Valedictorian’s confidences before the new school year ceremony: Why choose VLU – K24’s belief

(Admission Office   – Van Lang, 3rd, October 2018)24th – generation students - The first student of the 10X generation, youthful, personality and confident. On the opening day of welcoming K24, several valedictorians have shared their serious decision in choosing Van Lang University...

I completely believe in aluminizes’ advice …

001 tu my linhMy brother is Van Lang alumni. He told me that Van Lang is a very intimate place, just like his second home, where he could learn many useful things for his career journey! This belief motivates me to learn about and decide to join VL University’s roof. Although I have only been studying at Van Lang for 3 weeks, I have found that Van Lang is a good environment with modern facilities and comfortable spaces to help students develop their own thinking and ideas.”

Từ Mỹ Linh – Freshman of Finance and Banking Faculty, the Valedictorian according to high school record: 28,20 marks (Group A00).

002 le truong duyI have known Van Lang since I was at my secondary school, through the teacher's introduction and since then, I constantly learn about this school. The opportunity to meet with Van Lang teachers at my school’s career orientation has motivated me to have more confidence and enthusiasm for the university that I have chosen. One more important thing is that most of my high school classmates have the same decision with me. Van Lang is now my second family, where I put all my trust on my career path.

Lê Trường Duy – Freshman of Architecture Faculty, the Valedictorian according to high school record: 26,50 marks (Group V00).

003 thai nhat quynhI find myself very lucky to recognize what I like from my childhood. And I have decided follow the drawing profession. When my goal is clear, my learning path works out very easily and smoothly. My love with VLU came from my drawing class where my seniors kept talking about how good VLU is. Thanks to them, I made a decision to study at VLU, a youthful and dynamic university which I have ever known.

Thái Nhật Quỳnh – Freshman of Graphic Design Faculty, the Valedictorian in national high school exam: 23,90 marks (Group H04)

I believe in the training reputation of Van Lang University…

004 hua gia hoaThe reason for choosing Interior Design and deciding to stick to the end of career paths because of my passion of beauty, desire to create beauty and dedication to the beauty of life. In the process of learning, referring a lot about the universities specializing in Fine Arts through my teachers and my friends, Van Lang is considered as the first priority university with prestige and high quality in teaching as well as training methods. The more I listen to my art teachers’ sharing, the more confident and determined I feel to join VL on my study path.

Hứa Gia Hoa – Freshman of Interior Design Faculty, the Valedictorian according to high school record: 25,60 marks (Group H05)

005 huynh cong tuanAs an art enthusiast, with the dream of becoming a vocal teacher, I have always searched for a suitable future environment to suit my career orientation and develop myself as well. Thanks to my teachers and my friends’ advice, I started to get more information about VLU. And everything is becoming more definite until I had a chance to talk to VLU teachers at the annual career orientation. The more I get to know VLU, the more I am certain that VLU is the best place for me and my future career.

After 2 weeks at VLU, I have found that VLU does not make me disappointed. Everything here is very comfortable and disciplined. VLU brings me the best environment for my studying in term of school facilities and the atmosphere. All rooms are well - equipped with modern facilities. And easily you can find some groups dancing or singing together at the public lobby, which is really relaxing and entertaining. Furthermore, studying at VLU helps me grow up a lot. Besides the comfort, everything is in order. I am getting used to being more self – disciplined, such as queuing up, wearing my student card at school, becoming more patient.

Huỳnh Công Tuấn – Freshman of Vocal Music Faculty, the Valedictorian according to high school record: 24,55 marks (Group N00)

005 co so 3 van langThe most impression at Van Lang is the culture of lining up for the elevator! This is hardly found at other universities.


006 nguyen huynh minh tam“My passion for information technology came from computer games. I like playing computer games so much. As a result, I always want to become a game engineer so that I can design my own game software. One day, quite by chance, I found about Information Technology Faculty in Van Lang enrollment materials. I started to search more information about it and I was really interested in the special training program designed by Carnegie Mellon’s University of Computer Science, one of the first and best computer science programs in the world. Since then, I made up my mind to choose Van Lang to be my next destination after my high school.”

Nguyễn Huỳnh Minh Tâm – Freshman of IT Faculty, the Valedictorian in national high school exam: 28,10 marks (Group A00)

004 nguyen thi hong duyenI chose Van Lang's Business Administration because I felt very interested in the university's training program, especially the marketing managerial orientation, which helps to develop new and unique ideas to create our own brand on the market. After the first lessons, I realized that what my teachers shared is extremely useful, easy to understand and completely practical. My teachers are very open – minded. They just let us be creative and free to express our ideas. Furthermore, my university is a really ideal place for those who want to get their own best photos. Campus 3 is equipped with modern facilities, comfortable and clean environment, that helps students easily concentrate on their learning."

Nguyễn Thị Hồng Duyên – Freshman of Business Administration Faculty, the Valedictorian according to high school record:: 20,20 marks (Group A00)

007 co so 3 van langPhương pháp học đại học tự chủ, sáng tạo là điều các bạn tân sinh viên cần làm quen và phát huy lợi thế.


008 huynh thi thao quyen“ My university has more than 30 main disciplines, but my Applied Literature faculty has just been established for 2 years. At first, I was so curious about the word “Applied”, and then I decided to find out more about it. It is known that this field not only involves with around literary works, but more importantly, the practical application of literary knowledge to the real world. Therefore, there will be more job opportunities for my future career. That’s why I decided to choose Van Lang University”

Huỳnh Thị Thảo Quyên – Freshman of Applied Literature Faculty, the Valedictorian according to high school record:: 25,20 marks (Group C00).

001 tu my linh“I chose to study Finance and Banking because I want to challenge myself in financial market environment. I selected Van Lang because I believe that this university will provide us with essential skills to fulfill our dream. After a few first lessons at the Faculty of Finance - Accounting helps me significantly improve teamwork as well as self – study skills. I am very pleased with this method and feel very hopeful for my bright future now”

Từ Mỹ Linh – SV năm nhất ngành Freshman of Finance and Banking Faculty, the Valedictorian according to high school record: 28,20 marks (Group A00).

009 khai giang

 I believe in the connection image of the students of Van Lang ...

010 truong anh thu“I come from Ca Mau - the southernmost land of the Fatherland, where I got very little information about Van Lang. Although the Faculty of Oriental Studies has been established for 2 years, I still believe in its training quality as well as university facilities. Once access to Van Lang online website, you can easily find a lot of sweet sharings from other senior students about their great experience at Van Lang as well as their deep gratitude toward their dedicated teachers. Thanks to those things, I feel more determined to reach my decision.

Honestly, I didn’t realize my dream job and felt very confused to choose a suitable major to focus on, while my favorite subject at high school was Literature. I love Vietnamese and other languages as well. That’s why I chose to study Oriental Studies, which I hope I can learn a new language, new country and new culture. And in the future, I can visit other countries and share my country’ language and culture. In the end I chose to apply for Oriental Studies about Korea.”

Trương Anh Thư – Freshman of Oriental Studies Faculty, the Valedictorian in the national high school exam: 22,50 marks (Group C00)

011 bui thien nhu“I knew the university through the introduction of teachers and the proud sharing of the previous seniors about Van Lang's friendly family with dynamic and creative students. I used to be confused about studying at a public or private university. And finally I chose Accounting major according to my preference when I was in high school. Although I only attended school for 3 weeks, I was really impressed by the school I chose, especially the behavior of Van Lang student community: friendly, gentle and civilized. I haven’t thought that my school has too many clubs for students to freely promote their forte and confidently express themselves. It is extremely exciting!”

Bùi Thiện Như – Freshman of Accounting Faculty, the Valedictorian according to high school record: 27,60 marks (Group A00)

004 nguyen thi hong duyen“At first, I still wondered which university to choose because many people introduced different schools and each with its own advantages. Every day, I often searched the fanpage of universities for reference, and decided to stop searching after hearing about "Van Lang" through the sharing of Van Lang seniors. The way they talked about their school made me feel like being a Van Lang member and feel warm as my home! Since then, Van Lang has become my crush. And I decided to choose Van Lang with the hope that I would have a wonderful student’s life in this university.”

Nguyễn Thị Hồng Duyên –  SFreshman of Business Administration Faculty, the Valedictorian in the national high school exam: 20,20 marks (Group A00).

012 khai giang

 I believed in my first impression…

013 hong huyen tran“Honestly, I could feel the enthusiasm of this university just through my conversations with its wonderful consultant team, even though I hadn’t have a chance to visit this university before. They were always friendly and patient to answer all my questions. On my first day at Campus 2, I were really impressed by everyone’s enthusiasm, from the security guards to all university volunteers. Futhermore, the welcome programs of my university and my Faculty were so impressive. The teachers I have studied all patiently listen to and answer students' questions, which makes me feel more confident in teaching methodology here.

Many parents often prefer to send their children to public schools because of the quality and prestige which is supposed to be much more than the private schools. For my part, I really feel lucky when my parents always support and respect my decision. How many people has come to Van Lang to study and then become successful in their career and life. In my opinion, I think: The most important thing depends on your own will to study. And I believe Van Lang is an ideal environment for me to promote my own learning motivation.”

Hồng Huyền Trân – Freshman of Hospitality Management Faculty, the Valedictorian according to high school record: 28,20 marks (Group A00).

014 vo tran duy long“If someone asks me why I chose Van Lang, I will immediately respond that Van Lang is the place I can feel like as my second home. Joining the event of enrollment consultation, I feel very welcomed with enthusiastic guidance from consultant team. The name “Van Lang” nowadays has been more and more popular . I feel proud of myself to become a member of Van Lang family.

My father died when I was at grade 8. At that time, my family had to suffer our terrible crisis. My mother was so depressed that I couldn’t see her happy face before. My eldest brother had to bear the burden of supporting the whole family. I have grown up in the love of my Mom. I understand my eldest brother’s hardship. That always pushes me to study hard to find a good job and share my brother’s burden in the future. One of my pressures at that time was to choose a proper university where I could have the best environment to study my favorite major, Hospitality Management. Finally, I decided to choose Van Lang which is famous for Tourism and Hospitality Management. I hope that I will bring the cozy and intimate atmosphere to all my restaurant customers someday.”

Võ Trần Duy Long – Freshman of Hospitality Management Faculty, the Valedictorian in the national high school exam: 20,20 marks (Group A00)

015 tran huong tra

“I had searched a lot about several universities which were specialized in Tourism training. I had asked several seniors from these universities. By chance, I got to know a senior of Business and Commerce Faculty at Van Lang and she shared that Van Lang was actually our home and all Van Lang students were so friendly and outgoing. I were really touched by her sharing and that led to my decision to register Van Lang university for my first choice.

chup anh the

My impression on my first day made me love Van Lang more. I don’t know how to explain my feeling but I think it is very close and cozy. Especially, I was impressed by the photographer and all of his assistants.”

Trần Hương Trà – Freshman of Tourism & Hospitality Management Faculty, the Valedictorian in the national high school exam: 22,00 marks (Group D01)

017 nguyen minh anh

“In an afternoon of the early July, after finishing the gifted drawing day at Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture, I and a senior went to Campus 3 of Van Lang University which we had searched on the internet. Unfortunately, it was quite late when we arrived there; and the guard said that we could come back tomorrow morning. At that time, a lecturer came and talked to us after hearing our talk with the guard. Then he smiled and told the guard that those would be our future students and why he didn’t help them to know more about our university. I felt so impressed by his attitude and behavior on that day. That made me believe that Van Lang will be definitely a wonderful place for my study and my career pursuit.”

Nguyễn Minh Anh – Freshman of Interior Design Faculty, the Valedictorian in the national high school exam: 22,80 marks (Group H06)

018 tat phung san“On my first school days, honestly I was very nervous and couldn’t believe that I had become a university student. One of the most wonderful impression was Van Lang seniors’ sharings on orientation talks. And all members of our faculty executive committee were so humorous and friendly…”

Tất Phụng San – Freshman of Biotechnology Faculty, the Valedictorian in the national high school exam: 20,65 marks (Group D08)

019 le thi thanh truc“We feel very lucky to have a chance to study at Campus 3, the newest campus with full and modern facilities in combination with the friendliness and enthusiasm of our lecturers as well as other university staff. Which I think is one of the strong motivations for us to go to school every day. As a result, I myself think that we need to be more responsible for our own study in order to improve ourselves for the future career.

Lê Thị Thanh Trúc – Freshman of Business Administration Faculty, the Valedictorian in the national high school exam: 21,00 marks (Group D01).


020 co so 3 van lang

The students of K24 are gradually integrating into university life in Van Lang. All have joined Van Lang family with different scores; in different ways or with different reasons, but all of you now have just made a very bright start in your career path. Before the opening Ceremony of October 10 - the school's incoming official event welcoming the 24th- course freshmen, I would like to wish all of Van Lang freshmen to enjoy a very happy festival, have an exciting study motivation, and reinforce more beliefs in Van Lang.

Bich Phuong – Le My
Translated by: Yen Nhung

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