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(VLU07/9/2021) Not so many people know that currently, there is a community of alumni of Van Lang University’s English Languistic major living and working in the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Van Lang Student Magazine has connected with Hong Tram, Tam Nhi, and Bich Ngoc (Course 20) - three of VLU alumni in Malaysia, to listen to these beautiful, enthusiastic young girls share about their life.

For the VLU students, Hong Tram is not an unfamiliar face since she used to be the President of the Student Union of Van Lang University. Always active with the work of the Faculty and the School, she was also passionate about taking on the challenge of new things. After graduating, Tram left her hometown to live and work in Malaysia: “I started working in Malaysia from late 2018, until November this year, it has been exactly 3 years. My current job is an office worker for a business in the field of information technology.” 

Tram said, “When I first graduated from college, I was still young though, but I wanted to challenge myself and find a job with a good income. At that time, as my seniors at the Faculty of Foreign Languages had already been working for 1 year abroad, I tried shooting my shot. I passed the first interview, but I couldn't go because I haven’t got the diploma yet. I succeeded in the second time and went overseas.”

Meanwhile, Tam Nhi was the former Secretary of the Youth Union at the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​and also a multi-talented artist of the Faculty. She is currently having a stable career at a large company in Malaysia for nearly three years. Nhi shared: “When I was about to graduate, I was introduced to this job by a senior at the Faculty who is working in Malaysia. I agreed because I wanted to try and experience the international working environment.”

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Despite not having many outstanding activities like Hong Tram and Tam Nhi, Bich Ngoc also used to manage the fan page of the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​when she was a student. Until now, Ngoc has lived and worked in Malaysia for nearly 2 years: “I know this job through a few friends. In 2018, I applied and passed through the phone interview. Unfortunately, for some personal reasons, I did not go but stayed at my old company. After a while, in mid-2019, I started applying again, got interviewed here and there, and did not pass until October. So in mid-November 2019, I packed up and prepared to take off. Overall, I chose to go because I wanted to find a new horizon and an attractive salary range.”

On starting a new life in a foreign country, they were fortunate to be supported by the seniors with transportation, food, and housing. The initial difficulties were mainly due to not knowing what the roads were like here, where the company was, the unfamiliarity of eating, and of course, homesick. Tam Nhi said life in Malaysia has given her many interesting experiences, helping her to become more mature every day and have the opportunity to learn about another culture. Bich Ngoc was no exception: "Working in Kuala Lumpur, except for some initial difficulties such as travel and communication, I am very fortunate to have friends to help me with everything else, so I could easily catch up with the new life."

The members of the alumni community in Malaysia always stay in touch. Tram said: “Some of our seniors returned to Vietnam to work, but the rest of the members still stayed here, and it was nice that we were in the same apartment building. When there was no epidemic, we often went out to eat hot pot, or diligently, we did a few gatherings at home on weekends. And now, the apartment we live in is also a small Covid outbreak, so we have to limit going out to meet each other. Only when birthdays come, there will be a representative to hand us gifts.”

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Similar to Tram, Nhi shared: “I will always be grateful that I still got to meet my seniors from the same college, the same faculty when I first went abroad for work. Before the epidemic, we used to hang out on weekends, but now everyone “stays where they are" to protect the health of themselves and the community." Bich Ngoc was also surprised to learn that many friends from Van Lang are also living and working in Kuala Lumpur. Like Tram and Nhi, she still keeps in touch with her VLU friends and seniors.”

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Starting a new life in a foreign country is an exciting experience that many young people want to try. New culture, new people will leave a lot of impressions on those who are away from home for the first time. When Tram and Ngoc liked the modern public transport system and fewer traffic jams in Malaysia, Tam Nhi was impressed by the food, culture, religion, and tourism. Currently, because of the complicated Covid-19 epidemic, they are all working from home, everyone hopes that the situation will be controlled so that everyone can return to their normal work.


Reporter: Usagi & Vi Tieu Bao

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