Opening Ceremony of the South American International Primary and High School and Talk-show: Education in era of 4.0 technology

On Sept 1st, 2017 at 114 Tran Dinh Xu, Nguyen Cu Trinh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Van Lang Education & Investment Management JSC organized the Opening Ceremony of the South American International Primary and High School, and the Talk-show of education in area of 4.0 technology.

There were Mr. Bui Quang Do – Chairman of the Board of Trustees, General Director, Mr. Nguyen Cao Tri - Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Deputy General Director and a number of teachers of Van Lang Education& Investment Management Joint Stock Company, and staff other members of the company attended to the event.

khai truong nam my 001All participants participated to the event

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Bui Quang Do - Chairman of the Board of Trustees, General Director, re-affirmed the development strategy of Van Lang Education & Investment JSC is to establish a multi-disciplinary education complex offers educational program from Kindergarten to high school, university and postgraduate. He also emphasized the ambition of the Company is to build up one of the best place offers advanced education, gradually develops to modern education organization trains global citizens with good character, qualities, intellect and ability, to meet the high demands for the development of the country. In order to meet this objective, the school system must be upgraded to international standards and quality. He stated that South American School is the first and unique school follows UT High School - a program designed in line with the educational system of University of Texas. It’s among the top 20 prestigious public schools among 4500 schools in the United States. He hoped that the school would achieve many successes and be welcomed by the people of the city and becoming a prestigious school in the national education system in the near future.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Bui Quang Do also handed over the decision to appoint Ms. Do Thi Bich Duyen as the Rector and Mr. Huynh Duc Nguyen as the Training program Director of the South American School.

Ms. Do Thi Bich Duyen promised to try to complete the task assigned by the Board of Trustees, she hopes teachers will promote the image of South American school with the high quality of teaching.

khai truong nam my 003Ms. Do Thi Bich Duyen- the Rector of the South American School

Mr. Nguyen Cao Tri, Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Deputy General Director, said that with the number of 500 - 600 staff - lecturers now and more than 12,000 students, Van Lang University is community big enough. Each people in this community needs to pay attention to the South American school, to promote for the recruitment of this school year and other years. He expects the South American school will be supported by everyone to develop better.

khai truong nam my 006Mr. Nguyen Cao Tri, Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Deputy General Director delivered his speech in the event

Sharing about Higher Education with Technology 4.0, guest speaker Dr. Pham Thi Ly said: “Technology 4.0 is a great development of technology. It is not only about school, mentor and artificial intelligence, the most importance of the 4.0 technology is the Internet that connects everything. It contributes to changing the social fabric. So the university is no longer the exclusive place providing knowledge. The key duties of schools, now, is no longer simply to teach knowledge but teach critical thinking, creativity and direction for students. In Vietnam, in the era of 4.0 technology, it is necessary for all universities follow this direction, it is not only teachers but students and parents play a very important role”.

khai truong nam my 004The guest speaker Dr. Pham Thi Ly

Sharing the same idea with Dr. Pham Thi Ly, Dr. Frank Gerke, Lecturer of Department of Public Relations and Communications, affirmed that education in Vietnam must quickly educate global citizens, understand the culture of other countries. To do that, students must be good at English, many soft skills in general and communication skills in particular.

khai truong nam my 005Dr. Frank Gerke

In the end of the ceremony, Ms. Do Thi Bich Duyen and Huynh Duc Nguyen sharing with the participants about the South American School including the training program, enrollment policy, the advantages of the school comparing to the current international school system in Vietnam.

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