5 Successfully defended M.B.A theses (the 1st course).

(Admission Office – Văn Lang, 30/08/2018) - August 30th, 2018) – On  August 30th, 2018 morning, the M.B.A’s thesis defending session took place at room 6.2, Campus 3, Van Lang University (VLU) – 80/68 Duong Quang Ham Street, Ward 5, Go Vap District, HCMC).

The Business Administration Studies department recruited new students for the post-graduate program of its first course, 2016. There were 38 successful candidates, among whom are 33 students really attending this course. After one and a half years of being trained (6 months of doing thesis included) ,on August 25th, 2018, the first 5 students were eligible for defending the 1st M.B.A graduation theses.

defended mba theses 1

The M.B.A thesis defense of Business Administration Studies (the first course) was being held in a serious, dignified and atmosphere, with academic enhancement spirit. Each student are supposed to spend about thirty minutes presenting his/her thesis summary and answering about 3-7 counter-argument questions from the Reviewer Board. Those direct questions help students realize their theses’ defects. Other students (course 1 & 2) of Business Administration Studies also joined to gain the experience for their on-going theses.

defended mba theses 2
Members of the Reviewer Board

• Associate Professor – Ph.D Nguyen Van Ang (Chairman).

• Associate Professor – Ph.D Phuoc Minh Hiep.
• Associate Professor – Ph.D Nguyen Phu Tu.
• Ph.D Dinh Kiem.
• Ph.D Phan Quan Viet.

All 5 students chose practical theses’ topics specialized in their position of work’s research field and mainly about marketing strategies, brand development, business strategy planning, supply chain management, service quality measurement, etc.

Those above choices gave an edge for the students in researching, making their quantitative surveys and spread out the practical meaning of their theses. However, these challenges’ purpose is to contribute new things scientifically, put theories of the Business Administration Studies into practice properly as well as evaluate and analyze practical problems.

defended mba theses 3Student: Cao Cẩm Hoàng 
Instructor: Ph.D Le Van Bay.
Topic: The completing solution for the supply chain in order to upgrade the capacity of competition at ITEQ Vietnam Company, 2018 – 2022.
Score: 7.0 / 10.0.

The thesis achieve its goals: (1) systematize the reasoning problems related to company’s supply chain internal activities, involving the capacity of competition and business efficiency; (2) analyze the reality in order to point out the limits and recommend solutions for ITEQ to improve its supply chain. The Reviewer Board reminds Mr. Cao Cam Hoang about the logic between the research method and the implication in his thesis.

defended mba theses 22Student: Bui Thi Thanh (Ms).
Instructor: Ph.D Tran Van Thi.
Topic: Measurement about the value of student’s feelings with the quality of training services of UEF.
Score: 8.0 / 10.0.

Ms Bui Thi Thanh mainly brought quantitative and quanlitative researches into her thesis ( the Cronbach’s Alpha, EFA, CFA and the structure SEM) to test the hypothesis given. This was highly rated by the Reviewer Board on sophisticated and serious working progress including the flexibility in using high quality quantitative methods. However, there is a misunderstanding between “training services” and “behavioral manifestation” in her research paper. She also gained extra point because she had her articles posted in a specialized scientific magazine.

defended mba theses 5Student: Dang Thi Ho Thuy (Ms).
Instructor: Ph.D Le Quang Hung.
Topic: The measurement about students’ satisfaction about the quality of training services of Faculty of IT – Van Lang University (VLU)
Score: 8.0 / 10.0.

She is now working as an employee in the General Department – Van Lang University (VLU). She was also an alumnus of the Faculty of Business Administration, VLU. Directly conduct a survey with more than 200 juniors and sophomores – Faculty of Technology and Engineering. This is the first scientific research about the training quality of the Faculty of; however, following a typical way, it gained nothing new.

defended mba theses 44Student: Tran Minh Tri (Mr).
Instructor: Ph.D Ngo Thi Thu.
Topic: The research on the ingredients of brand value (according to customer’s opinions) at Thien Phu Ltd.,which specialized in production – commerce –services.
Score: 7.0 

His thesis met the requirements of a Business Administration’s thesis; however, this topic was not new and contained unsolved problems in the using of quantitative analyze method, survey choosing etc. According to the suggestions of the Reviewer Board, Mr. Tran Minh Tri continues his editing to better his thesis.

defended mba theses 7

Student: Nguyen Thi Thuc Vien (Ms). (Instructor: Ph.D Doan Lieng Diem.) 
Topic: Marketing strategy planning of the “Pecaldex” tonic – 2/9 Pharmaceutical Company at Cambodia market.
Score: 7.0 / 10.0.

Using SWOT analysis in Cambodia market and “Pecaldex” tonic aims to analyze company marketing’s strategy by quantitative analytics. The board suggested that the layout of chapters or sections should focus on the research subjects. Additional contents and images should be put into the appendix.

After this successful thesis’s defending session along with experts’s contributions, all of 5 students will have a short range of time to adjust and perfect their theses before presenting the official one. “We highly appreciated your hard-working spirit and your efforts in order to complete it on time of 5 first student of the first course. After a long and hard time taking it into a consideration, we decided that all of 5 theses are qualified for being recognized as rightly standardized M.A theses, ranked “Good”, claimed The Associate Professor, Ph.D Nguyen Van Ang, also the vice-president, Head of Falcuty of Commercial – Business Administration and chairman of the Council.

defended mba theses 8Flowers for first 5 students of the first course of the Faculty of Business Administration, success in defending the M.A thesis.

Since 2012, Van Lang University has run the training program of the Faculty of Engineering and Environment. Up to now, 77 M.As has successfully graduated from the program.
In 2017, VLU expanded its scale, opening and running 6 more Faculties in 2017 such as Business Administration, Commerce, Banking and Finance, Environment and Natural Resources Management, Architecture. The first achievement is the success in defending the M.A thesis of 5 first students (First course of the Faculty of Business Administration) on August, 25th, 2018.
In 2018, VLU continue receiving the application forms for M.A – course 2 with 7 majors, expired on 03/11/2018. 

Source : Bich Phuong
Translated by: Le Huynh Ha Van

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