Bumper awards of Van Lang Architecture students in 2018

(Admission Office   – Van Lang, 10th, December 2018)Faculty of Architecture Van Lang University is among the "top" faculties of students participating and winning many scientific research awards to date. In 2018, to continue to uphold that tradition, the students of Architecture excelled to bring 10 scientific research awards at prestigious contests nationwide (in total of 18 student awards in the 2017-2018 school year).

Maintaining stability throughout the school year, architecture shows itself to be one of the "leading birds" in the school-wide student research movement. For Architecture students, the graduation project is truly a "spiritual child", invested by each student for one semester and defended just 20 minutes in front of the Graduation Council. That achievement is the tireless efforts of teachers and students. That achievement is the tireless effort of teachers and students. Many of the students' Graduation projects have won awards in many domestic and foreign architectural creative competitions, looking back at a "bumper" season of the award winning "architectural family" Van Lang!

DH Van lang gt khoakientruc 2018 anhdau

Festival Day of Architecture in 2018 
* First prize: Photography - Tran The Anh (3rd year student).
* First prize: Painting - Tran Tuan Kiet (4th year student).
* First prize: Almighty - Nguyen Thanh Nhan (4th year student).
* Second prize: Fast Design A - Chi Nguyet Khanh (4th year student).
* Consolation Prize: Painting - Nguyen Thanh Nhan (4th year student).

National Festival Day in 2018 - Start of success

National Architecture Student Festival in 2018 is held at the Architecture university of Ho Chi Minh city (takes place from April 22-25, 2018), with the theme "Students of Architecture: Exchange - Creativity - Integration". Nearly 600 students and lecturers from 21 universities with domestic architecture training and 2 from Thailand and Indonesia participated in 5 contents: Painting, Photography, Presentation, Quick Design A (for for second year, third year students) and Quick Design B (for fourth and final year students).

DH Van lang gt khoakientruc 2018 1aParticipating in the XI Festival, Van Lang Group has 30 members including 25 students and 5 lecturers. In this playing field, Van Lang students have had interesting experiences, especially outstanding for the first 3 prizes, 1 second prize and 1 encouragement prize.

In addition to the prizes that the " Van Lang architects " brought back from the contest, perhaps, the biggest rewards that students receive at the Student Architectural Festival this time is the confidence, active spirit, discipline and friendliness

EUREKA 2018 Scientific Research Student Award
01 Consolation Prize:
Tran Thi Truc Xinh - Topic "Improving the traditional fishing boat of people in the Southwest to serve river tourism"– (Instructor:  MA. Mai Le Ngoc Ha)

Western girl won "Eureka" with the theme associated with the river region

Eureka Science Research Award is a prestigious one for students who are passionate about scientific research, contributing to promoting the scientific research movement of students from different universities which are organized by HCM City Council in collaboration with HCMC National University. Van Lang University's Department of Architecture is also one of the annual "new guests" of the award.

DH Van lang gt khoakientruc 2018 1This year, the lovely western girl Tran Thi Truc Xinh with the theme "Improving the traditional fishing boat of the people in the Southwest to serve river tourism" - (Instructor: MA. Mai Le Ngoc Ha) has been excellent in 12 finalists of architecture and construction planning. Truc Xinh said: "This is the second time I have participated in the Eureka Science Research Award. It has not been able to achieve the highest results but it is the result of my efforts over the long term. In order to achieve this result, I have received the support and suggestions from the teachers through the Faculty Science and School-level scientific competitions, especially the extremely enthusiastic guidance of Ms. Mai Le Ngoc Ha. This is the first step for me to accumulate experience, because after each look back, I will overcome the shortcomings in each topic. "


DH Van lang gt khoakientruc 2018 2

The idea of ​​Truc Xinh comes from the actual needs, the potential of the river tourism. "Boat Homestay" was born, retaining the traditional shape of the fishing boat including the frame and original shape, but replacing the cover material and interior. The main materials are environmentally friendly such as bamboo (wall coverings) and star wood (making frames and boat seats). In the future, Boat Homestay will turn the wharves of Saigon into a place for trade of goods, tourist wharves, and forming a floating market in the heart of Saigon. Boat Homestay can exploit and use short-range inner-city routes to become the city's specialty; more specifically, like Grab takes advantage of wasted cars, Airbnb takes advantage of wasted houses, then the Boat Homestay model utilizes wasted cargo boats to serve traffic.

Loa Thanh Award of 2018
- 01 Second Prize
: Nguyen Van Thinh - Topic "Ninh Thuan Center for Agriculture Research and Development" - (Instructor: MA. Nguyen Bich Hoan)
- 03 Third Prizes: (1) Ngo Minh Trinh Nghia - Topic "Youth Cultural Center District 2" - (Instructor: MA. Nguyen Thi Kim Tu)
(2) Phan Quang Dong - Topic "Center for Exhibition of Sea Creatures, Vung Tau city "- (Instructor: MA. Mr. Tran Anh Dao)
(3) Do Ngoc Son - Topic " Nha Trang Center for Scientific Exchange and Research " – (Instructor: MA. Mai Le Ngoc Ha)

Loa Thanh Award - one more year of success

Loa Thanh Awards, chaired by the Vietnam General Construction Association, Vietnam Association of Architects, Ministry of Construction, and Central Union, is a playground for students nationwide with the best graduation project in the fields of Construction and Architecture. On November 26, 2018, the Loa Thanh Awards Council in 2018 selected 72 excellent graduation projects to award. Van Lang University excelled at winning one second and three third prizes in the competition, then writing the achievement table at the professional architecture playground.

Nguyen Van Thinh -  Loa Thanh second Prize of 2018

DH Van lang gt khoakientruc 2018 thinh1Project "Ninh Thuan Agricultural Research and Development Center" - Nguyen Van Thinh – Term 19

"After a while leaving the school, having the opportunity to experience real work, the results of Loa Thanh suddenly reminded me of a period, a precious journey of students. The best thing is that the experiences and perspectives on a local issue where I live can be accessed and shared with more people.  I do not dare to use inspirational words, but hopefully with this topic, I have shared with students who have the opportunity to approach graduation projects this year; please select a topic that brings you joy, emotion and value, but the key of a student project is to contribute to social awareness. Topics can start with the small and closest things. I’m profoundly grateful to my teachers and friends for supporting me in the project. The Loa Thanh Award is only a milestone, an assessment that reminds me that I still have a good track in the current study and architecture work. It is also a motivation for me to try and further academic enrichment as well as practical path ahead.”- Van Thinh was still touched when he mentioned the prize.

Inspired by the flora and sand dunes, "Ninh Thuan Agricultural Research and Development Center" is present as a gift of nature, a source of living for human beings, a meeting place for exchanges of production between humans and humans with nature. All create a strong agricultural relationship, an interesting and colorful harmony. A child of Ninh Thuan has designed a project towards the hometown with empathy for difficulties in "sandy land".

* Some pictures of the Project

Do Ngoc Son - Third Prize of Loa Thanh Award in 2018

The topic "Nha Trang astronomical exchange and research center" was inspired by an astronomical phenomenon very close to humans as a meteor to form a block of works. Besides, the architectural block is a combination with the natural-geographical philosophy of Vietnamese culture to achieve a compelling and harmonious three-block layout

DH Van lang gt khoakientruc 2018 son1Perspective theme “Nha Trang Astronomy and Exchange Center” - Do Ngoc Son – term 19

DH Van lang gt khoakientruc 2018 son2

The birth of the Center for Exchange and Astronomy Research will contribute to the dissemination of science, especially astronomy to the city's youth, which is more diverse and effective, creating a meaningful playground and healthy, increasing dynamism and positivity in the process of exchange and integration. Young people with passion and astronomy love will have a useful playground that promotes scientific and technical relations between Vietnamese youngsters and international friends.


Some pictures of the Project

Phan Quang Dong - Third Prize of  Loa Thanh Award in 2018

As for topic "Marine exhibition center at Vung Tau city", Quang Dong took the idea of ​​the basket boats to make the main shape for the project. The image of the whale skeleton creates two main blocks (exhibition and aquarium) with a BTCE concrete frame structure. The cover of the project is aluminum plastic sheet.

DH Van lang gt khoakientruc 2018 fangdong1

DH Van lang gt khoakientruc 2018 fangdong3

Understanding the advantages and potentials of marine tourism, Quang Dong aspires to create a mixed-use entertainment center such as recreation and exhibition of marine life combined with education to raise people's consciousness in preserving environment and nurturing space, conserving diverse marine natural resources in beautiful coastal Vung Tau city.

Some pictures of the Project

Ngo Minh Trinh Nghia - 3rd Prize of Loa Thanh in 2018

Facing the reality of youth culture in the center of Ho Chi Minh City, not to mention some degraded items, there is not enough room and space; therefore, it is difficult to meet the ideal playground for young people. Besides, together with the development of Ho Chi Minh City, it requires a positive change in terms of architecture, space and location to build a Youth Cultural House. Student Ngo Minh Trinh Nghia has developed the topic "Youth Cultural Center of District 2" – (Instructor: MA. Nguyen Thi Kim Tu).

DH Van lang gt khoakientruc 2018 nghia1

Getting ideas from Saigon cultural characteristics with the visual beauty of Orimi culture - Japan, works are as a combination of local culture and the world. The lines cut randomly but still harmoniously are inspired by the alleys of the Saigon culture in order to create a harmonious mass and airy spaces, evoking the feeling of a typical Saigon.

Some pictures of the project

*Recently on 17th December 2018, the group of Van Lang architecture students (Uong Dai Vu, Nguyen Thi Cam Huong and Vu Minh Tam) achieved the 3rd place of the the Spec Go Green International Awards 2018 with the topi: Spirit of An Giang Floating Village.

Spec go Green International Awards was the annual awards started since 2014 which always received the special attention of the architecture community as well as students from architecture universities

DH Van lang gt khoakientruc 2018 nhomgiaiba

This reward closed the “winning year” of Architecture students, Van Lan university. On 12th January 2019, the exhibition and award ceremony of Green Architecture for young architects and architecture students Spec Go Green International Awards 2018 would operate at the Vietnam Association of Architects’ headquarter Office 40 Tang Bat Ho, Hai Ba Trung, Ha Noi.

Hopefully, the awards won in 2018 will be the driving force and the great spiritual encouragement for teachers and students of Architecture Faculty to continuously achieve more success in 2019..

Ngọc Thi
Photo: Khoa Minh, Truc Xinh, Van Thinh, Trinh Nghia, Quang Dong, Ngoc Son
Translated by: Vo Thi Duyen Anh

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