VLU Opening Speech 2021: Course 27 students learn to become future leaders

(VLU, 11/12/2021– On December 11, 2021, Van Lang University (VLU) held a ceremony to receive the 4-star QS Stars International Rating Certificate; at the same time, the Opening Ceremony welcomed students from Course 27 and the new academic year 2021-2022. Starting the new school year, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu - Rector of Van Lang University had the opening speech with Course 27 students. Van Lang University website quotes the full speech.

"Dr. Nguyen Cao Tri – Chairman of Van Lang University;

Dr Nguyen Dac Tam – Member of the Founding Council, Director of Van Lang Heritage Institute;

Ladies and gentlemen; Enterprises; Leaders of member units of Van Lang Education Group;

Lecturers who are members of The Board of Directors of Van Lang Education Group; Van Lang University Council, Board of Directors, heads of faculties, institutes, centers, departments,

And students from Course 27,

On behalf of the School Board, I would like to send to the delegates, heads of the school's units, lecturers, staff, and all students and new students attending the Opening Ceremony 2021-2022 school year of Van Lang University, warm welcome and good health wishes!

Dear students, your course is a special one right from the end of your high school program until you start your journey of university. All the stages of 12 years of high school and starting university took place in a stressful epidemic, when we had to move from in-person to online, but they conquered those special challenges brilliantly. Congratulations to all of you!

vlu le don nhan chung nhan qs va khai giang aAssoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu drumming at the Opening Ceremony of new school year 2021 – 2022, Van Lang University

In each school year, our school organizes many festivals, of which, the Opening Ceremony and Graduation Ceremony are two special ones. During the 26 years of establishment and development of VLU, perhaps there was no year that has the special and different features as this year of Course 27. This is the first year that we have held the opening ceremony both in person and online; We hold the opening ceremony when each student is still in each place, attending the main ceremony at Trinh Cong Son Hall today were only a lecturer’ representatives and student representatives from faculties; and the opening festival was a special program that the students of the previous course preparation for the new students had to move to 2022 when the disease is under control.

vlu le don nhan chung nhan qs va khai giang bSchool year 2021 - 2022, Van Lang University students welcomed the opening ceremony from all over the country.

The opening ceremony of the 2021-2022 school year was held on the day Van Lang University received the 4-star QS Certificate, which was evaluated by Quacquarelli Symonds Education Institution (QS) – UK, is one of the oldest, most prestigious educational rating institutions in the world, and the results of the QS World University Rankings are recognized globally. "Van Lang University is the first university in Vietnam to achieve a 4-star QS Stars certification on the first registration for accreditation" (quoted by QS). So far, 4-star is also the highest level of certification that Vietnamese universities are recognized by QS, and only 4 universities have achieved this result.

"Employability"; "Academic development"; "Facilities"; "Social responsibility" are the four areas of the University rated 5-star and "Teaching quality" and "Art & culture" are rated 4 stars. That’s the result of determination and perseverance in investing resources for the purpose and commitment of quality of the university to learners and society over the years.

Dear students, your course has many choices of majors and the opportunity to study interdisciplinary under the minor program as well as study different domestic and foreign training programs. The course is the first to have a bachelor's degree in Van Lang University and is offered a bachelor's degree by Newscatlse University and Liverpool John Mores University (UK). The course is also an opportunity to study university-graduate transfer programs at Van Lang University as well as at many universities around the world. With nearly 300 partners who are universities, research institutes, educational institutions, domestic and foreign enterprises, they can learn through practical experience not only in Van Lang University but also in universities around the world; not only at school but also in the actual working environment at home and abroad; not only with Vietnamese friends but also friends from many different countries. In addition to academic programs, experiences to develop professional competencies, in this academic year, more than 600 academic programs, skills, arts and culture, sports, community programs will be organized at different scales so that students can participate and learn, with the wish that they will improve themselves, become comprehensive people, understand Vietnamese culture, share and spread human values in the community.

Dear students, VLU constantly strives to build a good learning environment for them, so that they become citizens capable of global integration and cultural identity, with the core values of "Ethics - Will - Creativity”, to forge and instill the culture of organization, living, learning and working according to the core values of the university. Lecturers will join them in fulfilling the mission of Van Lang University as "Educating people that bring inspirational impact to society".

On this important starting day, there are three things I want to send you:

  • Albert Einstein once said, "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow". The most important thing is to constantly ask questions." The lectures of teachers at school, although very good, very inspiring, very full of professional knowledge, are still only instructions for students. If you just sit and listen to lectures, but you don't feel the desire to learn, don't feel the desire to read to learn, don't experience yourself in a lab/ workshop and apply in practice, then what you hear in a university lecture hall is really like a building built on sand.
  • There are 3 things you should learn: (1) learn how to study for life; (2) learn to read because it is a teacher who is always ready to be with you wherever you are whenever you need it; (3) learn how to use your time effectively so that you can learn well, play well, and do meaningful things for yourself, for your family, for Van Lang University and for society.
  • Take advantage of 4-5 years at Van Lang University to unlock all your potential and develop beyond your abilities towards the goal of becoming a future leader on your chosen career path, always trying to overcome your own boundaries (across the boundary), be better than yourself yesterday. This is a precious time for you to prepare for your life and you need to "start" that today. You will always be with you along the way.

The opening ceremony of this year, in addition to lecturers, students, also had the participation of businesses, VLU alumni, who are interested in the future generation of the country. 10 businesses present today awarded 90 scholarships to students with a total value of VND 4 billion and 904 million. We strongly believe that the contribution to the "Van Lang Education Fund" will open up many opportunities and inspire students to complete their learning journey, develop themselves, thereby paying it forward for their families and society. Best regards to enterprises.

Students, with the conditions that families, schools and businesses have given you, VLU believes that you will design for yourself an exciting and meaningful university journey at school.

Ladies and gentlemen; Enterprises; Heads of member units of Van Lang Education Group; I wish you the best.

Thank you to the organizers and the volunteer students for organizing the solemn opening ceremony.

On behalf of the school Board, I announce the opening of the Course 27’s academic year of Van Lang University.

Van Lang, December 11, 2021
Rector of Van Lang University
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu

Translated by: Le Huynh Ha Van

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