Student meeting at the beginning of AY 2021 – 2022: exciting and helpful topics

(VLU06/9/2021) – From 23 August 2021, Van Lang University students started their new academic year with the Student Meeting Week consisting of various exciting and trendy content. This year’s activity was unique as all the sessions were available entirely online due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Student’s meeting is an annual activity occurring at every beginning of an AY for VLU students. In this event, the University included many new activities related to the urge for improvement and the social demands such as soft skills, start-up mindset, or necessary capabilities for the digital era.

Although this year’s student meeting was only available online, it was not unfamiliar to the students. Previously in the AY 2020 – 2021, the University had physically and virtually organized the activity in the form of themed live streaming or self-studying sessions on the E-learning platform.

From 23 to 29 August 2021, students of every course had to attend the online workshop on “Inspirations and Motivation for studying” and a plenary workshop. Moreover, the students also participated in self-studying sessions on the E-learning platform, covering various topics and lessons.

The workshop on “Inspirations and Motivations for studying”: A lesson of initiation – confidence – hard-working

vlu sinh hoat cong dan dMC Lieu Ha Trinh discussed the topic of “How to make your college life beautiful and meaningful.”

Lieu Ha Trinh – Linguistics alumni, was unsure about her capability and did not find her college courses helpful; thus, she did not put her best effort into her studies. Later, she regretted her decision because many courses were surprisingly practical for her current MC and screenwriter jobs. They could provide her with precious knowledge and diversified sources of reference.

Based on her own experience, MC Lieu Ha Trinh suggested to the students: “It is now the era of machines, so we have to remain our very humanity.” The machines are indeed aiding humans in various tasks, but we humans have our duties in the cause of developing our society. Moreover, our high and mighty responsibility is to spread love, courtesy, and bonding among humans. No one could do it sincerer and warmer than ourselves.

vlu sinh hoat cong dan bBeauty contest runner-up Kieu Loan commenced the workshop for students of course 25 with the topic of “Positive thinking – effective study.”

Beauty contest runner-up Kieu Loan shared her helpful tips on studying English, building social networks, and balancing career, studying, and life. Whether what the task was, Kieu Loan suggested the students not to hesitate but try their best to work on it.

vlu sinh hoat cong dan cBeauty Blogger Chloe Nguyen advised the students of course 26 to “Just do it” during the workshop on “Confident and Positive – Breakthrough with your passion.”

Chloe Nguyen’s positive energy and story on building the personal brand inspired and encouraged the students to thrive for their passion. Working on the plan, keeping a positive mind, and overcoming the initial challenges were the keys to start the promising journey.

Plenary workshop for all the faculties: Helpful advice from the guest speakers

The Doctor of Psychology To Nhi A – workshop’s guest speaker discussed how to acquire a stable state of mind and overcome the Covid-19 pandemic by adapting a particular process. Those steps included appropriate knowledge of the Covid-19 pandemic, realizations of one’s limit to acquire the best performance possible, self-evaluation, and detailed plan making

vlu sinh hoat cong dan aDoctor of Psychology To Nhi A virtually discussed with the students.

The guest speaker also explained VLU students’ questions about changes in daily habits, financial difficulties, and the worry of being behind the same generation under the influence of the pandemic. She provided the students with advice to help them acquire better daily habits and studying performance.

vlu sinh hoat cong dan eActress Ngoc Thanh Tram shared her favorite quote: “Work smart, don’t work hard.”

Actress Ngoc Thanh Tam also provided exciting information on how to build and define your personal brand. According to the actress, she preferred to work smart than to work hard. Only when she worked smart could she prioritize her tasks to achieve the best outcome instead of doing everything simultaneously.

In addition, she advised VLU students: “Do not try to fit yourselves into others’ shoes but creating your unique style, develop a suitable image for your personality and hobbies to become just yourselves.

vlu sinh hoat cong dan fMC Nguyen Khang discussed with VLU students at the workshop on “Awakening your dream.”

MC Nguyen Khang recommended VLU students awaken their dream at once and redefine it every five years to eliminate the uncertainty in their future career plans. Besides, it was essential to identify their strengthens and weaknesses to pursue a suitable career to their skills and knowledge.

Significantly, he emphasized five principles to identify and pursue one’s dream. Those principles included keeping a good attitude, making friends with positive individuals, stepping out of the comfort zone, staying straightforward, and relieving the pressure from other people’s achievements.

vlu sinh hoat cong dan g

At the end of the plenary workshop, Businesswomen Do Kim Lien (Shark Do Lien) shared to VLU students the story about her “Passionate fire” on the way to success.

According to Shark Do Lien, one must develop and define their success goals, yet they must be fitting with their knowledge and capabilities. She suggested that the students never hesitate to do a hard job because they would perceive the failure rate as 50% once they thought it was hard. Therefore, the students must put their all and overcome their career challenges at all costs to help themselves achieve their expectations.

Due to the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, the student meeting at the beginning of the AY was available online. However, what the students acquired from the two workshops should provide them with helpful knowledge. We hope that VLU students could learn more practical knowledge for their study and life from this activity.

Reporter: Minh Phuong – Nam Vuong

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