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(VLU, 31/01/2022) - The Past is the Heritage of Today, and Today is the Heritage of the Future. The Historical Museum is the department where valuable heritage from the past and present is stored and preserved in order to increase its value in the future. 

With a history spanning more than 26 years of formation, the VLU‘s founders were initially interested in constructing the Traditional Museum to preserve and shape the university's identity based on the people's roots and heritage. To this day, the VLU‘s traditional department is still consolidating to add more valuable heritage in each period of the university's development: the 20 years since VLU‘s foundation; the period of transition from private university to VLU; the period of strong and brilliant development since the transition to VLU, etc. It is hoped that one day, from that traditional museum, VLU will have a valuable heritage museum for future generations. 

vlu bao tang van lang a

The VLU ‘s traditional museum is currently located at the main campus, with the first spaces erected in response to the school's progress:

  • VLU 's Cultural Space: storing and spreading the valuable relics of the predecessor since the decision to establish the school in 1995; the first sign of the school at Gen Pacific; the handwritten music of the traditional song "Van Lang University," the images of VLU‘s initiators and founders, the heartfelt meetings of early leaders, etc.
  • Significant Achievement Space: It preserves spiritual values by displaying heritage memorabilia such as badges, certificates, merit certificates, presents from other universities, etc.
  • Counterpart Space: It is dedicated to preserving artifacts and history of worldwide visitors and collaborators who have visited and collaborated with VLU since its founding. This location demonstrates that the institution's management desired to construct a university of worldwide renown as early as the Vietnamese years.

vlu bao tang van lang bA commemorative corner of the current Van Lang traditional room

The collection of heritage for the VLU ’s traditional museum needs many new works worthy of the history of many achievements and milestones of the university. However, it will be the first step towards thinking of a valuable Historical Museum later. Formulated according to the wishes and wishes of the leaders, the historical museum will start from the earliest steps to learn about the bright past of the university, connect the history of the university with the atmosphere of national history, and update today's achievements. Hopefully, the journey of the VLU ’s INCHES and the VLU’s Cultural Museum will bring more valuable things to fulfill its role, meaning, and mission: a place for the children of  the Hung King's Descendants in the education community to gain more understanding, solidity, and pride in national traditions, enabling them to step out of the five continents with their own cultural identity.


Tran Nhat Khanh, Institute of Cultural Heritage and Development Studies
Translator: Nhat Truong


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