International Conference of TESOL & Education - VLTESOL: Innovations in E-learning and Emerging Issues in Teaching Foreign Languages in Post-Covid Era

(VLU, 25/01/2022) – On 22 January 2022, Van Lang University hosted the 1st International Conference of TESOL & Education & VLTESOL. It is the first international conference that the Faculty of Foreign Languages co-organized with the International Journal of TESOL and Education.

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The International Conference of TESOL & Education & VLTESOL was organized to facilitate academic, experience, and knowledge exchanges related to professional training and learning issues, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic among researchers and lecturers. The conference consisted of ten sessions. Of which, one plenary session had the keynote speakers introduce their reports, and nine parallel sessions promoted diversified selections for the audiences. The conference attracted the participation of numerous local and international scholars, researchers, and lecturers with more than 130 papers from Vietnam and other countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, India, Sweden, Australia, and Belgium. Moreover, the conference also welcomed the participation of the Foreign Languages students of Van Lang University.

vlu hoi thao tesol bThe conference welcomed 245 scholars, researchers, and lecturers specializing in foreign languages and students interested in foreign language learning and teaching issues in a digital era.

At the conference, the authors discussed and proposed innovations for the E-learning platform and possible issues in the teaching activities during the post-Covid-19 era; “opportunities” from “challenges”. At the conference, Dr. Phan The Hung – Faculty of Foreign Languages’ Dean at Van Lang University hosted the plenary session on “Innovations in E-learning and Emerging issues in Teaching Foreign Languages in Post-Covid Era” extracting the studies of lecturers from many universities in Vietnam and other countries on how they adopt the Covid-19 outbreak situation, the approaching methods with specific goals such as Online Teaching & perceptions, Task-based Language Teaching & Flipped Classrooms, Collaborative & Interactive Learning/Teaching, Implementations of teaching activities on Virtual environment, Teaching listening & Translation, Linguistics & Grammar, Teaching Writing Skills, Teaching Speaking and Autonomy, and General Education. The conference took place online and attracted more than 245 participants including lecturers and students from the Faculty of Foreign Languages. 

vlu hoi thao tesol dThe Covid-19 Pandemic marked the essence of hi-tech application to the global teaching and learning process.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, Dr. Phan The Hung – Faculty of Foreign Languages’ Dean at Van Lang University expressed his gratitude and highly evaluated all the researchers and critics’ efforts to the conference’s quality. All qualified papers would be selected and published in the upcoming ICTE-VLTESOL journal. During the conference, Dr. Phan The Hung also expressed his satisfaction with the proactiveness of Foreign Languages students in research activities. It was a good sign marking the students’ interest and motivation in searching and exploiting knowledge, which helped them improve their critical thinking and approach the academic community even when they were taking their undergraduate degrees. The conference facilitated the participants to exchange knowledge, the lecturers to acquire up-to-date skills and improve their teaching methods to cope with the digitalization era. According to the research activity guidelines of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, the faculty would organize at least one international conference at Van Lang University every year.

Reporter: Cao Tu - Yen Nhi
Translator: Thien An


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