Photographer Gian Thanh Son shares his international working experience with Van Lang University’s students

On Sunday, 1st Oct 2017, Famous reporter- photographer Gian Thanh Son had an interesting and meaningful talk about his photo books: Vietnam’s status in the world as well as his international working experience with Van Lang University’s students.

nhiep anh gia gian thanh son sggp jmqd 2Reporter- Photographer Gian Thanh Son was at the talk-show with Van Lang University students

Photographer Gian Thanh Son has had more than 40 years of working as a reporter and photographer, accompanied leaders of Vietnam Communist Party and State in visits to other countries. His photo book: Vietnam’s status in the world published with a lot of valuable photos recorded the historic diplomatic activities of the former State President Truong Tan Sang in his term from 2011 to 2016. This book is a significant resource for young people today to learn more about current Vietnam diplomacy.

In the talk show with students, photographer Gian Thanh Son emphasized: “As a reporter, it’s not easy to approach our targeted audiences especially they are all State and Government leaders. There are always have a tough security procedure that we have to face and we need to compete with other counterparts to have the best position to work. Everyone has their own ways based on their own ability and experience. However, it is essential that you always have to be confident, observe the event carefully, anticipate the event agenda to find out where is the appropriate position that you should stand to capture key moments in best frames”.

nhiep anh gia gian thanh son sggp jmqd

In every country visited, photographer Gian Thanh Son captured hundreds of emotional photos. According to him, the visit to Venezuela was the most special one that bought him unforgettable memories as in that time, the people of your country welcomed the Vietnamese delegation by singing our national anthem.

Additionally, in the talk show, photographer Gian Thanh Son shared with students about his working experience and how to pursue the dream to become a reporter and photographer. It’s challenging and took time, but the career also brought us a lot of honor and pride. He said: “"you may face a lot of challenges, but with your passion and efforts, you can overcome all of them and success. To become a successful photographer, there’s no other way than to put emotion and passion to all of your pictures and keep trying every day.”

One of the most important experience shared by photographer Gian Thanh Son was accurate talking notes. He shared that he’s always try his best to listen, record and take note all information at all events to ensure he did not miss anything. After that, he classified all photos and information for saving accurately.

nhiep anh gia gian thanh son sggp jmqd endThe guest speaker, photographer Gian Thanh Son and representatives of Van Lang University

nhiep anh gia gian thanh son sggp 2 yjcrPhotograher Gian Thanh Son and students of Van Lang University

Joined to the event were more than hundreds of students. All of them were excited to photographer Gian Thanh Son’s sharing and would love to talk with him soon.

 nhiep anh gia gian thanh son sggp 7 fgviMore than 400 pages of the photo book “Vietnam’s status in the world” in bilingual English - Vietnamese records from nearly 30 State official visits of former State President Truong Tan Sang to the kingdoms, countries and territories, or attended international conference ... Photographer Gian Thanh Son has described the relationship and diplomatic story between Vietnam and other countries, contributed to the data of the modern history of Vietnam diplomacy.

Tieu Tan - by SGGP

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