Faculty of Dentistry co-organized webinar "Facing the clinical reality"

(VLU26/9/2021)- On September 25, 2021, the Faculty of Dentistry in collaboration with Mani Company (Mani Dental) organized a Webinar titled "Facing the clinical reality" on the Zoom platform, attracting more than 300 experts in the field.

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The webinar "Facing the clinical reality" focused on the three factors that greatly affect the treatment results: timing, skills, and materials, thereby improving the knowledge and practice skills of dentists in the quality of treatment. Through the coordination of Dr. Tran Hung Lam - Vice Dean of Faculty of Dentistry, Van Lang University, the lecturers presented three topics in turn, attracting the attention of the attendees.

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Dr. Ta To Tran, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry - Van Lang University presented the topic "Sutures - stitches: factors controlling wound healing". In the presentation, Dr. To Tran stated: sutures - stitches are a small technical detail but very common in minor surgeries as well as surgery, playing an important role in controlling the healing and the successful outcome. Through the analysis of time, condition, and healing rate of gingival-mucosal tissue based on sutures, Dr. Ta To Tran has compiled a number of common stitches, classification and meaning of each type of thread to achieve the characteristics of the ideal suture, helping doctors choose the right suture for the desired healing time.

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Dr. Tran Thi Nguyen Ny, Faculty of Dentistry - Van Lang University presented the topic " Occlusal aadjustment in fixed prosthesis". This lecture mentions the importance of occlusion in dental rehabilitation. This is the last step but has an important influence on chewing function. The occlusal contact adjustment of the final prosthesis helps the patient to adapt more quickly and restore occlusal function. This is the result of a series of combined clinical and laboratory steps from the treatment planning.

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The topic of the final presentation of Dr. Do Quynh Nhu (Elite Dental): “Interceptive orthodontics: when is the right time?” Early orthodontic treatment in children has always been a controversial issue. From practical examples due to bad habits affecting the jawbone and teeth, furthermore, facial aesthetics, Dr. Do Quynh Nhu concluded: diagnostic examination and screening for malocclusion from the age of 6 is necessary because functional problems caused by bad habits can progress to complex malocclusions when growing up.

The Webinar session lasted for 4 hours longer than expected with lively professional exchanges with presenters, adding a lot of useful experiences for attendees with passion and desire to develop in the field of dentistry. In recent times, the Faculty of Dentistry - Van Lang University has paid great attention to organizing webinars, seminars in the field, supporting knowledge for dentists and  dental students.

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