Biotechnology Application Seminar in Agricultural, Food and Medicine

(VLU19/12/2021) - On 3 November  2021, the Department of Biotechnology in Faculty of Technology held the Symposium “Performances and Prospects for Applications of Biotechnology in Agriculture, Food and Pharmaceuticals”.

This project has actived in Subject of Introduction to Biotechnology, and had been taken part in with Dr. Ha Thi Bich Ngoc (Institute Pasteur, Ho Chi Minh City); Mr. Tran Van Hai (GCFood); Mr. Le Minh Vuong (Sun & Wind Farm); Dr. Phan Thi Cong, Visiting Lecturer, Faculty of Technology, Van Lang University. The seminar was conducted online and attracted the attention of nearly 90 students specializing in Biotechnology, Biomedical Biotechnology, Aesthetic Technology and Advanced Agriculture.

Dr. Nguyen Huu Hung, Vice Dean of Faculty of Technolog (Van Lang University), said, “This is an opportunity for business representatives to share practical applications in the enterprise, which is a rewarding academic environment for students on the path of personal development”.

vlu khoa cong nghe to chuc seminar ung dung cong nghe sinh hoc aThe seminar is part of a series of academic seminars organized monthly by the Faculty of Technology at Van Lang University, aimed at expanding knowledge and learning through the hands-on experience of experts.

In the seminar, Mr. Le Minh Vuong said: “Vietnam is gradually through the pandemic and entering the new normal phase, this is often an excellent opportunity for the country, which incorporates a potential agricultural and food industry for developing. After the pandemic, people have changed lots, tending to return to the fundamental needs of food and medicine. In these two domains, biotechnology plays a very important role”. In the presentation, the lecturer proved his view though by the application of Biotechnology in a company known as Vietnam's aloe king.

vlu khoa cong nghe to chuc seminar ung dung cong nghe sinh hoc bMr. Tran Van Hai announced the application of mung bean planting for soil improvement.

In a presentation on the application of biotechnology to pollution and fertilizers, Mr. Tran Van Hai received many questions from students to discuss the use of yeast and muck for growing Perionyx Excavatus in the culture, that is very close to everyone and has great applicability. The lecturer also discussed the applications of growing mung beans to improve the soil, limit water loss, and use natural organic sources in apple growing.

vlu khoa cong nghe to chuc seminar ung dung cong nghe sinh hoc cSpeaker Le Minh Vuong presented a technique for producing biological foliar fertilizer from Perionyx Excavatus.

Meanwhile, as a familiar lecturer at Van Lang University's Faculty of Technology, Dr. Ha Thi Beach Ngoc (Pasteur Institute, Ho Chi Minh City) provides a lot of useful information about the application and especially achievements of Biotechnology in Vietnam in medicine and pharmacy such as gene diagnostics, gene therapy, production of drugs and vaccines. Besides, she also helps students and teachers clearly understand  vaccine development platforms and vaccine technologies that Vietnam recently introduced to vaccination, such as AstraZeneca, Moderna, Pfizer,... With advances in Biotechnology, Vietnam has also conducted research in the process of introducing two vaccines: Nanocovax and Covivac. Hopefully, thanks to the efforts of the research group and advances in Biotechnology, Vietnam will start using these two vaccines soon.

Reporter: Tuong Lam
Translated by Trieu Giang

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