Preliminary survey for National Accreditation for Business Administration, Commercial Business, Biotechnology, Architecture Major (VLU)

(VLU, 16/12/2021) - On December 16, 2021, the delegation of external assessors of the Center for Education Accreditation, belonging to the Vietnam Association of Universities and Colleges, connected online with the Van Lang University's Board of Directors, leaders of the Faculty of Business Administration, Commerce, Architecture, Technology, conducting preliminary surveys for evaluation in addition to 04 university-level training programs: Commercial Business, Business Administration, Architecture and Biotechnology. The event took place directly at Van Lang University's main campus combines online via Zoom app.

The evaluation team for preliminary survey of 4 training programs of Van Lang University (VLU) including: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bui Duy Cam, former Rector of The University of Natural Sciences, Hanoi National University, Head of the delegation; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Phuong Nga - Director of The Center for Education Quality Accreditation, Supervision; Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, Chief of Office of The Center for Education Quality Accreditation and Supervision; M.A. Dinh Tuan Dung - Head of Education Quality Assessment Department, Center for Education Quality Accreditation, Delegation Secretary.

vlu kdcl aThe general view of the preliminary survey meeting serving the National Quality Accreditation 4 university training programs of Van Lang University (VLU), December 2021.

vlu kdcl bThe evaluation team conducts online connectivity for the preliminary survey of 04 training programs in Business Administration, Commercial Business, Architecture, Biotechnology of Van Lang University (VLU).

Four majors participated in the preliminary survey in December 2021 of Van Lang University (VLU): Biotechnology, Business Administration, Architecture and Commercial Business. These are all prestigious and branded training disciplines and have a long history of training at Van Lang University (VLU).

vlu kdcl c

Biotechnology major was born from first days. Van Lang University is also the first University of Vietnam to train Biotechnology Engineers in 3 main disciplines: Biotechnology applied in Food, High-Tech Agriculture and Biotechnology applied in Medicine and Pharmacy. Every year, Van Lang students have training courses in High-Tech Agriculture and Biotechnology in Israel under the cooperation agreement on agricultural training and practice between Van Lang University and Oleco Company (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) in Israel.

vlu kdcl d

The Business Administration training program in Van Lang University consists of 5 specialties: Corporate Governance; Human Resources Management; Retail Business Administration; Operations and Supply Chain Administration; Information System Management (ISM). The program of study in Business Administration allows students to have the opportunity to do potential start-up projects with the direct guidance of leading businesses and entrepreneurs in Vietnam, along with many international links, cooperation between Van Lang University and Victoria University (Australia), University of Nebraska Omaha, USA.

vlu kdcl e

Architecture is one of the first training disciplines of Van Lang University in the direction of "Learning associated with onions" and training according to the "traditional culture" between the previous generation for the next generations. Architecture students experience learning environments ranging from theory and practice to fixed projects. In addition to studying at the University, Van Lang University facilitates architecture students to participate in major festivals and design competitions at home and abroad. VLU Architecture students are famous for their high achievements at major competitions such as National Architecture Student Festival, Archicad-BIM, Loa Thanh, Archprix SEA, etc.

vlu titan f

According to the roadmap to improve the training programs of Commercial Business, Van Lang University (VLU) takes advantage of the summertime and adjusts the orders of training programs so that students have enough basic and specialized knowledge, thereby participating in a 3-month internship at the enterprise right during the summer of the second year. Students can reduce their training period to 3.5 years. Commercial Business has a training program designed to meet national educational standards, over 80% of students have jobs in the first month after graduation.

During the meeting with leaders of Van Lang University (VLU) and other faculties, the External Assessment Team examined the preparation of facilities and evidence records for each major, and listened to the training programs evaluated and reports of the self-assessment process of the 4 disciplines; exchange and agree on additional evidence; the number and composition and form of the subjects invited for interview; working principles,...

vlu kdcl g

The preliminary survey for external assessment ended with the signing ceremony of an online Memorandum of Understanding between representatives of the external assessment team and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu, Rector of Van Lang University in the presence of leaders and heads of the university's departments.

The official survey for national education accreditation for Business Administration, Commercial Business, Biotechnology and Architecture will continue in January 2022.

- In May 2018, Van Lang University was recognized by the Ministry of Education and Training as meeting the standards of accreditation of higher education institutions.
- In 2020, Van Lang University meets the national quality accreditation standards of 03 training programs in Accounting, English Linguistics and Hospitality Management.
- On June 15, 2021, Van Lang University continued to achieve national accreditation certificates for 3 branches of Tourism and Travel Services Administration, Construction Engineering and Finance - Banking.

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Reporter: My Tien
Translated by: Le Huynh Ha Van

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