Accounting Master's Program Orientation Consultancy: "Post-Covid-19 Human Resource Trends"

(VLU16/11/2021) – On November 14, 2021, the master’s enrollment consultancy program in Accounting "Post-Covid-19 Human Resource Trends" was jointly organized by the Faculty of Accounting and Auditing and the Postgraduate Training & Management Department, Van Lang University (VLU). The program helps students have a clear picture of the trend of human resource transfer in Accounting and the orientation of future career development through accessing to postgraduate programs.

The international economic integration context and the shift in the labor market towards high-quality human resources after Covid-19 have posed major challenges in Accounting. Answering questions about the human resources trends after Covid-19 times, the Postgraduate Training & Management Department and the Faculty of Accounting and Auditing, Van Lang University (VLU) jointly organize a seminar program, with the participation of speaker Mr. Huynh Van Hoa - Head of Recruitment Department of Saigon Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Sacombank). He shares and answers questions around the topic of Accounting’s human resource transformation in post-Covid-19 as well as the selection of postgraduate programs of the new graduate Course 23 (K23) students and Course 24 (K24) final-year students.

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Lecturers from the Faculty of Accounting and Auditing, VLU in combination with the Postgraduate Training & Management Department share about the Accounting master program’s learning program

The Faculty of Accounting and Auditing, Van Lang University (VLU) aims at a practically applied training program, providing learners with the opportunity to study, scientific research and practical experience with high-quality training programs, creating conditions for students to connect with businesses and experts, improve competitiveness and adapt to the rapidly changing world economy.

From 2020, Van Lang University (VLU) enrolls students in Accounting master's degrees, opening up new directions after graduation for new bachelors and final-year students, thereby providing high-quality human resources to meet the needs of the domestic and international labor market. The master's program in Accounting at Van Lang University (VLU) is equipped with in-depth knowledge of financial accounting, public accounting, management accounting, auditing and assurance services, tax accounting, financial analysis, etc. help students gain organizational skills and hands-on experience in accounting, auditing, analyzing business activities at the unit and applying to professional practice.

The Postgraduate Training & Management Department, Van Lang University (VLU) is currently receiving applications for master's degree in Accounting, with many scholarships ranging from 10% to 100% of full-course tuition fees for alumni, staff, along with non-unit students.

For further information, contact The Postgraduate Training & Management Department, Van Lang University (VLU):

Reporter: Thanh Ngoc
Translated by: Le Huynh Ha Van

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