"The Chronicle" – The faculty of Foreign Languages: Open each page of the mystical book

(Admission Office   – Van Lang, 7th, December 2018)In the evening on November 29, 2018, the mystical book "The Chronicle" of the Faculty of Foreign Languages was reopened at Hall C001, Campus 2, Van Lang University. With the guidance of Story Teller, the Faculty of Foreign Languages together with over 400 residents on the 6th Floor City went back to 10 years ago with this year’s program "The Chronicle: Chapter 2008".

DH Van lang thechromice 2018 1a

Unlike other departments, the faculty of Foreign Languages chose a Music and Drama motif to show its program during the "Musical Festival" of Van Lang University. For the purpose of bringing the color to the faculty as well as creating a playground where the members of the big family- the Faculty of Foreign Languages could work and relax together, the traditional program The Chronicle was born.

This year's program was like a big play set in Ho Chi Minh City in 2008, along with the current trends in music, electronics and lifestyle at that time. The Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​recreated an authentic and familiar 2008 space. The content of the play revolved around Nhat Nam (Khuong Duy) living in 2038, with his impulsive and arrogant personality. He has received extremely bad results at the first test in college. To improve the points, he had to do another exercise with the theme "The difference between friendship 30 years ago and now"; friendship, however, was his weakness. While consulting the books at the library, he met the "legend" of 6th floor city - Story Teller (Van Nhan). The Story Teller gave him a copy of the book titled "The watch of Serina", which could help him complete his assignments.

DH Van lang thechromice 2018 2a

Thanks to the power of the book, Nam returned to 30 years ago and turned into a character named Minh Khang (Thanh Tung). He became friends with Quoc Minh (Dat Huy), Ngoc Dung (Ngoc Tram), Quang Khai (Quang Vinh), Bao Ngoc (Thi Ngoc) and Phuong Thuy (Thao Anh), who were members of class 12N6. Accompanied by his friends, Khang experienced many unforgetable memories of high school such as going to school late, wandering to shop, eating stealthily, witnessing pure love of student time, as well as participating in the cultural performance of school. Eventually, Khang defined a true friendship and returned to 2038 to complete his homework.

DH Van lang thechromice 2018 2The program with considerable investment in images, media, and stage created a true drama night for “the subjects of Foreign Language Department-Van Lang University"

Throughout the 120 minutes of the show were different emotions, for the “hot” songs " in the online community in the past constantly appeared. The songs including “Cong Chua Bong Bong” (or Bubble Princess), “Nghi Ngo” (or Doubt), “Cau Vong Khuyet” (or the Waning Rainbow), “Xe Dap” (or Bicycle), etc. made the whole hall sing along. Besides, songs with contemporary sounds such as “Thanh Xuan- Ta va Nang” (or Youth - I and her), “The Greatest Show" (a grand and impressive opening song ) were also cleverly integrated into the show.

DH Van lang thechromice 2018 3The combination of "9x" hits and the fresh and vibrant choreography brought the audience in the hall back to "Vpop 9x world".

DH Van lang thechromice 2018 4

In the scene of "Duyen Phan” (or Fate), the mass-up version of the hits such as "Winter girl", "Flying in the middle of the galaxy," The warm wind "," Tell me why " were excellently performed by the singers and actors, which made the C001 Hall vibrant, and especially all were fired when the performance  "Haru Haru" came in. At the end of the show, all people in the hall were depressed for the song " Mong Uoc Ky Niem Xuan” (or Wish for Old memories) with the true performance of the actors.

DH Van lang thechromice 2018 5

The choreography, costumes and LED screens were all elements creating The Chronicle: Chapter 2008's harmony. In preparation for the show's costumes, the Dress Up - Make up Group had to consult a variety of the documents and go to fashion venues to find out the costumes that reflected the spirit of the play. As a result, The Chronicle Chapter 2008 got a collection of the great and attractive costumes in the "The Greatest Show", the lovely and colorful "wings" in “Mat Nai Cha Cha Cha”, “Sai Gon Dep Lam” (or Saigon is very beautiful), and very "audition" costumes in the dancing performance "The audition". The optimum use of the LED screen for all of the plays and thorough preparation of the scenes brought memorable images to the audience.

DH Van lang thechromice 2018 6At the end of the program, there was a moment of "quay banh noc" or “play with all energy” with the performance of DJ Raving Unicorn, Hall C001"transformed" completely for 20 minutes of vibrant EDM with impressive lighting.

THE CHRONICLE CHAPTER 2008 ended with happy and satisfied smiles of teachers, organizers and students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages. Although there were still errors, the program was gradually improved with more investment in every aspect. Promisingly, the following program next year will be more attractive and spectacular.

Organizing Committee
Translated by Vo Thi Xuan Anh

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