Van Lang University has new changes for the 2022 enrollment season

(VLU05/01/2022- The enrollment season in 2022 has witnessed many innovations in university admissions. Especially it is the trend of reducing the admission quota by high school graduation exam scores, diversifying admission methods and opening new majors.

In need of diversifying enrollment counseling - career guidance methods

When it comes to the diversification of admission criteria and methods, sharing with the Vietnam Education Electronic Journal, Dr. Vo Van Tuan - Vice Rector of Van Lang University said, besides the results of the high school graduation exam, Van Lang University in particular and higher education institutions in general in recent years have expanded to diversify admission criteria and methods.

I think the widespread use of the high school transcripts by both public and private universities is a milestone in changing the "open spirit" of admissions: independence and humanities, helping students have more than one option to apply for their dream major," said Dr. Vo Van Tuan.

In 2022, in addition to a variety of 05 enrollment methods, Van Lang University will additionally combine the criteria in the same admission method with a number of specific majors: Foreign Language majors (converting certification points), Gifted group (interview combined with entrance exam), Technology - Engineering group (transcript and interviewing). For undergraduate admissions, the expansion of enrollment methods helps higher education institutions in attracting a larger number of candidates, diversifying sources of admissions to find high quality candidates.

Dr. Vo Van Tuan said: “According to the direction of the Ministry of Education and Training to strengthen the spirit of university autonomy, I believe that the university not only focuses on diversifying enrollment methods, but also on enrollment counseling and orientation methods so that the candidates can have the most suitable choices”.

vlu ts vo van tuan aDr. Vo Van Tuan - Standing Vice Rector of Van Lang University

2022 will be the very first year that Van Lang University pioneers in building a university experience program for high school students, organizing career orientation seminars and university credit conversion programs for those who registered officially. Through experiencing the basic skills and specialized subjects of the training disciplines, students will feel close to the their desired choice of career and university environment. Experiential learning programs at VLU for students are completely free. At the same time, students will be granted a Certificate when passing the study program, valid for the next 3 years at Van Lang University. After taking credit-conversion courses, students can shorten a number of credits and tuition fees (corresponding to completed modules) if they are matriculated and enrolled at Van Lang University later.

vlu hinh anh co so 3 min optimized b2022 will be the very first year that Van Lang University pioneers in building a university experience program for high school students, organizing career guidance seminars and university credit conversion programs for those who registered officially.

We hope these programs will be a meaningful and practical career gift giving students the opportunity to experience the modern learning programs and facilities of Van Lang University; supplement and train some necessary soft skills for high school students before entering the desirable university environment", said Vice Rector of Van Lang University.

Van Lang University expands admission criteria

Standing Vice Rector of Van Lang University informed that in 2022, Van Lang University will maintain 05 enrollment methods as in 2021, including:  high school graduation exam scores in 2022; high school transcripts; test scores of the National University of Ho Chi Minh City; exam admission for the gifted subjects: drawing, music, theater and cinema. In addition, the university will expand a number of admission criteria in the direction of stratification. Van Lang University has been facilitating stratification for many years to bring to high quality training; assess students' thinking and capacity more accurately and discover & train talents.

Specifically, Van Lang University combines the criteria in the same selection method with a number of specific industry groups:

  • For the foreign language group: Van Lang University gives foreign language certificates according to the 6-level foreign language competency framework for Vietnam (Vstep) to convert admission scores. Van Lang University is the 4th institution in the Southern region and the first non-public school in the country licensed by the Ministry of Education and Training to organize an English proficiency test according to the foreign language competency framework level 6.
  • For the Technology - Engineering group: Van Lang University organizes an interview round combining academic records / high school graduation exam scores to assess students' thinking and capacity. This is a group of industries that are "thirsty" for human resources which is invested in for admission and attracting learners by government.
  • With the Gifted group: Van Lang University is still one of the pioneer schools to organize the Gifted Contest combining test scoring and interview round. In 2021, VLU held an online interview round that was more successful than expected in all 3 subjects of Drawing, Music and Theater and Cinema. These experiences are the basis for VLU to confidently come up with flexible recruitment and selection options suitable to the complicated epidemic situation, ensuring the rights and fairness for candidates.

Opening more new industries

Reality shows that all sectors, including the economic sector, are being severely affected during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many levels of authorities discussed a lot about the trend of economic recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic, with emphasis on the trend of economic development associated with technology, innovation and digital transformation. By and large, the current generation of candidates in the next 3, 4 years is expected to be a high-quality human resource contributing to the future economy.

At VLU, the Economics sector is invested in updating the training program every year to catch up with the new trend of the HR market, connecting businesses with the University. This is a large sector in VLU's industry structure, with more than 10 majors, in which there are "hot" fields that have just been opened in the last 2 years, such as: Real Estate, Marketing, International Business, E-commerce, Information System Administration, etc.

The Health sector is heavily invested by Van Lang University, with 04 current majors: Odonto-Stomatology, Pharmacology, Nursing, and Medical Laboratory Technology. In 2022, Van Lang University is expected to open more majors: General medicine, Traditional medicine, etc. In November 2021, Van Lang Education Group opens VLMC polyclinic, which will open opportunities for practical experience during study and employment after graduation for health majors of Van Lang University.

Finally, Dr. Vo Van Tuan sympathizes with the generation of children in 2004 who experienced a different high school learning path, when all 3 years had an online learning period due to the influence of Covid-19. Therefore, according to Mr. Tuan, more than anyone else, the entrance exam for high school graduation and university entrance examination in 2022 is a difficult challenge. However, the times also create motivation for students, and soon they will be trained in adaptive instincts, the will to self-study. With the support of highly developed digital technology, they will have the opportunity to build a new way of learning, get away from the limitation of tradition learning & studying. We hope that students will actively seek and acquire more vast sources of knowledge from books and Internet, free up their minds, and be ready to integrate.

With the upcoming admissions season, students should also take the initiative and be ready for all objective situations. Determining the appropriate goals for your desired major and university early, then choosing one or a few admission methods to increase your chances of achieving your goal. Remember, you can be matriculated by many methods, many rounds of admission, but at the beginning of the student journey, you will be at the same starting point, so don't be too confused between the same paths.

With globalizing education trend, I think students can expand their options by boldly seeking opportunities to apply to international programs if they are suitable with their finances and abilities. You should consider the best options for yourself to have a well-deserved college experience,” the Vice President of Van Lang University sent a message to the students.

According to Vietnam Education Newspaper
January 12, 2022

Translated by Oanh Doan

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