Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology: Building the training program passed AUN – QA standard.

(Admission Office – Van Lang, December  6th, 2018 ) – Since 1991, this was the greatest opportunity for the transformation of tertiary education in Vietnam. Due to the pressure of integration and social development, Vietnam education, especially tertiary education has had to transform not only the infrastructure but also the superstructure. In the last 2 years, model and autonomy for university were the issues that raised the public concern. Thanks to the advantages of the private university, Van Lang University, especially the Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology has long accumulated the sustainable internal capacity to prepare for this departure of the voyage to The Great Sea: Building the training program passed AUN – QA standard.

AUN – QA standard Assessment: The absolute choice!

In 1995, Vietnam became ASEAN member. In the same year, Southeast Asian universities together started to create a network leading to the establishment of AUN. However, it was not until 1999 AUN founding member began constructing the AUN Quality Assessment (AUN-QA) model which was expected to use as the tool to preserve, improve and upgrade teaching and research quality for AUN member universities; to set a standard quality for AUN’s member universities and to motivate the recognition of standard quality for AUN member universities. For unexpected reasons, Vietnam was 10-year late to implement AUN system’s standard and thus far Vietnam’s universities had 70 educational programs qualified for AUN standard.

Global integration is the absolute trend for tertiary education. However, you have started walking from your neighborhood before you reach the highway. ASEAN is an active region and is defining its political position globally. Despite the limited development of ASEAN education, AUN with honor and pride to have a member (NUS) that have been claim a position in “Top 20” of the best universities worldwide for the last 15 years.

Vietnam’s universities have fast adapted to design their training program following the standard of AUN-QA standard; especially, the Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology of Van Lang University has the advantages. The code of standard does not specifically examine criteria of each program but the success factors of a curriculum, so it reassures the quality. Thus, it qualified key criteria that a tertiary training program requires such as the outcome standard, lecturers and students, program framework, infrastructure, and educational quality managing activities,…

bullet 1The integration of AUN-QA is an appropriate move that helps the Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology of Van Lang University to evaluate the training program based on the code of standard. Thus, the Faculty examines and catches up on the backlog to reassure the quality of training program at the ASEAN standard.
bullet 1Students have the great advantages from the evaluation because they are learning in the latest advanced educational environment with quality guaranteed.
bullet 1According to commitment of AUN, students will be able transfer their academic credits points between the educational and training program of AUN member universities in the future. In addition, being a part of a common standard which motivates knowledge exchange between students and students, lecturers and lecturers within AUN member universities.
bullet 1The AUN’s testing result is the affirmation of the training program to the society for the outcomes, so students is going to have better career opportunity. Employers have the credible human resources that are significant correlate with the international quality standard.

bullet 2

Van Lang University achieves the national education quality standard, Faculty of environment & Biotechnology is determined to advances to international level with AUN-QA. 

DH van lang moi truong xd ct dao tao AUN QA 01On 31st of May 2018, a historic event of Van Lang University’s Development: The ceremony for recognition of National education quality.

DH van lang moi truong xd ct dao tao AUN QA 02On 15th of May 2018, Faculty of Environment & Biotechnology celebrated the 1st anniversary with the participation of more than 200 lecturers, students and alumni, to mark the beginning of faculty after the integration, new team had been growing stronger and ready to encounter with challenges and opportunities.


bullet 2

Building the AUN standard training program: The flash moves!

The program is adapted and implemented between the distinct advantages of the Wageningen University’s program and the exclusiveness of the Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology. In addition, the strong link between Faculty and students, alumni, and employers; thus, the Faculty had essential preparation for the standard quality assessment of AUN-QA within 6 months. 

Due to the supportive efforts from the University management board, lecturers, and the Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology’s officers day and night put their efforts to create the program that serves learners and society at top quality. There were countless memorable events during the voyage.

05/05/2018: The Conference “Employers and the skilled analysts of human capability for the tertiary education training”. (DACUM*)

From beginning of the DACUM conference for the Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology, employers and skilled workers have tried their best to share opinions to the Faculty about the vital employability skills for the graduated students.

DH van lang moi truong xd ct dao tao AUN QA 03(Empolyers and skilled workers enthusiastically share opinion on the employability skills to the employee)

With the appreciation for all the valuable opinions of employers and skilled workers, and lecturers – The Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology’s officers train the employability skills by setting as a part of the learning outcomes of the training program.

18/5/2018: Conference “Building an Expected Learning Outcomes – ELOs”

DH van lang moi truong xd ct dao tao AUN QA 04 Acknowledging the foundation of ELOs, Faculty of Environment & Biotechnology actively takes part in the conference with proper preparation and received the consolidation from expert.

25/5/2018: Conference “The Guide to examination of system and content of training program”

DH van lang moi truong xd ct dao tao AUN QA 05The innovatinve way of thinking from young people that motivate the Faculty of Environment & Biotechnology examine and build the specific training for some applied research majors.

Despite the prompt preparation, it is quality and PhD. Nguyen Thanh Thuy, Vice-director of Training Centre for Advanced Management, National University of Ho Chi Minh city, head of consultant – acceptably commented: Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology was  the unit that had the best adaptation, the fastest preparation and to be ready for the voyage to great sea.


bullet 2

Achievement of Standard AUN-QA Quality: The beginning…

When there was no measurement and restructure of training program following AUN-QA standard, the Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology had successfully built reputable brand in the society. In fact, The Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology has trained skilled workforce which was a remarkable contribution for the South Vietnam area for 20 years. Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology alumni made important positions in the political organization, society and others. In the other edge, Van Lang University has twice successfully passed the Quality Assessment at institutional level in 2009 and May 2018 certified by the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training.

Due to flat world, the global integration of educational training, the faculty of Environment and Biotechnology is looking forward to further achievement that approved not only in ASEAN but also international community, like NUS’s achievement.

 DH van lang moi truong xd ct dao tao AUN QA 06 Modern Infrastructure, convenient learning environment are the essential element for the futher development of Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology. (Picture: the perspective drawing of 3rd branch, Vang Lang University)

Before the Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology could pass complicated assessing criteria of the advanced standard from European and USA, AUN Quality Assessment was the initial efforts of Van Lang University. This is not the arrival destination but the beginning of the long, difficult and challenging voyage; however, the Faculty is so proud to carry this mission of education.

Due to the approval of Educational Council of ASEAN and society, employers have confidence to choose the Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology which is building the sustainable educational services and training programs. Our mission is to hold the belief of parents and students…

Mr. Duong Pham Hung
The Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology’s Lecturer

(*): Developing A Curriculum.

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