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At the end of October 2021, the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design Van Lang welcomed the good news at the 2021 Graphic Design World Championship (ACAWC) season with 3 prizes of First, Third and Consolation from student Phan Thuy Nhi (Course 24), Nguyen Kim Luan (Course 23) and Le Ngoc Hai (Course 25). This is the second year in a row that student Van Lang is the champion of a prestigious tournament, becoming the representative of young Vietnamese entering the playground to compete with others all over the world. Success followed with medals, awards, recognition of talents of students and alumni of the Faculty in the fields of graphic design, interior design, fashion, animation production, etc. has gradually formed the prestigious Van Lang brand in the art design community.

Technology Is the Designer's weapon

One of the factors that helps Van Lang Fine Arts & Design students stand out in specialized competitions is their ability to master technology software in the process of studying and working.

Dr. Nguyen Dac Thai - Vice Dean of Faculty of Fine Arts & Design commented: “Software technology is like a gun. If not fully equipped and most advanced, it will become a great loss for the soldier when going to battle. That is why, right from the first days of the Faculty's establishment, the Board of Directors has devoted a lot of enthusiasm and orientation to invest in technology in design in the best way for students." In general, training programs in the field of design in Vietnam often ignore the need for on-the-job technical training. To update new knowledge and modern applications, students often have to equip themselves or attend external training courses.

In the early years of establishment, with the starting point being that most of the provincial students did not have many opportunities to access or master information technology, Van Lang's teachers and students had to make great efforts in the process of training and updating the information technology. Advanced graphics software to keep up with the trends of the times. It has been a long journey with many well-deserved rewards: professional awards, increasing positions in competitions and recognition of businesses for their creativity, better application of software engineering compared to the average level of students in the country.

Culture “pass the profession on”

vlu phan thuy nhi

Sharing the secret of becoming the Champion of the World Graphic Design Championship, student Phan Thuy Nhi (Course 24) said: “I think that the biggest advantage of Van Lang's students is the specialized knowledge Built from practical subjects combined with many useful sharing from teachers and seniors. Before entering the National Final round, my friends and I were organized to meet the 2020 Champion - Mr. Nguyen Duc Hoang to fuel the fire and impart a lot of experience to support the preparation for the upcoming important competition.”

Students take the exam, but the teacher also goes to school! Before starting her journey at ACAWC, Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Nhi (lecturer of Faculty of Fine Arts & Design, alumnus of Course 21) and other mentors attended a 2-day training course to grasp general information about the contest, classifying the group stages, categories and basic knowledge about software, and how to take the online exam. To give students the most streamlined knowledge, teachers themselves must experience, update and refine information. “I also feel pressured because I don't have as much professional experience as the teachers. However, me and the other mentors all told themselves that they would do their best to support and encourage students.”

In addition to the teaching force of many Van Lang alumni, every year, the Faculty of Fine Arts & Design actively connects talented alumni through workshops, talk shows, and inspirational exchanges during the Admission Ceremony or cross-generational projects.

As an alumnus of class 22 who has repeatedly supported juniors in TVC production projects for many brands such as Nestle, Antibo Pro and popular stop motion MVs throughout social networks, Nguyen Le Hai Yen always wants to share her passion and "pass the profession" to the new generation: “I try to let you guys understand and have the best insight before deciding to pursue the stop motion genre because I see myself in you guys - struggling, spend a lot of effort and money on passion. Perhaps, it is the empathy between the predecessors and the next generation that motivates me to stick with the faculty and always look forward to sharing and helping you."

vlu nguyen hai yen

In addition to the teaching force of many Van Lang alumni, every year, the Faculty of Fine Arts & Design actively connects talented alumni through workshops, talkshows, and inspirational exchanges during the Admission Ceremony,...

In the near future, the international journey of the Hoa Sac family will be written by many generations of students. Dr. Nguyen Dac Thai said: “The story of the award is not the problem, but more importantly, Van Lang is on the right track. Beyond the award, what I and the students look forward to the most is the opportunity to interact with international talents. I believe that the journey to the big sea will bring many valuable lessons about experience, knowledge, will to strive and inspiration for the university students in general.”

Impressions of Van Lang Fine Arts & Design in the international arena:

  • Vo Thi Phuong Thao (Course 19): Bronze prize of International Design Award 2015 (IDA).
  • Tran Vu Nhan Thai (Course 19): Consolation prize of the International Design Award 2015 (IDA).
  • Nguyen Le Hai Yen (Course 22) and her graduation project stop motion NUMBERS participated in the final of the Taiwan International Student Design Competition 2020 (TISDC)
  • Nguyen Duc Hoang (Course 22): First prize in Group A (University, Academy) of the World Graphic Design Championship 2020 (ACAWC), will represent Vietnam, set to compete with other countries in November 2021 (the previous ACAWC 2020 international round has been rescheduled due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic)
  • Lai Le Kieu Duyen and Nguyen Tran Nhu Ha (Course 23) won 2 ASPaC Outstanding Work awards at the Asian Student Packaging Design Competition (ASPaC) in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Phan Thuy Nhi (Course 24): First prize of Group A (University and Academy) of the World Graphic Design Championship 2021 (ACAWC), representing Vietnam to compete with other countries in November 2021 .

In addition, fine arts student Van Lang also participated in many international projects, paintings and animation exhibitions such as project exhibition in Korea (September 2017), and ICAD 2002 international exhibition, IADW 2021, etc.

vlu my thuat van langLai Le Kieu Duyen and Nguyen Tran Nhu Ha (Course 23) at the ASPaC Awards, Tokyo, Japan.

vlu my thuat van lang cThe exhibition of graduation projects of Graphic Design students Van Lang and students of Handong University at Gallery IANG, Seoul, Korea (September 2017)

Reporter: Hoai Anh & Nguyen Vu Tuan Kiet
Translated by: Oanh Doan

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