Van Lang Student entered the final competition Vietnam-Canada Friendship logo creation

(Admission OfficeVan Lang, 27/8/2018) –  At the end of October, there was a happy news to Van Lang: Group of 3 graphic design students received a letter of invitation from the Vietnam-Canada Friendship Association to Hanoi to attend the Ceremony of publishing and handing the Certificate of Work to the final competition of " Vietnam - Canada friendship  logo Creation", 30/10/2018. With the pride and a little regret, they have recounted process to register for the contest- logo design and to receive the award in Ha Noi, with the enthusiastic help of instructor - MSc. Nguyen Dac Thai.

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Senior students, Graphic Design, Van Lang University

Tran Cam Tuyen – H150036

Nguyen Thi Ngoc Nhi – H151015

Tram Nhu Ngoc – H150417


MSc. Nguyen Dac Thai - Vice Dean of the Faculty of Industrial Art

WORKS: code T220496

ACHIEVEMENTS: The works in the final round of the competition "Vietnam - Canada Friendship Association Logo Creation" 



"Vietnam - Canada Friendship Association Logo Creation" contest  and "45th Anniversary of Vietnam - Canada Diplomatic Relations" organized largely for all Vietnamese citizens, Overseas Vietnamese living abroad and foreigners living and working in Vietnam. The contest was participated by 126 authors from 10 provinces and cities in Vietnam: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Nghe An, Can Tho, Thai Binh, Long An, Hue, Vinh Phuc and Dak Lak. and Canada. The competition attracted the participation of many well-known designers, there were a few young students trying to participate.

 “On the day of receiving the prize in Ha Noi, on the 8 th floor, the Friendship House - Union of Vietnamese Organizations (105A Quan Thanh), I am very surprised that most of contestants are old, famous and talented designers”, Tran Cam Tuyen – Senior Student of the Van Lang University is the youngest author in the final round.

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The final result was 10 works in the final round: 1 first prize and 3 consolation prizes in the theme "Logo of 45 years"; "1 first prize, 1 second prize and 3 consolation prizes in the theme" Vietnam-Canada Friendship logo creation "; The remaining works are certified by the Vietnam-Canada Friendship Association. Student Tran Cam Tuyen (the 2nd person, from right) is the youngest author who has works  in the final round.

The charm to the contest is also very accidental! After completing the project of Brand Identity Design and Logo Design Project, in the spirit of studying and combining the application of knowledge into reality, the group has collected real requirements and application value. While I am searching information, I  unintentionally  notice the message of Mr. Le Huy Tiep on the "Creating logo for the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Canada". The time to take the works starts from July 11, 2018 to the end of September 25, 2018. Mr. Nguyen Dac Thai encouraged and guided our team to participate, in the spirit of a trial and experience. Our team also wants to participate in a formal and professionally contested competition, with a jury of reputable judges to evaluate and comment on the quality of the design. This is extremely important for students preparing for graduation and participating in the high quality designer market.

Recognizing this problem, both teachers and students together to exchange and plan, find ideas and positively design the product to contest in time and with the right requirements, with a comfortable spirit. For students, working with teachers in a practical workplace will help us learn a lot from professional attitudes, skills and processes. Time is not too much to ponder and cherish ideas, but enough to focus our best teamwork as well as enthusiasm, along with the instructor's suggestions to perfect a piece of work to take part in the national competition.

DH Van lang lich gt canada svkhoamt 3

The logo uses lotus leaf and maple leaves - two logos of each country, with the aim of introducing and promoting a friendly image between Vietnam and Canada.

  • The maple leaf is placed in the center of lotus leaf creating a sense of harmony, interference in customs, habits and culture between the two countries; Emphasizing the feelings of the Vietnamese people for Canada.
  • The lotus leaf covers the maple leaf symbolizing the spirit of hospitality of Vietnamese citizens to every Canadian citizen.
  • The branch logo is divided into sections that symbolize the respect for a multi-ethnic, multi-racial, multicultural, multi-faith society - the historical and cultural identity of both Canada and Vietnam.

Although we were quite satisfied and had faith with the design, but when submitting,  we just rekindled little hope of fragility because this was the first time to participate in a contest at a high professional level, "together with the top designers in the country. And ... emotions broke when I received an email from the Organizing Committee announcing the work of the group entered the final round. We were very happy and there will be a much happier person, that was Nguyen Dac Thai.

Traveling to Hanoi to receive the prize of our group was also difficult, when the announcement of the Organizing Committee quite close to the announcement ceremony, airfare was very expensive,for students, not to mention the self-sufficiency in Hanoi accommodation. My group really wanted to go to Hanoi together, in the honor to attend the final in a national competition, because the cost was too high, the team decided not to go ...

But Mr. Dac Thai encouraged that I  should go to Hanoi because this was an opportunity which I couldn’t miss, he would  try to support me. Finally, I represented the group to Hanoi to attend the announcement with joy, excitement and hoped that we would receive many awards for the work. As a result, the group only went into the final stage of the competition, received the certificate of the Organizing Committee; it was slightly sad but when we looked back to such achievement, which has been our best effort. Teacher encouraged and told us not to be sad because not everyone got such results in the big playground.

DH Van lang lich gt canada svkhoamt 4Artist- Le Huy Tiep - former President of the Arts Council - Vietnam Fine Arts Association - is the leading bird in many fields of modern painting in Vietnam. Artist - Le Huy Tiep visited and lectured for lecturers and students of Van Lang University's Faculty of Industrial Arts. Tran Cam Tuyen luckfully met and talked with him on the trip to Hanoi . He encourages the little student: The logo is entered into the Finals are full of professionalism and promote the spirit that the competition towards. Most of the works are from professional authors, so the final result was a difficult choice for the organizers

After this competition, I myself and my group feel very happy and proud of the achievement. This will be a start for each individual member's "personal brand" on their career path to stick to the design profession. Thanks to the Van Lang university, teachers of the Faculty of Industrial Arts have created for each student the foundation, the basic knowledge so that when we encountered real cases , we can be adapted and applied in the best effective way as we can.

I am very happy as students of Graphic Design University of Van Lang has participated and made many achievements in professional domestic and international competition for many years. I think whether the highest award or not, the competition outside the University will be the premise of development opportunities, a padding step for each individual can develop and reveal all the skills and techniques. "

Tran Cam Tuyen - Senior student, Graphic Design
Translated: Pham Song Thuyet 

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