Photo reportage: Graduation ceremony 2021 Van Lang University - date of departure, date of return

(VLU, 29/12/2021In three days, December 24, 25 and 26, 2021, Van Lang University held the 23rd Graduation Ceremony for 59 new masters and 2,972 bachelors, engineers and architects of 21 disciplines. The event is a memorable graduation mark for parents and new graduates, engineers and architects in the context of the pandemic in 2021.

After many days of waiting, the 23rd graduation ceremony of Van Lang University officially took place in a joyful atmosphere with the participation of 59 new masters and 2,972 new bachelors, architects and engineers of 21 majors: Environmental Engineering Technology, Biotechnology, Business Administration, Accounting, Banking and Finance, Commercial Business, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Hospitality Management, Service Management Tourism & Travel Services, Public Relations, English Language, Software Engineering, Thermal Engineering, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Architecture, Economic Law, Oriental Studies and Applied Literature.

vlu le tot nghiep khoa hai ba aGraduation ceremony in 2021 was held at Trinh Cong Son Hall, Van Lang University.

In the face of the Covid-19 epidemic situation, Van Lang University decided to hold the Graduation Ceremony in the spirit of fully implementing disease prevention measures, completing medical declaration procedures and dividing it into 12 shifts in 6 sessions (3 days) to ensure the distance and distribution of the number of people moving.

Summarizing the journey at Van Lang University of new bachelors, new architects and engineers, courses 22, 23, Assoc. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu - Rector of Van Lang University commented that this is a generation bearing many imprints and witnessing many important milestones in the formation and development of Van Lang University: "Up to now, Van Lang University has successfully trained for the society 167 masters and 46,649 bachelors, engineers and architects.

This year's graduation ceremony has a special meaning, leaving a deep mark in the hearts of teachers. Because we have successfully organized a solemn ceremony to hand over graduation diplomas to students, congratulations on successfully completing the university journey at Van Lang with many challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic that has upset the normal life of everyone in the world over the past 2 years. For teachers of Van Lang University, class 23 is a course that leaves many unforgettable milestones. The children's class is the second student class of Van Lang University to switch from a private university to a private university, the first student class of Van Lang Private University to attend the opening ceremony on its own basis. Class 23 students are the first to study at this facility when the school just finished building the school building; Class 23 is also the first course to be trained under the credit system, helping them to arrange a study plan suitable to each person's conditions; The children's course is also a more demanding course in terms of graduate English proficiency standards. It is both an opportunity and a challenge, requiring students to strive and be proactive in their learning decisions.

Today, we will be congratulating the first graduating class of 3 Oriental Studies, Economic Law and Applied Literature. Course 23 is also the first course that Van Lang University considers the 3-year high school transcript method, creating an opportunity for students who have aspirations to study at Van Lang University, marking a new milestone in the university's enrollment spirit: expanding to attract talents."

vlu le tot nghiep khoa hai ba cAssoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu - Rector of Van Lang University delivered a speech and congratulated 59 masters and 2,972 new bachelors, architects and engineers graduating in 2021.

vlu le tot nghiep khoa hai ba bThe melodious melody of the song "Van Lang University" was resounded again after a long time the school was temporarily absent from students because of the social distance.

vlu le tot nghiep khoa hai ba eThis year's graduation ceremony became more special with the presence of alumni. Mr. Ly Quang Thang - Alumnus of the 9th class of the Faculty of Business Administration shared and congratulated the newly graduated bachelors of courses 22 and 23.

vlu le tot nghiep khoa hai ba fArtist Son Mach - an alumnus of the 11th class of English returned to celebrate with the new graduates with melodious music.

vlu le tot nghiep khoa hai ba gThe student representative gave a speech summarizing the process of studying and growing up at Van Lang University and expressed gratitude to teachers and parents.

vlu le tot nghiep khoa hai ba hOn behalf of the newly graduated Bachelor of Business Administration, Huynh Thi Yen Phuong and Tran Anh Tuan talk about their journey to find answers for their chosen major.

vlu le tot nghiep khoa hai ba iDr. Nguyen Cuu Dinh, Head of Training Department of Van Lang University read the graduation recognition decision.

vlu le tot nghiep khoa hai ba kThe bright smile of Bachelor Trong Duy Long, valedictorian in Hotel Management in 2021.

vlu thu khoa phat bieu lThe image of each new graduate going to the stage to receive a degree is recorded by the University and sent to them as a gift to wish them success in life.

In 2021, Van Lang University has 22 valedictorians, representing 21 training disciplines. Each valedictorian will receive a gift of a valedictorian trophy and souvenir photo; each excellent graduate receives a medal from Van Lang University as a gift. New bachelors, new engineers and architects in 2021 of Van Lang University were honored with good names and images in graduation gowns and awarded degrees in the presence of teachers and parents.

vlu le tot nghiep khoa hai ba nEmotional tears when looking back at the 4-year university period of the new bachelors of Van Lang University.

In 12 ceremonies, Van Lang University presented new bachelors, new engineers and new architects of 21 disciplines with videos documenting your university journey in Van Lang. Memorable footage evokes emotions and even moments of laughter.

vlu le tot nghiep khoa hai ba jThe moment the new graduates pay their respects to parents

vlu le tot nghiep khoa hai ba wA parent couldn't help but feel emotional when he saw his little boy now grown up.

vlu le tot nghiep khoa hai ba zNew Bachelor of Public Relations Nguyen Vu Mai Thy shares a happy moment with her family.

vlu le tot nghiep khoa hai ba yNew bachelor walks on poinsettia flower path, in the applause of juniors

vlu le tot nghiep khoa hai ba oThe joy of holding a diploma in hand.

Van Lang University offers new graduates and their families a beautifully decorated welcoming campus, combining the two themes of Christmas and celebrating the end of the university journey, helping attendees have more time to keep good memories. “I didn't expect the graduation ceremony to come so soon and after that it was a little bit up to date. But today, when I attended the ceremony, I found that everything was perfect and very neat. Although my friends could not attend the ceremony with me, I felt very happy when everyone was waiting for me at the gate. And the joy is doubled when the whole family comes to the ceremony.” - Doan Ngoc Loan - new bachelor's degree in Public Relations shared.

vlu le tot nghiep khoa hai ba vPhoto booths with the theme of Social networks attract new graduates to capture memorable moments.

vlu le tot nghiep khoa hai ba g1

vlu le tot nghiep khoa hai ba g2

vlu le tot nghiep khoa hai ba g3

vlu le tot nghiep khoa hai ba n 1

vlu le tot nghiep khoa hai ba g4

vlu le tot nghiep khoa hai ba g6

vlu le tot nghiep khoa hai ba g7

vlu le tot nghiep khoa hai ba lCongratulations to the new masters, engineers, architects and bachelors of Van Lang University who officially graduated in 2021.

Reporter: Hoai Anh - Mai Linh
Photos: Thinh Tran - Dang Anh

Translated by: Oanh Doan

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