Gifts at the beginning of course for Students Course 24

(Admission Office  – Van Lang, Sept/19th/2018)Students of the 24th course have practiced their first week at the Van Lang University’s lecture halls.  Together with their excitement about exploring the new learning environment, new students enjoy the gifts from the School at the beginning of the course.

vlu mon qua dau nam hoc k24 01
The “gift combo” for K24 freshmen includes:
01 Van Lang backpack;
01 Student Handbook 2018;
01 Study Manual K24.


Van Lang Backpack – K24 version

vlu mon qua dau nam hoc k24 02This is the second consecutive year Van Lang donates backpacks to the new students. These backpacks are the first popular version with the new printed logo of the School. Made of durable materials, the backpack has a luxury look with red color and black stripes. As soon as the School informed the backpack model, the students K24 gave such a lot of good feedbacks on the new delicate design. The picture of the new backpack on Van Lang University fan page has received more than 143,200 responses in a short time. Tran Tri Lam (K24, Department of Tourism) shared excitedly: “The new backpack is so beautiful. I will try to study hard so that I can have a chance to attend the trip to Hung Temple.” Tran Nhu Huynh Y (K24, Department of Public Relation) showed her pleasure: "It's so cute, Van Lang! I love the red color. K24 students should keep it carefully!" The elder students are a little bit jealous of the new comers. They have suggested making friends with the freshmen and asking them to exchange the backpacks. A sophomore said honestly: “I have used the School backpack for one year. It is so durable although I have used it a lot!
Following the recent trend, the students K24 consider themselves as “rich-kids” and “appraise” their new backpack for the tuition fees in 4 years! This is just their joke! ^^ The story of the School backpack is not related to the tuition fees. In order to give the pleasure at the beginning of the new school year and establish the beautiful symbol of Van Lang students, the School has decided to offer the free backpacks as a meaningful present for the new students.

Currently, the first-year students studying at Campus 1 have received the new backpack. The freshmen studying at Campus 2 and Campus 3 are going to receive the backpack this week.
   * On Wednesday (19/09) and Friday (21/09), the officers of Admission Department are available at the ground floor of building A – Campus 3 to distribute the backpacks to the freshmen K24 who major in Finance Banking – Accounting, Tourism, Engineering, and Public Relation.
   * The freshmen K24 from the Faculty of Commercial Business and the Faculty of Business Administration can receive the backpacks at the Hall C001 (Campus 2) in the citizenship training of the Faculty on 21/09 and 23/09.
   * The freshmen K24 from the other faculties will receive the backpack at their faculty offices at the specified time notified by the faculties.

vlu mon qua dau nam hoc k24 03Many students of Faculty of Tourism were happy to receive the backpacks this morning (19/9) at Ground floor Campus 3. For quick delivery, please remember to write down your student ID or bring your tuition receipt!

 The Student Handbook 2018 – The University Companion

vlu mon qua dau nam hoc k24 04

The Student Handbook - an annual publication of Van Lang University is free of charge for the freshmen at the beginning of each course. Every year, the Student Handbook is edited and supplemented with new contents. The School believes that this handbook will accompany you during your years of study at Van Lang University. You can look up the basic information about the School as well as the instructions about study and training process, student life, along with the support policies for Van Lang students.

The contents of the Student Handbook 2018 consist of 3 main parts::
Part 1: Van Lang University is a home (Introduction of the history, the traditions, the facilities, the dormitory and the organizational structure of the School).

Part 2: Study and practice at Van Lang University (Providing important information related to the study and training so that the freshmen can consider in advance for their directions in the next 4 or 5 years. This year, there are some changes about the criteria for training assessment, the School's Training Portal, the Rules for Basic Computer Testing and English Testing at the beginning of the course...)

Part 3: Student Supports (Scholarships, tuition fee exemptions, tuition fee extension, study loans, information technology services at the School, part time jobs...)

Parents and students can read the electronic version of the Student Handbook 2018 on the School website. This soft copy is usually updated new changes which has not been put into the hard one.

In addition to the Student Handbooks 2018, the students K24 are given the Learning Handbooks designed by the Department of Education. The handbooks are composed for different majors, providing the official information on the Laws and the Codes of Conduct on Credit Systems, such as: time and plans for training, tests and examinations, graduation examinations and graduation recognition, retention of study results, study suspension, handling of violations ... The electronic version of the Learning Handbook K24 will also be posted on the School website.

Good news at the beginning of the new school year. 
In the first semester of the school year 2018 – 2019, the students K23 and K24 of the non-specialist English faculties begin to study General English program with the new curriculum. The students use the original Jetstream curriculum to ensure the training qualities in compliance with copyright regulations. The School has dealt with the Publisher to buy books at the preferential price for Van Lang students. At the original price of each book is 197,000 VND, the School supports 60% of the cost; therefore, the students only pay 80,000 VND / book. One of the advantages of using original books is that students can learn and use the online source with the book codes.

vlu mon qua dau nam hoc k24 05

Beside the difficulties in getting acquainted with the new learning environment, the students K24 are receiving marterial and spiritual supports of the School in a practical way. At the closer level, the teachers and seniors of each faculty are helping to help the new comers be familiar to the student life. Many fascinating programs of the faculties to welcome the new students are taking place with careful preparations as an important annual event.

The social network of Van Lang student community is filled with media colors of welcome programs for new faculty members. The creativity and enthusiasm for each featured program have become the "special" of the young Van Lang!


vlu mon qua dau nam hoc k24 06

According to the tradition for which the second-year students welcome the freshmen, not waiting for the welcome program taking place on September 29, the students K23 of the Faculty of Public Relations have given handmade small gifts to the students K24 on their first day at Campus 3 for Computer testing.

(Photo taken at 12th floor - Campus 3 on 14/09/2018)



vlu mon qua dau nam hoc k24 07

The 24th course students can gradually fill their love for the School for many different reasons; however surely, the real interests to them, even the smallest ones, must be main reason for their love. Hope that the new students K24 can have a good start for the long-term study and training at the common home - Van Lang University.

Source: Bích Phương
Credits: Nguyễn Linh, Ngọc Thi, B.P.
Translated by Ngọc Thanh

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