Online Talkshow on “Latest standards for Creativity"

(VLU22/9/2021– On the afternoon of 19 September 2021, the Fashion Design Division at Van Lang University organized a talkshow on” Latest standards for Creativity” on the Zoom platform. The event attracted more than 400 students from the organizing faculty and other faculties.

The standing pandemic is influencing society’s health and morale and dealing impacts on the artists’ creativity. As a periodical part of the “8:30 AM Talkshow” series of the Fashion Design Division, the event was under the direction of Arc. Vo Nguyen Hoang Lam – Lecturer of Fashion Design’s Creative Method course, and the speaker Dzung Yoko – Visual Artist, Elle Vietnam’s Creative Director. Their speeches provided the audience an approach to the latest creative comprehensions and perspectives amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

vlu talkshow chuan muc sang tao aThe Talkshow was under the direction of Arc. Vo Nguyen Hoang lam and Speaker Dzung Yoko, who were familiar faces to the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design at Van Lang University.

With the topic of “the points of view for the impacts of creative activities for the community and artists,” speaker Dzung Yoko had introduced a friendly and informative discussion. As a successful and renowned artist in various creative art forms, Dzung Yoko reaffirmed that “keeping the fire of creativity burning” was essential for artists. Possessing such sensitivity for arts, he admitted feeling confused as the city was locked down. However, thanks to his faith and the fire of creativity, he had overcome the anxiety and discovered new ideas and inspirations for his works amidst the social distancing. On account of his feeling and reading “skills” for the life changes, every collection of his team was in fashion and left unique impressions for the audience’s imagination.

The topic of “Unique stories of the adaptation to the pandemic of the artists worldwide” helped the audience engage and acquire more experience. Dzung Yoko said: Previously, every photo collection costed a fortune of preparation, time, and human resources. Such tasks like setting up the lighting systems, correcting the light tone, making up for celebrities or models, and preparing the attires usually required a team of ten staff. In the current circumstance, he and every other artist worldwide had to work independently or in a most minor team possible according to the local regulations. Nevertheless, genuinely passionate artists miraculously found out a solution. For example, many magazines’ cover pages were the works of inspired and experienced celebrities or models. Some were the image of a wife’s daily life during the social distancing taken by her photographer husband.

vlu talkshow chuan muc sang tao bSpeaker Dzung Yoko – Visual Artist, Elle Vietnam’s Creative Director, introduced many inspirational stories of creativity to the audiences.

The pandemic took away many things yet also provided clever artists with incredible opportunities. It helped them recall the simple ideas related to daily life to express their inner self’s stories and generate positive energy and living motivation for the audiences during the social distancing. Speaker Dzung Yoko joyfully talked about his new lessons of combining different available tools during the locked-down period. He also shared his plan to learn to photograph and draw 3D models and broaden his space for creativity in his following works.

The talkshow concluded with the topic of “The journey of creativity to the undefined future, what should the designers prepare?” The theme attracted significant attention from VLU students since nowadays fashion is not simply about art but also about the community and the environment. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare a solid multidisciplinary knowledge and skills. Favorably, the digital age also enabled artists to approach state-of-the-art artistic tools and applications. In contrast, the speaker suggested that artists should not depend on gadgets because it is best to create something out of one’s ideas to create a unique style.

The human brain is limitless, and creativity is a person’s essence and power. Be creative anywhere and anytime because arts are not limited to anybody, anything and anyplace. The agitation in the witness of true beauty made by brilliant artists will always bring surprises to life. In the event of postponing artistic activities due to the pandemic outbreak and the mental life degradation from anxiety, the Talkshow by Van Lang University’s Fashion Design Division focusing on arts and creativity had provided inspiration and positive thinking to help the audience enjoy the “creativity in creativity” space to the finest.


Reporter: Do Thi Cao Thong

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