Ethical medical teacher - bringing family doctor model to Tien Giang province

(VLU11/9/2021) During the three months of the Covid-19 outbreak in Vietnam, Msc. Dr. Nguyen Hung Vi - Dean of the Medical Faculty of Van Lang University is always in a state of readiness, busy with the work and responsibilities of a physician.

Former Deputy Director of the Department of Health of Tien Giang Province, former Director of the Provincial Central General Hospital, former Rector of Tien Giang Medical College, currently Dean of the Medical Faculty of Van Lang University and also Chairman of the Department of Health, President of the Medical Association of Tien Giang Province, Msc. Dr. Nguyen Hung Vi is always enthusiastic and responsible for maintaining the health of the community during the long months of pandemic.

vlu nguoi thay y duc gMsc. Dr. Nguyen Hung Vi is currently Chairman of the Medical Association of Tien Giang Province, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Van Lang University.

During the 4th outbreak in Vietnam, July 2021, Msc. Dr. Nguyen Hung Vi and teachers of the Health sector established the Medical - Emergency Response Team of Van Lang University to help, advise and overcome emergency situations for more than 400 cases of families, relatives,, lecturers, staff and students who are F0 and being treated at home or in isolation; at the same time instructing suspected cases, asymptomatic infections or mild to severe symptoms on how to care for and protect the health of themselves and their families.

With the responsibility of an Elite Doctor in Tien Giang province for the past 10 years, Msc. Dr. Nguyen Hung Vi has poured all his knowledge, experience and research results to help people in danger. It is known that he has been bringing a core force of 50 people from his own clinic to support the province's hospital. "I want to contribute to the society, bring the voices of the brothers and connect and help the community. I feel very fortunate that I am still healthy and still able to contribute at this age. Besides, there are always colleagues who work very well, coordinate well and always receive enthusiastic support from Van Lang University as well as the locality of Tien Giang province, My Tho city in the process of prevention and control." - Msc. Dr. Nguyen Hung Vi shared.

vlu nguoi thay y duc aMsc. Dr. Nguyen Hung Vi said, one of the joys of helping doctors persevere with the work of helping the community without worrying about fatigue is the support from the school, the local and colleagues who are always standing side by side.

As one of the creative pioneers in the family medicine model in Vietnam, Msc. Dr. Nguyen Hung Vi has cherished and initially successfully applied the family doctor model, taking care of comprehensive health care for individuals and families during the epidemic. This is a useful model that should be replicated in order to reduce the burden on hospitals that are gradually overloaded because of the increasing number of patients. To prepare for the upcoming second round of vaccination, he and his teammates made a plan and was approved by the People's Committee of My Tho City, supporting the establishment of F0 Health Care Center at home. Thus, the family doctor model will be replicated, doctors can combine both online consultation, health care and on-site operations to support patients during the epidemic season.

vlu nguoi thay y duc hIn addition to directly participating in the frontline team to fight the epidemic in Tien Giang province, the Van Lang Community Health Advisory Group, Msc. Dr. Nguyen Hung Vi and teachers working in the health sector of Van Lang University actively conduct scientific seminars and share medical knowledge for the community.

Sharing about the education and training story of the new generation of doctors and nurses of Van Lang University, Msc. Dr. Nguyen Hung Vi cherishes the desire to impart all his knowledge and experience so that he can train a younger generation of doctors who are more dynamic, versatile and comprehensive in the direction of general family doctors. In which, each faculty is intensively trained in knowledge and practical skills to be always ready to adapt, contribute and develop before any changes of environment, location or change of models, diseases.

Busy with continuous calls for help and support, in a few minutes of resting his hands, the ethical medical teacher laughed and confided: "I'm a doctor, I see people live well, live happily, that's endless joy for me. Working in a state of always being happy, the spirit never gets tired!"

Hoai Anh

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