Seminar on How to win friends and influence people – understand to “win”

(VLU, 18/01/2022) – On 11 and 12 January 2022, the Center for Training and Developing (VLG) organized a seminar on “Communication for winning friends and influencing people” for 20 VLU lecturers and staff to enjoy, strengthen their bonds, and enhance their communication skills in the office environment.

Communication is one of the essential skills to help us become confident and self-reliant. In an office environment, the ability to “read” people, and comprehend and transfer the information is even more important because a good relationship can bring you unexpected benefits and help create a civilized, positive, and inspirational working environment.

vlu hoi thao dac nhan tam aThe seminar was hosted by Mr. Nguyen Ky Vien – Director of the Center for Training and Development (VLG)

Hosted by Mr. Nguyen Ky Vien – Director of the Center for Training and Development (VLG) on 12 January and by Ms. Nguyen Thi Anh Thu on 11 January, the seminar on “Communication for winning friends and influencing people” provided hands-on knowledge to learners. The participants had to go through some situation tests in the office environment to be divided into groups with the same personality and attend teambuilding activities. At the seminar, lecturers discussed the advantages and setbacks of communication in their working place. Most people assumed Van Lang Group is a civilized working place with many advantages in facilities, working culture, and open-minded staff. Therefore, it helped lecturers and staff to feel more comfortable doing their duties. 

vlu hoi thao dac nhan tam eParticipants were divided into groups depending on their personalities or common straits to facilitate efficient teamwork.

At the seminar, participants were introduced to the K.A.S.H box (Knowledge – Attitude – Skill – Habit). As an improved version of A.S.K, K.A.S.H included four essential factors to promote efficiency in working performance and life quality, including knowledge, attitude, skill, and habit. Most modern companies had a typical assumption that knowledge and skill were what mattered, and forgot to evaluate and refine the employees’ attitudes and habits. As a result, there might be conflicts in the working environment and fragile bonds between employees and their employing departments.

vlu hoi thao dac nhan tam cEducating games, team names, and slogan-making contests helped the participants entertain themselves.

In addition, speaker Nguyen Ky Vien also introduced to the participants the DISC personality test tool. There were four types of personality including Dominance – Influence – Steadiness – Compliance. DISC helped us identify one’s personality at a certain time by observing their behaviors. The personality test brought amazement to participants. Each type of personality had distinct advantages and disadvantages. If this tool was practiced efficiently, it is possible to gain initiation in every conversation, anticipate other people’s reactions and help us carry out the most suitable actions. 

vlu hoi thao dac nhan tam bParticipants took the personality test to identify whether they were D, I, S, or C.

The seminar on “Communication for winning friends and influencing people” was not only an informative session to improve soft skills but also an event to strengthen the bonds of VLU members, create more memories and enhance working performance.

Reporter: Hoai Anh
Photographer: Thai Nguyen
Translator: Thien An


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