they must invest in the content of their art works. The Faculty of Industrial Arts organized an exhibition of the graduation projects of students of its four specializations throughout one month so as to create early opportunities for students to meet future employers, as well as to express the pride taken in the achievements of Van Lang University students after their 4 years of training.

By Bích Phương - Translated by Do Thi Huyen
Photos: Nguyễn Linh 

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