The Seminar of BIM the potential technology – searching talents for the 4.0 technology

 (Admission Office Văn Lang, 22/6/2018)- On 21st June, Van Lang University hosted the Seminar “BIM potential technology: the labor market using BIM in Vietnam and Foreign countries” at Headquarter Office 45 Nguyen Khac Nhu, Co Giang ward, District 1, HCM City.

It is a part of the ARCHICAD BIM 2018 competition, competition organizers accompany with Van Lang University hosted the Seminar BIM potential technology: the labor market using BIM in Vietnam and foreign countries. The seminar has the main purpose of connecting main sponsors with students studying architecture and construction whose ARCHICAD BIM 2018’s participants and Van Lang university’s students. The program emphasizes on open more information source about the job market to students whom are interested in BIM technology.

hoi thao tiem nang BIM 1Van Lang University's Board of Management welcome business entities' representatives at the stateroom. (Headquarter Office 45 Nguyen Khac Nhu, Co Giang Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City)

The Seminar have the presence of representatives from Graphisoft Japan and Graphisoft Asia’s (MOU signer with Van Lang University) and ArchiCAD BIM 2018’s sponsors: KAJIMA VIETNAM CO. LTD., Global BIM Inc., Nikken Lease Kogyo Co. Ltd., CBS Vietnam CO. LTD., studioNAO Corp., and ACT engineering Co. Ltd. Having the great attention to the applied valued of BIM apps in training and defining employability for students, Assoc Prof. Dr. Nguyen Khoi – Dean of Architecture Department, Dr. Tran An Tuan, Architect, Deputy Dean of Architecture Department; Dr. Nguyen Khac Cuong – Dean of Construction Department, Mr.Tu Dong Xuan, Master Degree, Deputy Dean of Construction Department accompanies with lecturers, parents and students from both departments attended the Seminar.

hoi theo tiem nang bim 2

In the opening speech of the Seminar, Dr. Tran Anh Tuan, Architect – Deputy Dean of Architecture Department asserted: After 1 year signing MOU with Graphisoft (5.4.2017 - 5.4.2018), the connecting program between business entities and students has been organized. This Seminar, business entities would introduce about their companies, their providing service and project, the labor market using BIM technology, inform the job opportunity to students. To train students on skills, knowledge and good attitude, whom adapted and integrated with the age of development 4.0, apart from the traditional programs, the ARCHICAD software and BIM technology gradually showed the advantages not only in Vietnam but also other developing countries and the developed one. The investment to ARCHICAD software and BIM app simultaneously which help Van Lang University improve international collaboration, promote the connection with business entities, and speed up their compatible level of the training program in the 4.0 technology era..

hoi theo tiem nang bim 3

Mr. Bence Kovacs- Deputy President of Graphisoft Asia shared: “BIM is neither new program nor methods, but recent years BIM has been the best supported for the development in Architecture and Construction. BIM is not only simple as the software but also a technology that helps people working in architecture and construction industry to improve their team work, construction management. According to him, anyone with understanding and ability to use BIM technology which offer the better opportunities for the current labor market.

van lang archicad bim hoi thao 21 6 2018 2Mr. Phan Manh Cuong and Mr Pham Duy Anh – KAJIMA VIETNAM Co. Ltd. share constructions and working process at company, which is the basic requirement for applicants and employee’s right of KAJIMA VIETNAM.
van lang archicad bim hoi thao 21 6 2018 1Mr. NAKANO Takashi introduces job opportunity, other requirements for adapting and using BIM technology, and also the rights for employees at Global BIM Inc. The Company is searching for talents to work for BIM Center at Okinawa (Japan).
van lang archicad bim hoi thao 21 6 2018 3Ms. Hoang Ngoc Lan, Presisdent of CBS Vietnam CO. LTD. shares about training course of the company about using ARCHICAD in BIM technology

At the Seminar, representatives from business entities brief introduced about their business and general explained their implementation of ARCHICAD software in design, construct and manage project & constructions. Thus, business entities pointed out the great potential of BIM technology in managing infrastructure and technical construction. To manage and operate BIM, business entities are searching the skill workforce, who deeply understand ARCHICAD, to have the strong managing skills and procedure in the BIM environment. If Van Lang university’s students were trained on ARCHICAD when in undergraduate program, companies would expect that they have better opportunity to win an internship and job offers from theirs.

hoi theo tiem nang bim 5Students enthusiastically questioned about BIM technology, managing software, working opportunities that students received at the company. Many students show their expectation to apply for the position and get the internship offers.
Nguyen Vu Thu Thao- final year students from Architecture Department said: “Global BIM and ACT Engineering which two companies I planned to apply. Due to the introduction of companies’ representatives, I realized that I have an opportunity to develop here because I planned to study abroad and working in Japan to improve professional knowledge of BIM technology that is my long-term plan.”

 BIM technology and ARCHICAD software that has been implemented and well-known as the current trend for Architecture and Construction. In Vietnam, due to the 4.0 industrialization integration, the implementation of BIM into developing infrastructure, traffic that is the absolute trend. Van Lang University define ARCHICAD which will be the pioneer software that adapt the coming trend for technical industries. To supply the quality human resources for society, Van Lang University started to imply the collaborated training ARCHICAD for Architecture and Construction students and others technical professions. The foundation knowledge which is learnt and the opportunity to exchange with business entities to help Van Lang university’s students find the job after graduation.

 By Le My
Photos: Nguyen Linh

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