Many University- businesses collaboration activities are held by Business and Commerce Sector in October

(Admission Office  – Van Lang, Oct/24th/2018)In October, 2018, the lecturers of Business and Commerce of Van Lang University have organized many university - businesses activities: working and visiting the industrial zones, organizing seminars to improve professional skills.

The Board of Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration have been constantly seeking and building more and more contacts with businesses. From the collaboration with the businesses, the members of the faculty can enrich their knowledge and have extensive and multi-dimensional view in many fields so that they can continuously update the actual business situations into the lessons for the students. This is also an opportunity to strengthen the links between the School and the businesses, between training and practice, and expand the career options for students.

18/ 10/ 2018: Visiting and working in Vinh Loc Industrial Park - (Tan Binh Dist., HCMC)

DH van lang thuong mai chu dong ket noi cung dn 01The delegation is led by Dr. Phan Quan Viet - Vice Dean of Faculty of Commerce & Business Administration, with the participation of teachers in Business and Commerce of Van Lang University.

The delegation of Van Lang is warmly and thoughtfully welcomed by leaders of Vinh Loc A Industrial Zone, as well as leaders of Cholimex Company and Sai Gon Beer Company. The entire scale of Vinh Loc Industrial Park is several hundred hectares in area. Firms, factories and warehouses are hired by businesses that are engaged in a wide range of production and business lines, including construction, infrastructure and food processing… Workers’ accommodation is also being put into operation and use, along with attractive incentives and benefits for middle managers, senior staff, and workers of the zone.

DH van lang thuong mai chu dong ket noi cung dn 02

Teachers in Business and Commerce of Van Lang University have exchanged skills and knowledge with representatives of Vinh Loc A Industrial Zone's leaders. The delegation is also given the opportunity to visit the Cholimex Food factory, visit sauce assembly line from the preliminary processing to the finished products- which complies with the standard of inspection. The factory has two main product lines:

  • All kinds of sauces, spices, 90% of output supplied to the domestic market and 10% of export;
  • Frozen food, with 90% of its output exported to international markets, is an important partner of the well-known brand "Mark and Spencer"

DH van lang thuong mai chu dong ket noi cung dn 03The teachers tour Sai Gon Beer Factory, "SAGOTA" (Sai Gon Ta), with closed brewery production process and strict inspection from input, material preparation, cook, mix, and split. The factory implements technological system to strictly control each stage of beer production. Each product line has different blending rates and uses different technologies. The process of packaging and warehouse system of the brewery also helps the teachers of Logistics have more practical knowledge in the field of beverage production.

Through this visit, leaders of Vinh Loc Industrial Park are ready to create favorable conditions for students of Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration of Van Lang University to practice in the field of Business, Commerce, Import and Export, Warehouse, and Logistics. The Faculty and Department will continue to promote cooperation with businesses to ensure that the theory comes along with practice in teaching and expand the job opportunities for students.

Source: Dr. Phan Quan Viet

21/ 10/ 2018: Workshop on "Enhancing e-customs declaration on ECUSSS-VNACCS software"

DH van lang thuong mai chu dong ket noi cung dn 04On Sunday, October 21, 2018, the Faculty of Commerce & Business Administration coordinates with the Group of Import-Export Customs to hold a seminar on "Enhancing e-customs declaration on software ECUSSS-VNACCS software ". Seminars takes place with 2 sessions: from 9 am to 12 pm and from 13:00 to 16:00. Two main speakers in the program are Ngo Hoang Huy and Tran Dang Khoa - specialists of Thai Son Technology Development Company.

Many teacher, professionals, and students of Faculty of Commerce & Business Administration are interested in participating in the seminar. The seminar focuses on the key issues such as Customs declaration of export and import forms on ECUSS-VNACCS software and ECUS AUDIT software manual for checking data before the final report of auditing and clearance.

DH van lang thuong mai chu dong ket noi cung dn 05With many years of experience in their jobs and proficiency in development and software knowledge, experts have guided and answered many questions of participants in the workshop.

• Morning session: Specialists help attendees to install ECUSS software, guide them to fill out customs declaration form for business goods, temporary import, re-export,…

• Afternoon session: All participants are instructed to declare customs for processing goods (All-in, starting from the registration of processing contract ...); Customs declaration for export production (All-in); the report on final settlement of processed goods, export production, and export processing on ECUSS; Guidelines on checking the settlement report on Audit. 

DH van lang thuong mai chu dong ket noi cung dn 06

With a scale of 100 participants, the seminar brings many benefits to lecturers and professionals and also prepares the professional background for students in their upcoming work. It is expected that the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration will continue to collaborate with the business units to organize more seminars to improve professional knowledge and skills for teaching staff and learners.

Source: Ms. Đong Thi Tra My
Teacher of Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration
Translated by: Pham Thi Hoai

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