10X Student’s radiant face at the Opening Ceremony of Course 24 - 2018

(Admission Office – Van Lang, October 10th, 2018 ) – The morning of Oct 10th, 2018 has left an unforgettable mark in the development history of Van Lang University: The Opening Ceremony to welcome the students of course 24, the first students of the 10X young, confident and dynamic generation.

The Opening Ceremony, which is an annual event of Van Lang University to welcome new students, is highly anticipated by the whole university. The Opening Ceremony of Course 24 - 2018 has a lot of special markings: from the venue to the main characters.

Van Lang University has chosen Hoa Lu Stadium (No. 2 Dinh Tien Hoang Street, Da Kao Ward, District 1, HCMC) to hold the course 24 welcoming ceremony. The students were born in 2000 and are the first representatives of the 10X generation. The integration of COURSE 24 into the communal roof of Van Lang University becomes the most special remark on the opening ceremony day. The freshness of the 10X students is a great motivation for VLU to adjust students’ activities to meet the needs of the new generation - more dynamic, more practical, more modern. The University also hopes students of course 24 to eventually learn about the traditions of Van Lang, which are the core values that have built the love and pride of many generations of students.

DH van lang khai giang khoa24 phong su hinh 01At 6.30 am on Sept 10th, 2018, many students gathered at the Hoa Lu Stadium (district 1, HCMC). Sunshine on the land where the stage was urgently set up last night.

DH van lang khai giang khoa 24 phong su hinh 02The bustle and hustle at the entrance to Hoa Lu Stadium (Dinh Tien Hoang Street). Senior students were supporting and welcoming the freshmen.

DH van lang khai giang khoa 24 phong su hinh 03At 7.30 am, the beams of ballons bearing the name of 14 Faculties were transfered to the ceremony area by Typical students who were chosen to visit Hung Temple in 2018.

.DH van lang khai giang khoa24 phong su hinh 04An overview of the course 24 opening ceremony. The students in 30 majors gathered around the stage.

phan le

Opening ceremony - the good signals for the new course

In the joy of the Opening Ceremony Day, the Van Lang University staff felt more confident in the new recruits. The ceremony welcomed the Board of Directors, the Board of Management and staff representatives of Van Lang University.

 DH van lang khai giang khoa24 phong su hinh 05Mr. Bui Quang Do - Secretary of Party Committee, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Van Lang University was delivering the opening speech. He emphasized that course 24 is the first course that uses the new brand identity system of Van Lang. Course 24 students not only receive the traditional values but also the aspiration of innovation, modern and integration.

DH van lang khai giang khoa24 phong su hinh 06Assoc. Prof., Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu - President of Van Lang University – delivering the opening speech of course 24 - 2018. Ms Dieu hopes that the new students would study with the spirit of conquering, exploring and taking advantage of the new opportunities. Her speech provides inspiration for many freshmen.

DH van lang khai giang khoa24 phong su hinh 07

The C24 students focused on listening to the President’s speech. The large Hoa Lu stadium was overwhelmed with the large number of Van Lang students.

The problems such as holding the opening ceremony on weekday, 3 times changing the venue and date couldn’t beat the excitement of students. Students motivated themselves: only 1 time in 4 years, try to come! Compared with the time when they were applying for the university with hundreds of questions, the students of course 24 now seem to be more mature and willing to share with the university’s difficulties after a month studying in Van Lang. It is a good signal to start the 2018 - 2019 school year.


DH van lang khai giang khoa24 phong su hinh 08

At the Opening Ceremony, there were 6 valedictorians who represent all new students from the English Language Department (Ms. Doan Thi Phuong Tram), Fashion Designer Department (Mr. Huynh Thanh Tho), Thermal Engineering Department (Mr. Doan Thien Quang), Public Relation Department (Mr. Truc Thuy Tien), Commerce and Business Administration Department (Mr. Pham Quoc Long) and Nursing Department (Mr. Phan Thi Thanh Mo). They are selected from 56 new entry-level top students from 30 majors. This choice represents the diversity in terms of majors, selection methods and learning in three different campuses. Their youth and diversity motivate VLU to provide a comfortable and effective learning environment for all students. The conversation between new students arouses the interest of teachers and thousands of COURSE 24 students.

DH van lang khai giang khoa24 phong su hinh 09The wishes of the Course 24 representatives are listened and become the goal to achieve for the upcoming course. On behalf VLU, Assoc. Prof, Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu – President - performed the drumming ceremony. And the bunches of balloons marking names of VLU Departments were released into the open sky.

DH van lang khai giang khoa24 phong su hinh 10This year, VLU has two new faculties: Medicine and Social & Humanities. Since 2018, Van Lang has been licensed to recruit 07 new majors: Nursing, Medical Testing Technique, Pharmacy, Psychology, Information Technology, Construction Management, Traffic Civil Engineering. The new majors’ students expected and put their trust in Van Lang when deciding to apply in the very first course, which is highly appreciated by the university.

The ritual of drumming and releasing the balloons is the emotional moment of Van Lang members. Teachers and students applauded and silently watched the balloons fly up to the blue sky, which sent love and wishes for the new school year.

DH van lang khai giang khoa24 phong su hinh 11

DH van lang khai giang khoa24 phong su hinh 12


The traditional flag-handing ritual was conducted on the background music of Van Lang University by the choir. The familiar song of the great Van Lang family carried emotions and pride of many generations. Many new Course 24 students have been singled out for their vocals. The word "Van Lang" resounding at the end of the song is a beautiful musical highlight for the end of the solemn ceremony.


phan hoi 1

   The opening ceremony burst with joy


Right after the solemn ritual is the festival for all participants. C24 students are proud to hold the flags in their hands and shout out the names of their faculties. Those different colors create a beatiful picture of VLU.

DH van lang khai giang khoa24 phong su hinh 13Hello, we are in PR course 24

DH van lang khai giang khoa 24 phong su hinh 14Faculty of Economic Law vs. Faculty of Civil Construction

DH van lang khai giang khoa 24 phong su hinh 15Faculty of Tourism and Faculty of Foreign Languages etc. All together color VLU.

The festivity began with the Food Festival. The food booths, with full of foods and drinks, were decorated by the senior students of the Faculties from the evening of the previous day.

DH van lang khai giang khoa 24 phong su hinh 16

Each student was presented two free vouchers for one meal and one drink at 25 food booths held by senior students. The meal are prepared in sets to meet the students’ needs.

DH van lang khai giang khoa 24 phong su hinh 17


In addition to the Food Festival, the Folk Games Festival, organized by the HCMC Communist Youth Union and Vietnam Student’s Association of Van Lang University with support of Social Work Team and “Ba Lo Xanh” Skill Club, is also the highlight of the event. Five exciting games such as bamboo dancing, ball throwing, rope dancing, tug of war etc. were well-prepared for students to join when arranged next to the food booths.

DH van lang khai giang khoa 24 phong su hinh 18

After charging enough energy, course 24 students were ready for the next stage: play hard, rock your best! Twelve performances from the faculties and three special guests really made all participants so excited.

DH van lang khai giang khoa 24 phong su hinh 19

Modern dance performances from the students of Public Relations Department and CD's Crew dance group. The twelve performances of the Opening Ceremony 2018 were all modern dance performances and the professionalism of each performance satisfied all students.


DH van lang khai giang khoa 24 phong su hinh 20

The appearance of singer Duc Phuc at the end of the event made all participants more excited than ever before.

Duc Phuc is an Interior Design of student Van Lang University. Therefore, he regularly appears with both roles of student and singer in the major events of Van Lang. The cute singer presented 3 songs: Your sunshine, Jealousy, None one left when still in love.

DH van lang khai giang khoa 24 phong su hinh 21

Singer - musician Sy Luan is also an alumnus of Commercial Business Department of Van Lang University. He returned to school and presented songs: Where love begins, I love you so much. In addition, the event also included the Wings band – the popular band of Van Lang through the Summer Camp 2018.

Performances were so exciting until noon.

DH van lang khai giang khoa 24 phong su hinh 22


To find a measurement for the program’s success, the smile and the joy of COURSE 24 students is definitely the most anticipated one at the Opening Ceremony on Oct 10th, 2018. The event is a great success. To many students, it will definitely be an the impressive and special Opening Ceremony.


DH van lang khai giang khoa 24 phong su hinh 24

Although their academic year in fact started for one month, students really enjoyed the welcoming and opening ceremony. From now, they officially get their student lives under VLU roof started. We hope that the joy will accompany students in the time studying in university. The course 24 – students of a new generation - is a special gift for Van Lang University. We wish all students of course 24, the first representatives of confident and dynamic 10X generation, success and joy..


News: Mai Yen, Bich Phuong
Photos: Ngoc Linh, Ngoc Thi, Anh Tinh, Hao Quang, Hoang Hiep,
Huu Du, Minh Tien, Le Vuong, Khanh Thinh, Nhat Huy, Trung Kim
Translator: Nguyen Thi Van

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