Van Lang University enrolls students for 2 new majors: Civil Management and Traffic Civil Engineering

(Admission Office – Văn Lang, 15/8/2018) - On 15/8/2018, the Ministry of Education and Training issued the Decision 2957/QĐ-BGDĐT about allowing Van Lang University to enroll and train students for 2 majors – Civil Management and Traffic Civil Engineering, tertiary education, full-time program.

Civil Management (code 7580302)
Traffic Civil Engineering (code 7580205)
Admission mode: considering the results of the twelfth-grade report cards (enrollment threshold: 18.00)
Deadline of receiving the application: to the end of 25/8/2018

civil engineering 1Van Lang University are enrolling the first students (beginning the school term in 2018) for 2 majors – Civil Management and Traffic Civil Engineering, following the Decision of the Ministry of Education and Training and the enrollment regulations of the school.

Civil Management (code 7580302)
Training time: 4 years
Degree: Civil Management Engineer
Subject combinations for enrollment: A00 (Math – Physics – Chemistry), A01 (Math – Physics – English), D01 (Math – Literature – English), D07 (Math – Chemistry – English)

The infrastructure reflects the development and needs of economy and society. When the economy is more and more developed, the infrastructure and the human resources must stay one step ahead. The results of the survey on the demand for human resources in Construction Management of 39 enterprises in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces show that: 100% of enterprises want to recruit the human resources in Construction Management, and this demand will increase by an average of 44% in 2020-2025. (Data from the Open Project on Construction Management).

The establishment of Construction Management major for tertiary education is suitable to the development strategies of Van Lang University as well as the demand for human resource development in local, regional and national area; getting ahead the trend of high-quality human resources in the nation and worldwide in the future.

The recruitment target of Civil Management major for the first year is expected to be 50 students

Traffic Civil Engineering (code: 7580205)
Training time: 4 years
Certificate: Traffic Civil Engineering Engineer
Subject combinations for enrollment: A00 (Math – Physics – Chemistry), A01 (Math – Physics – English), D07 (Math – Chemistry – English)

At Ho Chi Minh City Construction Conference, from now to 2030, infrastructure development, especially transport infrastructure and interregional connectivity, is particularly preferred as it contributes 42% of the country's GDP, 40% of the export turnover, 60% of the national budget; being a strategic area of the seaport system and international airports, playing an important role in national defense.

Social demand surveys show that the employment opportunities of Traffic Civil Engineering is broad and optimistic because the amount of college engineers is lacking. The decision to establish Traffic Civil Engineering major at Van Lang University is aimed to meet the need of human resources in construction sector in the Southern area and the whole country.

civil engineering 2In July 2018, the students who had studied Civil Engineering – course 19 graduated from the school. Since 1995, there have been 2,424 graduates in Civil Engineering major, the rate of employment is 94.6% (survey data in 06/2017). Recently, Civil Engineering Department has been taken the duty to train two new majors - Civil Management and Traffic Civil Engineering, prospecting lots of development.

The Decision of Enrollment in Civil Management and Traffic Civil Engineering was published at the end of university enrollment season in 2018. Van Lang University has welcomed all candidates wanting to study these new majors to apply for admission until the end of 25/8/2018 (enrollment threshold: 18.00)
Candidates can apply for admission directly at Van Lang University campus or use express delivery service to Head department (45 Nguyen Khac Nhu Street, Co Giang Ward, District 1, HCM city). Download Admission Apllication Form here.
Candidates having any questions about enrollment can contact the phone number: 028 3837 4596 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Source: Admission Department
Translator: Ngoc Thanh

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