July 14-15, 2018: Van Lang University held the 20th Graduation Ceremony

Van Lang - 20 batches of students graduating from Van Lang University (1999 - 2018)

July 14-15, 2018: The 20th Graduation Ceremony is held at Van Lang University.

(Admission Office – Văn Lang, 15/8/2018) - On July 14 & 15, 2018, Van Lang University will hold a University Graduation Ceremony for 1,947 new Architects, New Engineers, and Bachelors of 18 training majors. They are the twentieth batch of students who graduated from Van Lang University.

001In September 1999, 2,103 first bachelors graduated from Van Lang University. This was a milestone in the history of the school. After more than 20 years of persisting in quality orientation, Van Lang University has trained and awarded 19 graduation degrees, providing 37,326 bachelors, engineers, architects and 77 masters. This July, Van Lang University is pleased to hold the graduation ceremony for the 20th generation.

On July 14-15, 2018, Van Lang University hold the University Graduation Ceremony for nearly 1,947 students, including 19 courses in Architecture, Heat Engineering, Civil Engineering and 20 courses in Technology. Environmental Engineering, Biotechnology, Public Relations, English Language, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Industrial Design, Commercial Business, Business Administration, Software Engineering, Hospitality Management, Tourism Management, Finance - Banking, Accounting. Together with the new graduates, family, friends, teachers, staff were present in this meaningful and happy day.

002Graduation Ceremony in July, 2018 will be held at Hall C001, Campus 2. This is where the graduation ceremony of 15 courses has taken place, from the 5th event in 2003. Photos in Undergraduate and Graduate Graduation Ceremony, July, 2017

Lễ Tốt nghiệp đại học sẽ gồm hai phần: phần Lễ chung gồm các nghi thức chính được tổ chức tại Hội trường C001 và phần gặp mặt tại các phòng đón tiếp của các Khoa. Trong phần Lễ chung, từng tân khoa sẽ được xướng danh, bước lên sân khấu , được Hiệu trưởng thực hiện nghi thức tốt nghiệp và được Trưởng khoa trao bằng.

The College Graduation Ceremony will be divided into two parts: the General Ceremony, which will be held at Hall C001 and Meetings in the reception rooms of each faculty.
In the general ceremony, each new graduate will be named; step on the stage, perform the graduation ceremony with the support of the principal and be awarded by the Dean. The ceremony takes place at Hall C001, including 3 sessions:

Saturday, July 14, 1818, for undergraduates who belong to  Faculty of Environmental Engineering, Biotechnology, Public Relations, English Language, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Design Fashion, Industrial Design. The ceremony starts at 7.30am.

Saturday afternoon, July 7, 2018, for undergraduates who belong to Faculty of Commercial Business, Business Administration, and Architecture. The ceremony begins from 13:30.

On Sunday, July 15, 2018, for undergraduates who belong to Faculty of Thermal Engineering, Software Engineering, Civil Engineering, Hotel Management, Tourism & Travel Management, Finance - Finance Accounting. The ceremony starts at 7.30am.

003The school arranges photographers at the Hall to capture the special moments for new graduates when they receive a degree. To save this moment, be radiant, new graduates!

Meetings at the faculty are conducted immediately after the general ceremony. A separate reception room is arranged for each faculty on the floors. Each room has a TV set to keep track of the entire ceremony.
The morning of July 14, 2018:
    Faculty of Environment & Biotechnology: Room C409.
    Faculty of Public Relations: Room C109;
    Faculty of English Language: Room C209;
    Faculty of Fine Arts: Room C309.

The afternoon of July 14, 2018:
Faculty of Commercial Business & Business Administration: Room C309, C209;
Faculty of Architecture: Room C109.

The morning of July 15, 2018:
    Faculty of Engineering: Room C107;
    Faculty of Information Technology: Room C309;
    Faculty of Tourism: room C209;
    Faculty of Finance - Accounting: Room C109;
    Faculty of Construction: Room C405


Graduation Ceremony is a meaningful event for every new graduate and family. Thus, to complete the graduation day, the new graduates should cooperate with the organizers by making the following notes:

  1. New Graduates attend the rehearsal according to the Faculty's schedule. If you do not attend the training session, you will not be able to participate in the ceremony.
  2. New Graduates attending the training session but arriving later than the prescribed time, will be invited to sit in the waiting room, and will be arranged to receive the academic transcript later (not in the Faculty's order number).
  3. Vehicles (bicycle, motorbike, car ...) should be parked at the yard of Binh Thanh District Vocational Training Center under volunteer guidance.
  4. Apparels for the graduation ceremony (male: shirt, tie, trousers, shoes; female: long dress or shirt, long pants or skirt, shoes). The new graduates receive graduation caps and gowns in accordance with the Faculty's schedule and return them in the Faculty's reception room.
  5. When entering the Hall, the graduated students sit in the arranged position (check the position in the diagram at the training session). The serial numbers are on the list of graduates and are posted on the chair. When receiving the cap and the gown, New Graduate also receives the number (pasted on the right chest of the gown).
  6. New Graduates move to the stage as instructed by the volunteers. Upon receipt of the transcript, the faculty will follow the aisle to go back to their seat; keeping order until the main ceremony ends and leaves the hall in accordance with the instructions of the volunteers.
  7. The school offers each new graduate a folder and a bachelor's hat. On the stage, the new graduates receive the folder to contain the degree and the transcript (in Vietnamese and English). The degree will be received at the reception of the faculty.
  8. The school arranges photographers for new graduates at the hall and presents the original photograph for the new graduates in special time upon receiving the degree. Therefore, to save the most beautiful moment, new graduates should keep the transcript in the most beautiful posture.

  To download the original image, visit: http://anhtotnghiep.vanlanguni.edu.vn. User is MSSV, pass: "vanlang").

At the end of the ceremony, the new graduates and the families can take pictures at the stage area. The school has also decorated the campus for the new graduates and their families to take pictures. In addition, the organizing committee will arrange a free photography team for parents and new graduates. Please visit http://bit.ly/anhtn2018 to download the image.

  1. New graduates keep the carry items (mobile phone, wallet, car card, car keys ...). When going on stage, the new graduates will leave the bag at the seat (volunteer assistants will help). During the main ceremony, it was suggested to turn off the cell phone.
  2. At the end of the main ceremony, welcome the new graduates and families to the Faculty's reception room by following the instructions of the volunteers. New graduates sign to receive the degree, return the cap and the gown, record books of the Faculty, taking pictures with the teachers.
  3. The school arranges seating for the family of the new graduates to attend the main ceremony on the hall floor. If anyone comes later, they can watch live streaming of the entire ceremony with the LED screen located at the school ground. In addition, in 2018, the school broadcasts live events through the website and Fanpage, so that family, friends far away can keep track of the ceremony.
  4. The school prepares drinking water at the school grounds and corridors of floors and canteen (on the 8th floor) also serve drinks and snacks.


Over the past 23 years, Van Lang University considers the graduation ceremony a great event, with the cohesion of many units throughout the University. Hope the graduation ceremony in July, 1818 will still be a beautiful mark for generations of Van Lang students who are mature from this school.

Translated by Vo Thi Xuan Anh

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