Discussion "Logical premise of SARS-CoV2 antibody advances"

(VLU, 19/12/2021 – On the morning of December 4, 2021, the Biotechnology Department of Van Lang University coordinated a discussion on "Logical premise of SARS-CoV2 antibody advances" in the application MS Teams, with the investment of visitor Dr. Tran Que and personnel, staff and understudies of the Faculty.

Even with the Covid-19 scourge circumstance, numerous infection variations seem to undermine general wellbeing, making and developing antibodies to forestall the infection is amazingly critical. Wishing understudies to have a superior outline of SARS - CoV2 immunization innovation, communicate significant information locally, hold hands in the viable avoidance of Covid-19, Workshop "Logical premise of antibody advances SARS-CoV2" associated Dr. Tran Que - Expert of Da Lat Nuclear Institute with instructors and understudies of Biotechnology to share a ton of significant information and encounters.

vlu khoa cong nghe to chuc hoi thao cong nghe vacxin aThe gathering was driven by Dr. Tran Que and instructors from the Faculty of Technology, Van Lang University.

Opening the gathering, Dr. Tran Que and understudies examine the idea of "antibodies, antigens and hereditary premise A vaccine can be said to be a biological agent that provides active acquired immunity to an infected patient. Vaccines usually contain disease-causing microbial-like substances and are usually produced from microbial forms, toxins, or one of the surface proteins through genetic engineering and technology. Regarding the concept of vaccines, Dr. Tran Que hopes that participants will better understand the nature of the virus as well as the mechanism of action of bodily stimulants. The lecturer also synthesized and analyzed of factors from the cycle, the antibody stage, the innovation underpinning of numerous current immunizations, refreshes a great deal of valuable data for understudies of Biotechnology.

As of now, the inoculation has been completed for an enormous scope all through the nation, yet not all individuals have the right perspective on the antibody. The presence of certain responses after infusion makes certain individuals stress; yet there are likewise situations where individuals who go for infusions don't have any responses after the infusion and are concerned that their body will not assimilate them. Talking about the immunological premise of SARS-CoV2 immunizations, Dr. Tran Que assisted participants with better agreement post-immunization insusceptibility, the reasons for reinfection, why extra infusions are required or regardless of whether the individual getting the antibody is totally resistant.

As a feature of a progression of workshops to help information held month to month by the Faculty of Technology, the course assisted Biotechnology understudies with having a superior outline of immunizations, gather information for their learning cycle. practice and apply information to convince and help the local area later on.

Reporter: Cao Thong
Translated by Trieu Giang

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