The impressive online canvas painting exhibition 2021 of the 26th class of Fashion Design

(VLU, 18/9/2021- Following the success of the first season, at 8:00 a.m on September 15, 2021, the Fabric Painting Exhibition season 2 was officially opened, displaying 61 works of canvas paintings by students of Course 26 in Fashion Design at Van Lang University on Artstep virtual reality platform. The event attracted the attention of many students and art fans.

The exhibition is within the framework of the subject "Basic disciplines of decoration" of the first-year students of Fashion Design, Van Lang University. In 2020, the Fashion Design major held the 1st canvas painting exhibition called "Innovation in Fashion & Art" at the main campus, creating many positive effects. Due to the impact of the epidemic, in 2021, the Canvas Painting Exhibition will return on the ArtSteps platform, lasting from September 15 to September 20, 2021. This is an application based on advanced web-based technology, allowing users to set up exhibitions by designing virtual reality 3-dimensional spaces. Attendees can select the desired sightseeing area with just one click.

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As one of the globally growing industries, the fashion industry generates huge revenue every year, while also putting a lot of pressure on the environment. Fashion trends change rapidly, leading to an increase in the need to buy and dispose of old clothes. Canvas painting is one of the solutions with the meaning of recycling and green living in the community. This is also a familiar topic in the last 5 years of the first year students of Fashion Design.

Within the framework of the subject "Basic disciplines of decoration", the exercise on Fabric Painting helps students access materials and fabrics of the fashion industry through the process of going to the fabric market or tailors, gaining experience and knowledge about the selection of mix - match fabrics, thereby better understanding the nature of the field and the future career.

vlu tranh vai thap nhi manhThe work "Twelve Pieces" - Van Deo - is inspired by the image of Kaguya - Hime (bamboo princess), sketches a scene in the movie "Bamboo Princess" of Japan, with the image of a princess wearing a t-shirt, lost in the deep forest as well as running away from her fate.

vlu tranh vai dan nu lenh denhThe work "Floating women" by student Lam Trieu Quan - is made from jeans, velvet, chiffon and made mostly by sewing machines. The work sketches the image of a girl with the technique of stitching and matching standard lines on the body. Set in the context of the sea and the rudder of the ship, Trieu Quan wishes to show the indeterminate floating of a woman's life, with a strong dream to steer her own destiny.

MSc. Nguyen Vu Cam Ly - Lecturer of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design gave quality evaluations on this year's exercise works: "In terms of ideas, many works have boldly expressed the views and moods of students during the interval. Nature-inspired themes are also popular. Technically, teachers and students have overcome the limitations related to online exchange and instruction, your works are diverse in cutting different fabrics. It is a commendable self-study effort by the students in the learning process.”

With the nature of the subject that requires practice and direct instruction, many modules of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design take place during the epidemic season with the form of online learning, causing teachers and students difficulties to display their work. The transformation of the exhibition form to a digital technology platform is a move that is suitable with the context and development of the times, and is also an opportunity for VLU Fashion Design industry in particular, the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design in general to approach modern technology trends in the world.

Canvas paintings participated in the exhibition

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Reporter: My Tien

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