Van Lang University co-organized the international conference "Path to a sustainable water future"

(VLU26/9/2021)  - On September 23, 2021, Van Lang University cooperated with Wageningen University and Deft University of Technology to co-organize the international conference "Path to a Sustainable Water Future", summarized research results from 4 project groups in the "Urbanising Deltas of the World" program.

The seminar “Paths to a Sustainable Water Future” was hosted by The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), Van Lang University (VLU), Wageningen University (WUR), Delft University of Technology (TU Delft).

With an international scale, the conference gathered the participation of a number of other universities in the European Union, Ghana, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Mozambique, Indonesia, and many multinational companies interested in sustainable water usage.

vlu hoi thao quoc te khoa cong nghe bThe conference was attended by many scientists and multinational companies interested in the field of sustainable water in the world.

The conference “Paths to a Sustainable Water Future” was organized to summarize the research results of four projects in the “Urbanising Deltas of the World” program, including:

  • ENTIRE – Vietnam project co-hosted by VLU and WUR
  • Three projects led by TU Delft include DELTAP-Bangladesh, Sustainable Freshwater Supply for Urbanizing “Maputo”-Mozambique and Iwash-DIY Hand Washing Initiative-Bangladesh and Ghana

vlu hoi thao quoc te khoa cong nghe aSummary of the main results of the ENTIRE project

The workshop was held online with two main sessions. In the first session, project representatives briefly introduced the project along with the results of the case study. In the second session, members of the four projects and guests were divided into four groups (corresponding to four projects) and discussed topics related to the application of research results from the projects as well as orientations for future research cooperation and development.

The project “ENTIRE – Enabling sustainable industrial development in Vietnamese delta’s: Reducing, recycling and multi-sourcing industrial water” has been implemented since the end of 2016. During the first session, Prof. Huub Rijnaarts, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kujawa - Roeleveld, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Judith van Leeuwen and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu reviewed the project's goal of sustainable industrial development in the Deltas of Vietnam through recycling, reusing and diversification of industrial water sources and emphasized the importance of the results in the sustainable use of water resources, reducing competition for water use in three sectors of industry, agriculture, and urban.

vlu hoi thao quoc te khoa cong nghe cAssoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu gave an overview of the project "ENTIRE - Enabling sustainable industrial development in Vietnamese delta's: Reducing, recycling and multi-sourcing industrial water"

These results are drawn from (i) research by postgraduate Tran Thu Trang when applying the institutional capacity analysis framework to provide innovative perspectives on governance and institutions towards sustainable water use in industrial zones of Vietnam, (ii) from the research of postgraduate Le Minh Truong to transform the model of “Urban Harvest Approach” in the context of the Industrial Park into “Industrial Harvest Approach” in order to be self-sufficient in industrial water supply, aiming to minimize water demand and maximize water reuse, recycling and circulation activities, and (iii) from the research on building a model “Decision support using VIKOR method” to integrate the two elements of engineering, technology and governance into Effective water management by researcher Astha Bhatta.

vlu hoi thao quoc te khoa cong nghe d

vlu hoi thao quoc te khoa cong nghe eThe results of the project were partly drawn from the research of the MSc. Le Minh Truong and PhD. MSc. Tran Thu Trang - Faculty of Technology, Van Lang University

The discussion session of the ENTIRE project, divided into four main topics, also took place with great enthusiasm, with diverse perspectives from the participants of the workshop.

The discussion session of the ENTIRE project ended with comments on (i) transferring and applying research results to the beneficiaries being the State Management Agencies, Investment Company of infrastructure of industrial parks and enterprises; and (ii) extend research results from ENTIRE to neighboring sectors (urban, agricultural) through the upcoming Aqua-Connect project jointly implemented by WUR and VLU.

Following the joint workshop of 4 projects, the ENTIRE Project Summary Workshop will continue to take place on the upcoming October 1, 2021.


MSc. Tran Thu Trang
PhD. MSc. Le Minh Truong - Gia Han

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