Issuant of Van Lang’s Student Magazine Vol. 9 – August 2021

(VLU31/8/2021) – On 01 September 2021, Van Lang University issued Van Lang’s Student Magazine Vol. 9 titled “A New Beginning” to summarize the collective activities in August 2021.

August came simultaneously with the Covid-19 outbreak; thus, many activities were halted. However, August was also the time for Van Lang University to welcome the first-year students of course 27 to the 2021 – 2021 AY. Since it was a tough time, everyone must put their all to overcome these challenges.

Let us welcome Van Lang’s Student Magazine Vol. 9, issued on 01 September 2021, to have a general look at the unique last August.

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In Van Lang’s Student Magazine Vol. 9 – August 2021, Van Lang’s situation was portraited by the following articles and sections:

Van Lang’s Movement – August: Van Lang University continued to voluntarily support the local authorities and community to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic and depicted the creativity in researching, lecturing, and studying activities.

The students of course 27 experienced the Online Opening Ceremony: The students of course 27’s experience on their first days studying their bachelor’s programs virtually.

Memorable internship semester in 2021 of Van Lang’s Gen Z: The stories about the online internship semester amidst the pandemic of Van Lang students.

Undercover heroes and untold stories: Uncovering the “undercover heroes” aiding the Van Lang’s community during the pandemic and the stories told on the telephone.

The Foreign Languages student community in Malaysia: Connecting the Van Lang’s students worldwide by looking at the Foreign Languages students studying and working in Malaysia.

Luc Quyen – The Dreamt Journey for Arts in the Land of Kimchi: Talking with our K-pop Idol – Luc Quyen (Queen) – a VLU alumnus.

The Fine Arts students sought inspiration for the seventh form of Arts: Experiencing the exciting movie-making course of the Digital Design students.

Students around the country gathered for VLU’s SLOG  Challenge 2021: Looking at the journey to meet up and discover the nationwide young talent at the SLOG Challenge held by the Faculty of Commerce at Van Lang University.

Studying the parody musical works in Vietnam during the 2015 – 2020 period: The Final Thesis of Nguyen Trung Nghia – Applied Literature student of course 23, learning the parody musical works in terms of a modernized art form.

The Demand to be ugly: The thoughts and perspectives of the author Diem Trang for a social network favorable of the “ugly.”

Are you putting on weight?: Some feelings of the author Do Thien Dang for his mother in the event of Yulanpen Festival.

The color of the volunteers’ shirt and Saigon in our hearts: Introducing two musical works of lecturer Le Minh Thanh – Applied Arts lecturer at Van Lang University.

The preparation for the first-year students of course 27: MD. Pham Thanh Cong – Faculty of Medicine at Van Lang University shared the “tips” to adapt to the studying pace at the university level for the freshmen of course 27.

And more exciting discovery about the training and studying activities at Van Lang University in August 2021.


Along with the online publication, the printed version of Van Lang’s Student Magazine should be delivered to the departments of Van Lang Group and VLU’s Library once the social distancing ends.

The English version should also be updated on the English website of Van Lang University within September 2021.


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