Van Lang continues to participate in Handong Fine Arts Exhibition - Korea 2018

(Admission Office – Van Lang, October 11th, 2018 ) – Once again, the graduation projects of Graphic Design students at Van Lang University are present at the graduation project exhibition of students of Communication & Industrial Design in HanDong University, Korea.

In four days from October 19 to October 22, 2018, 18 designs by students of Graphic Design at Van Lang University were sent to the exhibition in Seoul with the hope that the works that are imbued with Vietnamese identity can be present with the graduation projects of the students of the Faculty of Communications & Industrial Design of HanDong University (Korea). These are the most excellent projects at the graduation defenses in June, 2018 by Faculty of Industrial of Art, Van Lang University. The exhibition is a great opportunity for Van Lang students to introduce their design products to companies, businesses and design professionals in Korea - which is considered as the capital of graphic design.

vlu my thuat cong nghiep handong 2018 001Van Lang student graduation project space at IANG Gallery, from October 19 to October 22, 2018.

vlu my thuat cong nghiep handong 2018 002Master. Artist. Phan Quan Dung- Head of Faculty of Industrial of Arts, Van Lang University sent flowers to congratulate the exhibition of HanDong University of Communications & Industrial Design (3rd from right).

vlu my thuat cong nghiep handong 2018 003Professor. Lee Jin-Gu, Head of Communication & Industrial Design at HanDong University (standing in the middle) expressed his sincere thanks to Van Lang University.

On the opening day, the visitors to the exhibition are extremely surprised at eighteen works of Van Lang students. Although Vietnam and Korea are both in Asia, they have many different cultural characteristics. The most cherish thing is that Van Lang students have brought Vietnamese cultural identity into their projects, and this day, their works are telling a very unique story about Vietnam in each color, font, light, characters, lines, and shapes...

vlu my thuat cong nghiep handong 2018 004

Master. Shin Won Soek shared, "Van Lang students’ drawing and illustration skills are so excellent, you have created a very unique feeling, and your works stand out in Handong's exhibition space this year."

And personally, the feeling of seeing Van Lang students' projects in another country is indeed very interesting and emotional. In terms of perfection, the products of Van Lang students have been presentable in color, layout and lines, showing that your skills are mature and confident. What I like most is the story that you bring, from festivals, folk games to traditional food, create a space full of Vietnamese features in the heart of Seoul. 

Another thing is that I think Van Lang students can learn a lot from the projects of the Korean students- which is the time and effort they put in depth research on user needs, understand what users need. This will make your project really effective; and can be applied immediately to life.

vlu my thuat cong nghiep handong 2018 005Korean visitors to the exhibition space of Graphic Design students, Van Lang Univer

Tran Quoc Tuan (Lecturer in Graphic Design at Van Lang University, studying in Korea)
 Translated by: Pham Thi Hoai

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