The Psychology Division of Van Lang University organized the International Conference on the impact of Climate Change and Pandemic on families, women, and children

(VLU, 13/12/2021– On 12 Dec 2021, the Psychology Division of the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities at Van Lang University, in collaboration with many experts and researchers from worldwide universities, has organized the International Conference on “The impact of Climate Change and Pandemic on the families, women, and children – Interventions from Psychology and Social Work”. The event drew significant attention from students and researchers.

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With the co-organization of the Psychology Division - Van Lang University, the Conference witnessed the participation of the experts from many universities worldwide, including:

  • Judith C. Chavez – Vice – President of Lourdes College, Philippines
  • Ines Daoso – Lourdes College, Philippines
  • Dr. Tran Lan Gien – Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada
  • Dr. Edward Hoffman – Yeshiva University – New York, USA
  • Dr. Ronald O’Donnell – Arizona State University, USA
  • Truong Nguyen Xuan Quynh – Massachusetts General Hospital, USA

From Vietnam, there were the following representatives from the local organizations, including:

  • Ha Thi Minh Duc – Deputy Director-General – Department of International Cooperation – The Ministry of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs
  • Vu Phuong Ly – Program Coordinator of WOMEN UN Project in Vietnam
  • Le Hong Loan, Head of the Department of UNICEF’s Children Protection Project in Vietnam
  • MD. Giang Ngoc Thuy Vy – Vietnam Psychotherapy Association

The escalation situation of climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic has dealt significant impacts on the life and mental health of women and children, resulting in psychological disorders such as anxiety, panic, and depression. The Conference acted as a forum for local and international scientists, managers, social services, and policies holders to discuss and exchange information to propose the intervention to settle the sensitive issues in caring for and treating psychological disorders.

vlu hoi thao tam ly hoc bThe virtual Conference with the participants from many countries, such as Vietnam, Philippines, USA…

On behalf of Van Lang University, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu – President, and Dr. Judith C. Chavez – Vice-President of Lourdes College, Philippines, dedicated the warm welcome to the delegates, experts, and researchers participating in the virtual sessions connecting various parties from many countries. Both university administrators prefer to establish a unified and cooperative relationship to exchange the information and experience related to climate change and pandemics to reaffirm the importance of Psychology and Social Works field in assisting people in dealing with climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Participating in the report on “The Impacts of Climate Change and Covid-19 pandemic on families, women, and children,” Dr. Vu Phuong Ly – Program Coordinator of WOMEN UN project in Vietnam, discussed gender inequality. “The current female employment rate is 72% - a relatively high and positive figure in the Asian – Pacific. It proves the government’s efforts and interventions in eradicating gender quality. Recent reports show that it should take the world 90 years to narrow the gap between genders, yet the Covid-19 pandemic prolongs this duration to 134 years and may affect our next generations.” UN Women – the International Entity fighting for gender equality and honoring the women’s role had to intervene by promoting the women’s working performance, propagandizing and establishing an emergency responding network to eliminate domestic violence in the critical event of the Covid-19 pandemic by making the young generation as the main popularizing channel.

With her report on “The roles of Social Works in the Covid-19 Pandemic and the Assistance of UNICEF in children protection amidst the Covid-19 pandemic in Vietnam”, Ms. Le Hong Loan – Department Head of UNICEF’s Children Protection Project in Vietnam, affirmed that Social Works played essential roles in the pandemic situation and assured the assistances and protections for the vulnerable in significant social policies. According to her, the social works agencies must invest in enhancing the quality of the Social Works students and staff because it will play irreplaceable roles in the future.

Women and children are vulnerable, so they demand protection. Dr. Le Nguyen Phuong – University of California, stated: “Children suffer mental disorders twice to five-times higher. Many run into depression and anxiety. Parents are also stressed by financial difficulties and childcaring resulted by Covid-19.” She suggests the family spend more time together and reduce online time. Every individual must learn how to balance his/her emotion to enhance mental health and overcome the pandemic.

The Conference approved 14 reports covering in-depth knowledge and positive messages aiming to help society overcome difficulties and enhance the pandemic preventing and curing capability while assuring the countermeasures to support and balance the mental health of the vulnerable.


Reporter: Thien Huong
Translated by An Pham

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