Trung Vuong high school’s students enjoy working as a real bartender in one day at Van Lang University

(P. Tuyển sinh – Văn Lang, 26th, November 2018)On November 26th, 2018, Van Lang University (VLU) held a job orientation seminar for Trung Vuong High school (TVH)’s students, called “Drinks preparation”. Mr. Tran Ngoc Lam, an alumnus of the ninth course of VLU, guided the class.

On October 19th, 2018, VLU held a job orientation seminar named “How to create a handmade workart”.

With the advantage in Tourism training, VLU held the “Drinks preparation” vocational guidance program because they wanted to bring new experiences about an interesting job in F&B (Food and Beverage Department) for Trung Vuong High school’s students, orientating their career development from useful realistic experiences. This was a special class that TVH “had especially booked” from VLU according to the demand of a large number of students in grade 10, 11 and 12.

dai hoc van lang hs trung vuong thu suc lam bartender a

Within 90 minutes, over 80 students of TVH tried becoming a “real professional bartender”. The mentor of that special class was Mr. Tran Ngoc Lam – a lecturer of the Bartender major of Vietnam Australia Vocational College (VAAC). He is now the main bartender of  Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Towers, also the nineth course’s alumnus of the Faculty of Tourism – VLU (graduated in 2007). Playing many roles during the program when he instructed TVH’s students, he wanted to use his heart and brain to share with the students about the priceless experiences of 10 years working as a bartender in order to help them well prepare  before they select their majors and the suitable university. “As an alumnus, I feel very happy that I can guide and share my experiences, connect and support the students in their understanding about the potentials of Bartender and the career development desire in Tourism” – shared Mr. Lam.

Realistic bartender class experiences

dai hoc van lang hs trung vuong thu suc lam bartender bTVH’s students attentively listened to Mr. Lam’s guidance before themselves practicing making drinks

At first, some of the students were nervous and confused but with the dedicated guidance of Mr. Lam and M.A Nguyen Thi Thao as well as M.A Mai Ngoc Khanh, 2 lecturers of the Faculty of Tourism of VLU, the students quickly “participated in” the class, and surprisingly showed their excitement because they themselves could make new and cool drinks. Lasting just 90 minutes but this class really helped students understand more about a bartender’s real job in real life as well as imagine the development potentials of F&B in Tourism – Restaurant – Hotel in the near future.   

“To become a professional bartender, you have to practice hard. Even when you’re familiar with a bartender’s skills, you still have to continuously learn more in order to move forward in this career” – the practical lesson helped students realize what Mr. Lam had shared before.

dai hoc van lang hs trung vuong thu suc lam bartender cThe students tried to find out the best way to the “real bartender”. With their cleverness and even their risk, they made a lot of “new-unique-strange” drinks.

dai hoc van lang hs trung vuong thu suc lam bartender dBeside the theoretical knowledge about the Bartender job, the program brought many kinds of emotions to the students from the curiosity, surprise to excitement because they discovered many drinks and enjoyed the flavors made by themselves. “The vocational guidance held by VLU made lots of many good impressions on me. I loved to drink colorfully eye-catching drinks, and also gained the knowledge about the real job of a bartender. To us, that was a useful seminar. Thanks VLU a lot.” – shared Nguyen Hoang Long (Class 12A10).”


dai hoc van lang hs trung vuong thu suc lam bartender eThis is Thai Gia Dat and Chau My Linh, from 12A5. “To me, the most impressive thing was a lot of colourful and delicious drinks.” – Dat said. Linh said, “I like the practical part the best because I can myself made the drinks as I want without following any recipes. The teacher was really friendly and the volunteers from VLU also guided us enthusiastically.”

Inspiration transmitted from the experience

The “Drinks preparation” vocational guidance seminar was an interesting experience that guided  TVH’s students the way to become a real bartender. On the other hand, its value also lied in the happiness and the career inspiration that was “lighted up” inside the youth’s hearts. They were not only connected with the bartender now working at one of the most famous hotels in Sai Gon but also listened to his deep shares about the “fate” that had led him to the job and the Bartender’s passion of the elder generation. Mr. Tran Ngoc Lam reminded the memories of his learning at VLU in the past, and from that, guided the students the way to choose a suitable job for each student, which is one important step to improve themselves in the future.

“I am going to choose Tourism for my University studying. I chose another university a few days ago, but after today, I’ll put Tourism of VLU in my first priority list because I really like the dedication of lecturers and students from VLU.”

dai hoc van lang hs trung vuong thu suc lam bartender f

“I would like to study Architect and Van Lang became one of my choices a long time ago because I heard a lot about the dedication and the behavioral culture of VLU’s students. After today, I strongly believe that my choice is right when I myself feel the warmth and the dedication of Mr. Lam and the supportive students from VLU.” – Nguyen Thanh Tai, class 12A5.


dai hoc van lang hs trung vuong thu suc lam bartender ff“Selfie” with their new achievements (new drinks with new recipes)

dai hoc van lang hs trung vuong thu suc lam bartender g

At the end of the “professional bartender” seminar, Trung Vuong students felt regretful because of the limit of the time and they still wanted to make more and more drink’s recipes. However, the interesting experience in this seminar was definitely the happiness in the afternoon as well as the motivation for them to have the right option in the career path ahead.

dai hoc van lang hs trung vuong thu suc lam bartender hA memorable picture marked the meeting between Mrs. Ho Thi Thuy Tuyen (Maths, Vice Head of Outdoor Activities – Vocational Guidance – Experience of Trung Vuong Highschool) and her students together with Mr. Tran Ngoc Lam (Van Lang University’s lecturer)

In recent years, the development of Tourism has made the step for the development of F&B services, resorts; so it offers many Bartender’s job opportunities. Restaurants, hotels, bars have their highly recruiting demand for this position (Bartender). Since 2018-2019, Van Lang University has brought Bartender subject into the main curriculum for freshmen (the second semester), with experienced and highly trustful lecturers from restaurants – hotels – bars all around the city.

Writer: Le My.
Translated by Le Huynh Ha Van

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