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Nguyen Ly Tuong was a familiar name to students of the Faculty of Engineering at Van Lang University. As the first generation of the Faculty of Engineering, he was not only an example of outstanding success but also the senior who always accompanies VLU students through the defense of the graduation thesis, academic activities. and the vibrant campaigns of the Faculty.



Missing on the opportunity with the HCM University of Technology, the freshman Nguyen Ly Tuong decided to choose a completely new school then, Van Lang University. At that time, schools labeled "private" were still an unfamiliar term to everyone. Many students chose the "private school" just as a rest station to prepare for their second try for the college admission exam. Tuong recalled: “When I entered the school, I was surprised by the teacher in the class! They were good teachers with reputation, dedication, and quality. There were many teachers from HCM University of Technology (HCMUT) at that time who were invited by the school to give lectures. A good environment, dedicated teachers, and sociable friends, I think that's no different from studying HCMUT! So I decided to stick with the school all the way through college.”

At the time when "private schools" was still a questionable concept, and as Tuong’s generation was the first one to graduate, there were many times that he and his friends told themselves that they had to make many times more efforts to win the opportunity to prove their abilities to their friends, to the employers, and the society. “The more people don't understand, the more I have to try harder, the more I have to prove my ability and also the school I attended.” When good seeds are planted and carefully cultivated over time, fruits and flowers will blossom. The efforts of the first generations like Tuong have gradually helped to close the gap between Van Lang the "private school" and other schools.


The journey from a VLU student to a Senior Vice President of the Southern Region of Panasonic Vietnam today was not a silky road. After graduation, Nguyen Ly Tuong started as a site engineer of REE - the largest Refrigeration Electrical Engineering Company in the city at that time. Tuong and his peers started from the days of struggling on the construction site. He shared that initially, everything was difficult, but in return, he learned a lot from practical work, from the workers who lived and worked together every day.

A year of working at REE has trained his will so that he would be ready to go back conquering his dream since college days – Carrier Company. He said: “When we were in college, Carrier was the dream of Engineering students when choosing an internship. They only gave only 5 slots to more than 300 students of the Faculty. And I wasn't chosen." On that comeback, he succeeded. In the context that most large companies chose students from prestigious schools, Tuong was a variable when he overcame challenges thanks to his solid English terminology background that he trained in college. The skills and knowledge taught by the teachers and the determination to gradually came in handy. After only 1 year of working, he became one of the talents sent by the company to study in Malaysia, Singapore, and the US.

Steadfast in the field of Mechanical Electrical Refrigeration, success after success did not make him forget the spirit of always "trying your best" of a VLU student. Tuong constantly looked for opportunities to develop himself through short-term courses, in-depth study of economics.“The time that I studied for an MBA under the CFVG program of the French Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the University of Economics, while having to ensure the workload at the company was very stressful and tiring. Especially on the days when I went to work in the morning, then I had to hurry to study until late at night.” But perhaps, the "stubborn" of a technical specialist and the perseverance of a person with long-term training has helped him complete the course after 2 and a half years, and start to take on and develop in a new field: Business.

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20 years with Carrier has brought Tuong many great opportunities, skills, and memories. However, choosing to step out of his "comfort zone", he bid goodbye to his college days’ dream, accepting an invitation to a new environment, taking on a new challenge at Panasonic Corporation Vietnam. Here, he continued to develop his skills, devote himself, and became one of the leaders in the business section for the large Japanese corporation.

As a familiar name with the thesis defense sessions, the annual meeting activity at the beginning of the school year, and many campaigns, and activities of the Faculty of Engineering during the past time, Nguyen Ly Tuong is always ready to return to meet and help his juniors, especially in career orientation.

According to him, students today have a good learning environment, financial investment, and equipment ready to serve their learning and personal development needs. However, what they lack is consistency to the end in work as well as in life. A stone that causes us to stumble is not a reason for us to turn around, but to train our eyes to be better, our limbs to be more agile and our will to be more enduring. In meetings and exchanges with students, Tuong always reminds students: “Once you have determined a goal, pay your maximum attention and give your best to it. Working in a small or large company doesn't matter. The most important thing is that you have a clear path drawn out for yourself, you know what you can do, and what you are willing to learn from each of those environments.”

Last August, surpassing hundreds of applications across the country, Huynh Ngoc Ngan and Nguyen Minh Thong (Course 24 of the Faculty of Engineering of Van Lang University) excellently received 2 Panasonic Aircon 20 million VND scholarships along with the internship opportunities at Panasonic Corporation. According to Nguyen Ly Tuong, this was a good sign for Van Lang University, proving the quality and competitiveness of the major in the field of Thermal Engineering training.

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