Van Lang University co-organized the Webinar on “Tourism Workforce Training to cope with the Covid-19 and post-Covid-19 context”

(VLU12/11/2021) – On 11 November 2021, the Tourism Educators Club under the Association of Vietnamese University and College (AVUNC), in collaboration with Hanoi Open University, School of Tourism (Hue University), and Van Lang University had organized the Talk show on “Tourism Workforce Training to cope with the Covid-19 and post-Covid-19 context.”

The Covid-19 pandemic dealt significant impacts on the economy and social life while creating more challenges for the Tourism profession. The talk show on “Tourism Workforce Training to cope with the Covid-19 and post-Covid-19 context” connected the educators and businesses in the Tourism field to help propose the solutions for the current circumstances. In addition, the talk show offered the opportunities to discuss, exchange, and network to facilitate the training activities for high-quality tourism workforces to cope with the current situation.

vlu toa dam khoa du lich aAssoc.Prof.Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu – Van Lang University’s President gave the opening speech in the talk show.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu – Van Lang University’s President said in her opening speech: “The crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic dealt major consequences for both the supplying and demanding counterparts. It requires us to react differently and creatively compared to what has been done in the past. The pace and scale of the business recovering models do not depend on the pandemic control alone but also require feasible and timely policies. Among the policies, the ones for workforce need to be carefully considered, especially for the Tourism profession – one of the most vulnerable careers when the business activities in this field have been mostly halted for quite a considerable period.”

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Xuan Nhi – Standing Vice-Chairman of the AVNUC, MOET’s Former Deputy Director; said: “Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic situation, all aspects of life need to be digitalized. However, the training activities for the Tourism profession require both theoretical and practical training. Therefore, this talk show offered tourism educators opportunities to exchange experience and lessons to help untangle the difficulties and adapt to the new situation.”

vlu toa dam du lich bThe presenters discussed their studies related to Tourism training activities.

There were many studies, which proposed case-based solutions and choices to facilitate the training activities for the Tourism profession amidst the current situation:

  • Study on “Implementing the practical and internship sessions for students when the Tourism profession was halted due to objective reasons.” – Dr. Vu An Dan, Hanoi Open University.
  • Study on “The experience to execute field studies at the school of Tourism of Hue University amidst the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak.”- Assoc.Prof.Dr. Tran Huu Tuan, School of Tourism – Hue University.
  • Study on “Participating in distance operation to “overcome the Covid-19 disaster” by practicing Cesim Hospitality at the Faculty of Tourism – Van Lang University.” – Dr. Le Minh Thanh, Van Lang University.
  • Study on “The solutions for executing training activities for tourism profession at Ha Long University during the new normal after the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak.” – Dr. Vu Van Vien, Ha Long University.
  • Study on “The future and prospects of Tourism training activities in Vietnam” – Assoc.Prof.Dr. Pham Hong Long, School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Hanoi National University.

vlu toa dam du lich cAssoc.Prof.Dr. Tran Huu Tuan – the Tourism Educators Club’s Vice-President, Hue University’s President, gave the closing speech.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Huu Tuan – The Tourism Educators Club’s Vice-President, Hue University’s President said in his closing speech: “This talk show helps connect three regions of Vietnam to discuss the solutions to help the Tourism workforce cope with the pandemic outbreak context. In addition, the five studies also propose solutions for existing challenges for the Tourism workforce. Moreover, the enterprises’ feedbacks on the employment requirements also set out the goals for the students to prepare knowledge and train themselves to adapt to the new normal.”

The studies, reports, and solutions proposed by the Tourism lecturers and experts during the talk show contributed to the general countermeasure for the tourism training activities during the pandemic. Many universities, including Van Lang University, are currently trying to offer flexible curriculum and apply hi-tech applications to facilitate the learning activities and help the students refine themselves to cope with the current variable tourism market.

Reporter: Cao Thong
Translated by: An Pham

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