Course 27’s students experience online admission for the first time

(VLU07/9/2021) From August 2, 2021, Van Lang University has organized to conduct the 1st batch of online enrollment procedures for students of Course 27, who were admitted through the high school academic reports admission. Each young person came to Van Lang with different ambitions. We invite you to listen to some stories surrounding the special admission season of VLU’s freshmen.

New majors, new programs, and new… admission method

Different from the bustling atmosphere of the admission season of the previous years, in 2021, new students will enroll online to ensure safety from the re-emergence of the Covid-19 epidemic in Ho Chi Minh City. The admission procedures of Course 27 were implemented 100% online, including steps like receiving admission notice, paying tuition fees, declaring student profile, receiving student code and email account. Overcoming the nervousness and anxiety because of the changes in admission method, many new students were eager and excited to enroll in new majors/programs at Van Lang University.

vlu nhap hoc online b

Ngo Quoc Khang, a former student of Nguyen Du High School - Ho Chi Minh City, said: “My family works in the fields of art and design. So since my childhood days, I have been exposed to drawing and loved design activities. Initially, I applied for Graphic Design, but then I found that the school has a new major Digital Art Design, which was very suitable for my interests. Therefore, I decided to change my earlier choice. It’s my first time doing online enrollment so I’m very much confused. But, thanks to the help of my friends, everything was okay finally. Now, I hope that everything will return to its normal state so that we the freshmen can have a new school year opening ceremony like our seniors of Course 26."

vlu nhap hoc online c

Also choosing a new major for admission in 2021 of Van Lang University, Nguyen Phuong Ngan, a former student of Amsterdam High School for the Gifted in Hanoi, shared: “I have researched about Public Relations before I moved up to grade 12. PR is a major that is close to a favorite field of mine, Multimedia Communications. Luckily, when I applied, the school opened the Multimedia Communications major, so I applied right away. My parents are also very supportive of this decision. Because I live in Hanoi, all information can only be found on the internet, including online admission.”

vlu nhap hoc online d

In 2021, the international training program is a new option for students at VLU. Le Uyen Phuong - a former student of Hoang Hoa Tham High School - Ho Chi Minh City, after doing researches with her parents, decided to choose to apply for the international affiliate program with Newcastle University (Australia). She was also one of the first students to complete the admission application. Uyen Phuong said, “I saw a post on the school's fan page about the international affiliate program. After researching and consulting with my parents, I decided to apply for International Business. I also want to improve my foreign language skills and experience studying abroad. I am ready for the new school year and hope to learn a lot of new knowledge, participate in interesting subject projects, and experience different activities for students.”

The younger in the family following their siblings’ footsteps

Young people learn about Van Lang University not only through self-research information but also from the "introduction" of their brothers and sisters who have studied at the school. The generation of brothers and sisters that joined VLU and were followed by their younger siblings have become familiar stories in Van Lang University. And in which, the story of Truong Quoc Danh, a former student of Le Hong Phong High School - Khanh Hoa is a typical example of this year's admission season.

“My sister is Truong Phuong Trinh, a graduate student of Course 21 of the Business Administration major. I was impressed with the school when I attended her graduation ceremony in 2019. After finding out the future orientation and asking for her advice, I enrolled in the Special Program in Information Technology. This year, even though I have to go through the online admission procedure, I don't find it difficult and I also regularly update the school email to keep up with new announcements. With my efforts during this difficult period, I hope to have 4 meaningful years at Van Lang University.”

vlu nhap hoc online aQuoc Danh (in the far left) with his homeroom teacher and former students of grade 12C

Many lovely stories of support among different generations of VLU students were seen in this year's admission season. These days, the VLU Student Community (Cong Dong Sinh Vien Van Lang) Group with more than 55,000 members is always active day and night with articles, comments, and answers to questions to relieve the anxiety for the "youngest child" of Van Lang family. The seniors and alumni enthusiastically shared their experiences and guided their juniors to overcome the initial confusion to quickly adapt to the new environment. The Covid epidemic broke out causing people to be separated geographically, but it seemed to connect the care and support each other of many generations of VLU students in a different way.

Besides the admission procedures, Van Lang University's annual activities at the beginning of the year have also changed to the online form, such as the English proficiency test at the beginning of the course, the annual political education activity, the meetings of new students at the beginning of the course of each faculty/major, etc. We hope that the flexible plans with the actual situation of the University will help parents and new students feel more secure, ensuring their learning path.

The 1st batch enrollment activities for Course 27 are still ongoing until September 15, 2021.  The 57 full-time standard majors of Van Lang University are currently all enrolled with new students. The new journey will certainly be filled with many surprises, especially when all social activities are disturbed because of the Covid-19 epidemic situation. But hopefully, Course 27 will always be confident, resilient to go to the end of the path they selected. See you "precious youngest baby" when the pandemic is over.

Reporter: Gia Han

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