Week of Citizenship training for students of terms 20, 21, 22, 23: Listening for innovation

(Admission Office – Văn Lang, 7/9/2018) - From 04 to 05/09/2018, Văn Lang University organized the week of Citizenship training for students of terms 20, 21, 22, 23 in school year 2018 -2019. The innovations in methods of organization saved time and attracted students,  especially the meeting with our university’s board of management received great concern from students.

citizenship 2018 01

Having become a tradition, the week of Citizenship training at the beginning of the school year is the annual activity for students to get together after a long summer holiday. Coming to this event, students are equipped with basic information about legal policies, current affairs, economy, politics, and society in Vietnam and worldwide, training regulations, school year plan, as well as guided with making study plan and participating in team work events, etc.  In school year 2018-2019, the week of Citizenship training for students of terms 20 to 23 was held in 2 days (04-05/09/2018) in hall C001 - Campus 2 (233A Phan Văn Trị, Ward 11, Bình Thạnh District, Hochiminh City).

Innovation in organization

Unlike other years, the Citizenship training week of school year 2018 - 2019 actively changed methods of organization with the main purpose of helping students have more interactive activities and become more active. At the same time, this helped the university’s board of management and faculties understand the thoughts and concern of students. The duration of the activities was shorter than the previous years; however, the necessary content provided to students was still guaranteed: law, current affairs, politics, regulations, and the school year plan, etc. Therefore, students were more active to arrange time to participate in the program.

citizenship 2018 02

In the session of legal consultation, students no longer saw the "familiar face" - MSc. Nguyen Huu Binh (Head of the Faculty of Economic Law) - stand talking on the stage again. He only appeared on the video to introduce legal information to students, the rest of the content was explained more vividly through videos.  The Youth Union and Students' Association coordinated with the Faculty of Economic Law to “invest” a team to produce clips on the new laws issued in 2018: Criminal Law, Small and Medium Enterprise Law, Foreign Trade Law, Tourism Law, and the Law of Network Security, which is of interest to most young people, etc.

citizenship 2018 03The videos showing the content of citizenship training was well-prepared in scripts, effects and suited the style of young people today, attracting the attention of students participating in the program.

Watching video, solving situational questions, and writing interaction papers were also innovations of the program this year, which helped students become more attentive and interested in the content of the program. Đào Út Quỳnh, a 3rd year student of the faculty of Public Relations, said: This is the third time I attended the week of citizenship training at the start of the course. The innovations in the program, especially the shortening of the sessions, helped me arrange my part-time job more conveniently to attend the program. Situational questions were also a good thing, giving students more interaction than attendance checking in previous years. In the new school year, I hope our university to have new face and more positive changes.

The meeting between Students and Management Board: Listening for innovation

The meeting between our University’s Board of Management and students of different terms received great attention from the Board as well as the students. Desires, questions, and opinions of students about the facilities and training quality, etc. set out in the program are also issues that the Board is interested to strengthen our university’s brand, make changes more suitable to students, gradually improve the quality of teaching and learning, as well as build a friendly and positive learning environment.

citizenship 2018 04Assoc. Prof. Dr. Trần Thị Mỹ Diệu - Văn Lang University’s Rector and all Deans and Deputy-Deans attended the meetings and positively responded to students' questions, showing great care of the university board of management and their spirit of listening and desire to change in accordance with the general development for the benefit of Văn Lang students.

citizenship 2018 05

Students actively sent questions about facilities, university policies, and other activities in the near future:
- Are students on internship financially supported by the university?
- What are the conditions for registering grade skipping?
- Has the school timetable been fixed?
- Are the traditional activities of Faculties still held in Campus 2?
- When transferring to Campus 3, is there a canteen and sports area for students?
- What is the specific time to transfer Faculties to Campus 3? etc.

Hearing and taking notice of constructive opinions of students, the school's management board tried to answer all questions in about an hour and a half and also noted students’ constructive contributions to adjust accordingly in the near future. There will be many difficulties in starting any innovation process, especially when the school's facilities are in the process of completion. The management board is also looking forward to receiving students' cooperation to build a newer and perfect Văn Lang in the future.

Chuyên đề Special subject: Study motivation and Start-up stories

After the citizenship training session and the meeting at Hall C001, students moved to classrooms to attend the seminar: Study Motivation and Start-up Stories (Room C601 and C609). Students could have a meet and greet with Mr. Trịnh Minh Cường  (an alumnus of Business Administration, graduating in 2014), the current CEO of Happy Young House and Motivation administrator of CT Group and Mr. Hoàng Văn Tiễn (an alumnus of Public Relations, graduating in 2016), the current CEO and Founder of TAD Coffee Joint Stock Company.

citizenship 2018 06With all their hearts and motivation to direct young people to live with passion and have the correct learning attitudes right from the lecture hall, Mr. Trịnh Minh Cường (on the left) and Mr. Hoàng Văn Tiễn (on the right) shared their ideas and start-up stories with their younger siblings.

Start-ups is a story that students after graduation are very interested. Being aware of that need, our university held a meet and greet with the alumni of Van Lang who have successful start-ups so students could listen to their sharing of the experience and difficulties of a "start-up" on the way to set up business. On the way to success, there is no trace of lazy men, so learning attitudes contribute greatly in the process of students’ establishing business later. The two older brothers spent a lot of time talking about passion, thinking and hard-working - the prerequisites for success of young people, helping students shape learning attitudes, learning motivation and career passion.

In order to bring successful innovation to "Van Lang family", the unanimity and solidarity of the whole university is a must. If students consider Văn Lang university as a family, they themselves need to change their thinking, action and welcome positive changes together with our university in the future. On the way there, the University’s management board listen and adjust to students’ needs, offering them a good education and learning environment as they wish.


videos shown during the program, each student is responsible for writing a reaction paper to submit to their Faculties for evaluation.
* Submission deadline:
- From 5 to 15/9/2018: Students watch Video (via Fanpage of Van Lang University, Fanpage of The Youth Union and Students' Association of Van Lang University, Fanpage of the Office of Student Affairs, Youtube channels of The Youth Union and Students' Association of Van Lang University).
- From 15 to 20/9/2018: students submit reaction papers to their Faculties.
* Assessment format :
- Attendance: 30%
- Reaction paper: 70%
Note: Reaction papers submitted to Faculties are typed or written on A4 paper.

Photos and article by Ngoc Thi
Source: Ngoc Thi
Translated by: Nguyen Thi Huynh Loc

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