Webinar on “Megatrends Shaping Changes – the influencing trends to the post-COVID-19 employment demands

(VLU, 10/11/2021) – On the morning of 06 November 2021, the Faculty of Commerce at Van Lang University organized a Webinar on “Megatrends Shaping Changes – the influencing trends to the post-COVID-19 employment demands.” The event was live-streamed on Van Lang University’s fanpage and attracted enormous attention from the lecturers, guests, and nearly 500 students.

When society is entering a “new normal” full of challenges, there will also be many modifications to enterprises’ application and employment process. Consequently, the Webinar aimed to provide and enrich practical insights into the employment amidst the pandemic outbreak, which drew out the multi-aspect perspectives of the future labor market.

The event was administered by Ms. Thi Anh Dao – Isobar Vietnam’s CEO (a member of Dentsu Aegis Network) and welcomed notable guests, including:

  • Ms. Van Thuy Tuyen An – Manulife’s Talent Acquisition and Regional Manager (Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia)
  • Ms. Le Thi Doan Trinh – Giao Hang Nhanh’s HR Director
  • Dr. Vo Hong Hanh – Marketing Lecturer at Van Lang University
  • Mr. Huynh Cong Thang – Lead the Change’s Founder

vlu megatrends shaping changes hFive guest speakers attended the “Megatrends Shaping Changes – the influencing trends to the post-COVID-19 employment demands” Webinar at VLU

According to the speakers, the COVID-19 pandemic on a global scale had influenced the employment demands resulting in the enterprises’ shortage of workforce and adaptation to the changes. The employment process was renewed to cope with the needs and the pandemic situation. Ms. Doan Trinh – Giao Hang Nhanh’s HR Director, said that the COVID-19 pandemic put the companies at stake, so it was necessary to look at the employees’ actual situation and offer them adequate supports. In addition, the “Work from home” model must commit to the “High with working” quality, and the companies must consider issuing suitable policies to achieve the “Work-Life balance.” Moreover, it was critical to develop the 4.0 technology and digitalize to survive, judging on the current circumstances. Therefore, the employers would demand a higher technical foundation from the employees.

Apart from the setbacks affecting the employment process, the employees’ attitude and behavior were also a focus in the speeches. As the situation demanded digitalization, the requirements for new skill sets and plan adjustments had accidentally confused the students in defining their future careers. According to Ms. Thi Anh Dao, “You must be able to manage yourself to be capable of managing others.” – she said. Understanding yourself and knowing what you want to do and what you need to do should help you shape your future career even in unexpected situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, you would be able to handle the challenges.

In the post-COVID-19 context, communication through hi-end technologies prevents humans from direct contact; therefore, business etiquette, attitudes, and other communication channels are becoming more prominent. Receiving daily scoops could easily brighten one’s day, so the students must remember that there is a person full of emotions behind every technical device. Therefore, they must know that “Courtesy costs nothing.”

In terms of the employers’ demanding knowledge and skills, each enterprise should have particular criteria for their employees. According to Ms. Doan Trinh, she highly evaluated three things: ProMindset, Learning Abilities, Data-driven mindset, and Skillset. They were the employing criteria and also the goals for the students to thrive for.

Agreeing with Ms. Trinh’s ideas, Ms. Tuyen An – Manulife’s Talent Acquisition and Regional Manager and VLU’s alumnus of course 6, added additional criteria: Story-telling and Communication. The storytelling and Communication skills should help you win your partner and promote your business, granting the young generation confidence and courage in their career.

Dr. Vo Hong Hanh – Marketing Lecturer at Van Lang University, provided additional information based on her teaching experience. For her, learning abilities were the critical foundation for the student’s future career. Studying helped us develop our critical and logical thinking; thus, she preferred the students to utilize their time to create more value.

In terms of enriching the CV, Mr. Huynh Cong Thang – Lead the Change’s founder, said that he had met many enthusiastic and dynamic students slacking creativity. Most students usually make a mistake by putting themselves in others’ shoes. It could be a good thing to do if you know how to modify and make it your own. CV reviewing round is also an interview; thus, you must demonstrate your strengths to impress the employers. Let’s become more creative, avoid limiting yourselves, and develop your personal styles.

The Webinar provided the students with helpful information and significant inspiration to study themselves and seek their passions.

Reporter: Kim Thu
Translated by: An Pham

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