The Faculty Environment and Biotechnology develops AUN-QA standard training program

(Admission Office – Van Lang, Dec 6th, 2018 ) – Since 1991, there has never been a greater opportunity for Vietnamese universities to transform to a higher level than this time. The demand of integration and social progress has pushed Vietnamese education in general and higher education in particular to change not only in infrastructure but also in superstructure. One of the problems of superstructure which is in the interest of public opinions in the past 2 years is the model of university and university autonomy. With the advantages of a private school, Van Lang University in general, the Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology in particular, has long accumulated internal resources to prepare for the first stage of the journey going to the big sea: developing a AUN-QA standard training program. 

AUN-QA standard accreditation: the inevitable choice

In 1995, Vietnam joined ASEAN. In the same year, Asian University Network (AUN) was born. However, the original members of AUN hadn't jointly developed a set of evaluation standards as a tool to maintain, innovate and improve the quality of teaching and research in the AUN member universities; build common quality standards for AUN member universities; promote the recognition of quality standards among AUN member universities until 1999. And it was not until 10 years later that Vietnam began to approach the AUN standard system and so far there have been about 70 accredited university training programs. 

International integration is an inevitable trend that higher education cannot stand outside. Before getting the main street, you need to cross the small front-yard which is guided by a small road. ASEAN is a dynamic region and increasingly asserts its position on the geopolitical map of the world. Although the common ground of ASEAN education is not very prominent, AUN is proud and honored to have 1 member (NUS) always standing in the "Top 20" of the best universities in the world during the past 15 years.

AUN-QA was quickly responded by many faculties and majors in Vietnam, including the Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology of Van Lang University for its advantages. This set of standards does not go into the specific characteristics of each major but focuses on assessing the conditions to ensure the training quality of a program. The set of standards focuses on areas which any undergraduate education program has such as: output standards; curricula; lecturers and students, facilities, quality assurance etc..

bullet 2Choosing AUN as a role model is an extremely logical step to help Van Lang University's Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology to know what level of training their training program has reached in the regional scale. Since then, the Faculty has identified and overcome the shortcomings in order to ensure that the training program is on a par with the same programs in the ASEAN region. 
bullet 2Students are greatly benefited from this assessment because they are able to study in an environment that is constantly improved and ensures high quality.
bullet 2In the near future, according to AUN's commitment, students will be able to transfer their study credits between the training programs of AUN member universities. In addition, applying the same standard helps promote the students and lecturers exchange activities among universities in AUN.
bullet 2The accreditation of AUN is regarded as an affirmation of the training program's output and guarantees the better opportunity for students when seeking jobs. Employers have a reliable base to find quality human resources from a training program that has internationalized quality references.

bullet 2

After Van Lang University is accredited to conform to the national education quality standards, the Faculty of Environment & Biotechnology is determined to continue to reach international standards with AUN-QA standards. 

DH van lang moi truong xd ct dao tao AUN QA 01The date of May 31, 2018 marked an important milestone in the development history of Van Lang University: The decision announcement ceremony to grant Van Lang University the certificate of national education quality accreditation.

DH van lang moi truong xd ct dao tao AUN QA 02On May 15, 2018, the Faculty of Environment & Biotechnology celebrated its first birthday with more than 200 lecturers, students and alumni, marking the new beginning of the Faculty after being merged, uniting into a larger group, and ready to welcome new challenges and opportunities.


bullet 2

Developing AUN training program: the quick steps!

With many favorable platforms such as: possessing the advantages of the well-known program of Wageningen University (Netherlands) in combination with promoting the special advantages of the Faculty; excellent connection between Faculty and students, alumni, employers, Environment and Biotechnology Faculty has taken necessary steps and is completely confident for the AUN-QA accreditation in 6 months.

With the great backing of the School Board, the teachers and staff of Environment and Biotechnology Faculty have made great efforts to promptly get the best products for learners and society. On this journey, there are several milestones that leave unforgettable imprints.

05/5/2018: Seminar on "Recruiters and competent employees analyzing Developing a Curriculum (DACUM).

From the very beginning when the DACUM Workshop was organized for the Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology, the recruiters and skilled workers devoted themselves to giving advice to the Faculty for the necessary professional skills for the graduate students.

DH van lang moi truong xd ct dao tao AUN QA 03Recruiters and skilled workers provided the valuable suggestions on necessary professional capabilities.

Appreciating those valuable suggestions of employers and skilled workers, the staff of Environment and Biotechnology Faculty tries to concretize the necessary professional competencies with the required objectives in the training program.

18/5/2018: Developing the Expected Learning Outcomes (ELOs) workshop

DH van lang moi truong xd ct dao tao AUN QA 04With the background knowledge of ELOs, the Faculty of Environment & Biotechnology carefully prepared and entered the seminar with the initiative and received praise from experts.

25/5/2018: Guidelines for reviewing the structure and content of training programs”

DH van lang moi truong xd ct dao tao AUN QA 05Innovative thinking is the motivation for Environment & Biotechnology Faculty to review and develop a specific training program for an applied research industry

Despite the short time for preparation, the final result makes Dr. Nguyen Thanh Thuy - Deputy Director of the Center for Advanced Management Training, HCMC National University, Chief Advisor – pleased to acknowledge: Environment and Biotechnology Faculty is the unit that has best comprehension, fastest preparation process and is ready for the journey to the big sea


bullet 2

Qualified with AUN-QA stardard accreditation: just the beginning…

In the past, when there was no reference and AUN standard training program restructuring, Environment and Biotechnology Faculty was still popular in the market. In fact, after more than 20 years of training, the human resources from Environment and Biotechnology Faculty had left a profound mark in the industry in the southern region. Many alumni of the Faculty have been taking several crucial positions in political, social, and professional organizations. In terms of quantitative recognition, Van Lang University has twice been recognized by the Ministry of Education and Training as a quality accredited higher education institutions in 2009 and in May, 2018.

However, keeping up with the international integration trend in the field of education and training, Environment and Biotechnology Faculty wants its achievements to be widely recognized by the international community, not only limited to Southeast Asia, as the eldest brother NUS did!

 DH van lang moi truong xd ct dao tao AUN QA 06The system of modern facilities and friendly learning environment is a great advantage for the Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology to go further. (Photo: Campus 3, Van Lang University)

Before approaching the more stringent standards of European and American evaluation, the AUN standard is the first step that Van Lang University's Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology takes. This is not the destination. It’s just the beginning of a long, difficult and challenging journey with the proudly declared educational mission of the Faculty.

Now, with the recognition of the ASEAN education community, the belief of society, recruiters and students when choosing Environment and Biotechnology Faculty will become more solid in terms of training quality and services. On the other hand, it is our mission to never disappoint our students and their parents.

News: Duong Pham Hung
Lecturer of Environment and Biotechnology Faculty
Translator: Nguyen Thi Van

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