Faculty of Fine Arts & Design accompanies Toon Boom in the Workshop "Scripting techniques and storyboard"

(VLU18/10/2021) - On October 15, 2021, the Faculty of Fine Arts & Design of Van Lang University accompanies Toon Boom Animation Company to organize a workshop on the topic "Scripting techniques and storyboard" on the MS Teams application platform, attracted the attention of students as well as attendees inside and outside the industry.

As one of the best storyboard software companies in the world today with more than 25 years of establishment and development, Toon Boom has an easy-to-use interface and diverse tools, making it the first choice of major 2D and 3D animation production studios around the world. The application of multi-functional support software is a method to help students of Digital Art Design in particular and those pursuing this profession in general, save time on projects, speeding up the production progress. The workshop is led by teachers of the Faculty of Fine Arts & Design, Van Lang University, and with the participation of two guest speakers: Mr. Sylvian Grisollet and Mr. Harry Ravelomanantsoa (Toon Boom Animation Company).

vlu workshop toon boom bThe guests introduced students to two useful software for illustration, Storyboard Pro and Harmony Premium.

As a Production Manager working for many media companies in the fields of screenwriting, offline editing, online and directing, Harry Ravelomanantsoa shared with attendees his journey of pursuit and development his passion. In 1995, Harry went to South Africa, studying Communication at Bosto Media House, majoring in 3D animation and television broadcasting. With solid knowledge and extensive experience, Harry introduced to VLU Fine Arts students the applicability of Storyboard Pro and Harmony Premium software, how to exploit and use them effectively. According to him, the Storyboard Pro application is a useful solution that combines drawing, scripting techniques, camera control, and the ability to create animations and sounds. He also details commands that aid in a visually seamless transition from script to scenario. Storyboard Pro also integrates bitmap and vector drawing tools with access to a wide range of brushes and textures, allowing students to unleash their creativity with any drawing style and idea.

vlu workshop toon boom aToon Boom Company representative, Harry Ravelomanantsoa shared with attendees the benefits of Harmony Premium 21 and Storyboard Pro applications.

Within the framework of the workshop, Harry introduced to attendees the process of creating motion with a 3D camera with integrated lens view, how to import 3D models from FBX, Alembic, Collada, OBJ, 3DS; Import scripts from Final Draft and standard image, vector and audio formats, etc. It can be said that the utilities from the software not only help users solve large workloads more quickly but also unleash creative freedom, providing a lot of material to develop unique script ideas.

For the Harmony Premium 21 app, Harry shared many of the functions and usefulnesses, especially the enhanced color palette, which provides effective texture and color control over each frame. Along with the development of today's technology, the animator's work is not only with traditional paper but also developed in a fast and diverse way with vivid 2D/3D integrated toolkits. An interesting point of Harmony Premium 21 is the camera angle, seamless scene synthesis, and outstanding sound and light effects.

vlu workshop toon boom eSpeaker Sylvain Grisollet analyzes the development opportunities of the Animation field in Vietnam.

Besides, the workshop was attended by Mr. Sylvain Grisollet, an expert of Toon Boom Animation in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Cambodia. With the sharing around 3 main contents: Full Digital Pipeline for Storytelling (Script, Storyboard, Animatic); Benefits of Digital Visual Storytelling and Opportunities in Animation for Vietnam, Sulvain Grisollet showed an overview of storyboarding and scripting skills, helping students grasp the process and potential of the industry. According to Mr. Sulvain Grisollet, the application of scripting and storyboarding techniques with the above software has brought many benefits such as improving storytelling, making storytelling more attractive and easy to change according to the production situation; the ability to work remotely in accordance with the current epidemic context; increasing production quality and efficiency bringing many opportunities in the field of Animation for Vietnam.

Besides useful and interesting sharing, the speakers answered many questions from students. Wish the relationship between Toon Boom and the Faculty of Fine Arts & Design - Van Lang University will always be stable and good. Wish the new generation of Digital Art Design majors at Van Lang University will bloom with many new talents in the future.

Reporter: Cao Thong
Translated by: Oanh Doan

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