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Pokémon is probably no stranger to Generation Z those who spent a part of their childhood associated with the adventures of the boy Satoshi and Pikachu. Not only is the "wall" in the field of animation or comic entertainment, but thanks to its "huge" fan base and popularity, Pokémon has gradually become an icon that influences culture and many other fields in life.

Every year, there are many Pokémon tournaments taking place on a variety of platforms around the world. However, these are mostly spontaneous, small or medium-sized tournaments. 2021 is the first year that the global Pokémon tournament named Victory Road World Cup of Pokémon VGC is officially held. The world's largest tournament of this brand immediately attracted a lot of attention from Pokémon teams all over the world, including Vietnam.

Starting from April 2021, Vietnam's VRWCoPV team has excellently participated in the 1/32 round of the tournament. Most especially, the leader of the Vietnamese team, the first trainer of the team is MSc. Syed Tam Husain - Lecturer in Logistics and Supply Chain Management - Faculty of Commerce, Van Lang University.

Teacher Tam said that besides teaching, he also works as a Streamer, Producer and Caster for Pokémon tournaments. To serve his work and hobbies, he set up his own Facebook and Youtube channel called Arcodio Gaming, which is both a place to share his knowledge and experiences about Pokémon, and a playground to connect young people those who have the same passion.

Talking about the chance that the Vietnamese Pokémon team participated in the Victory Road World Cup of Pokémon VGC, Tam said: “Before the tournament, I acted as a contact person for Pokémon in Vietnam. So when Victory Road held the tournament, they contacted me directly to ask if Vietnam could send a representative team to attend. The size of a team can be up to 12 people and the manager can also participate in the competition if desired. So I actively searched, combined with referrals from the community to select 12 prestigious teammates to attend.”

After gathering a full squad, the group immediately began to practice. Due to the Covid-19 situation, the group can only practice online. “My team and I often spend hours every night on Discord to discuss the lineup, popular characters in the current meta, find out the strengths and weaknesses of each member to build an effective strategy. Passing the group stage and doing our best in the top 32 is a fun and meaningful experience for each member” – Teacher Tam shared.

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In  the long six months, the Vietnamese team won the South African team, drew with Switzerland and Ireland, and lost to the Netherlands and New Zealand. They went through many thrilling matches with wins, losses, and draws. Being stopped in round 1/32, but the team in general and Mr. Tam in particular have had memorable moment at the international tournament. Even when facing a big opponent like the Dutch team, the whole Vietnamese team remained calm and enjoyed every moment of interaction and learning. Mr.Tam told: “Thanks to this tournament, the team has a chance to meet and bond more. I think creating values ​​together is the biggest and most important reward.”

Besides Pokémon, Teacher Tam is also passionate about Japanese Manga Anime. His favorite genres are romance, life, school and adventure manga. His passion originated in 2007 and continues to the present. Like many other cultural products, the quality of Anime and Manga series has its own human values ​​and meanings. Many people think that comics or animations are only for children, but in fact, the outstanding development of content and the ability to have a strong impact on people of Manga and Anime today has made it a spirit delicacy in young people's lives.

Sharing with VLU Student Magazine, Tam believes that work, study and passion all play an important and complementary role. In order to be able to pursue your passion and still be effective in life, the most important factor is the time balance. He said: “Continuously watching dozens of anime manga and successfully completing a master's thesis is not two opposite things. As long as we keep a reasonable time division method and focus when working, we can completely satisfy our passion and fulfill our work responsibilities.”

Regarding the balance method, he added: “First you need to determine the nature of the problem. Manga/Anime are all one episode, one chapter per week. But a season has many series. It is necessary to consider the amount of time devoted to your passion, thereby determining titles of this season should pursue that fit into the general schedule.”

In the future, Mr. Tam will continue to attend projects, teaching activities and scientific research at Van Lang University. Besides, he continues to develop his stream channels on both Youtube and Facebook flatform. Mr. Tam said that he is very willing to share with young people useful information about Anime, Manga and especially Pokémon. Hopefully, the first steps taken by the Vietnamese team in the international contest can partly become an inspiration to help the young generation who have the same passion with Pokémon and develop this community in Vietnam.

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