Scientific webinar: Innovation of primary medical examination and treatment of Health Insurance according to the principles of General Medicine

(VLU06/8/2021) - On the morning of July 29, 2021, Faculty of Medicine - Van Lang University organized the scientific webinar "Innovation of primary medical examination and treatment of Health Insurance according to the principles of General Medicine".

The webinar was attended by a large number of students from Health Sector: Falculty of Pharmacy, Falculty of Nursing - Medical laboratory Technology, Faculty of Dentistry of Van Lang University and many doctors working in hospitals, health facilities.

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General Medicine is the specialty of Medicine that combines biology, clinical medicine and behavioral sciences. General Medicine is responsible for providing a continuum of comprehensive primary health care to individuals and families in all ages, genders with all kinds of diseases.

Opening the webinar, PhD.MD. Nguyen Hung Vi - Dean of Medical Faculty of Van Lang University said: “The economic growth contributes to the improvement of the social welfare system, health issues are increasingly concerned. Taking care of everyone's health, especially the elderly, seems simple, but in fact, we only care about medical examination and treatment, but we have not received comprehensive health management and advice on improving health. In the future, taking care of the elderly becomes urgent when the rate of old age increases, and this is the desire of many people. This webinar has made a substantial contribution to an advanced medical model, which Van Lang University will support to make the needs of many people come true."

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The webinar had the participation of three speakers. MD. Nguyen Thien Huong - Lecturer of the Faculty of Medicine presented the topic "Practical application to update indications of botulinum toxin". According to the report, Botox is a popular cosmetic therapy now, it helps to improvement beauty such as opening the angle of the eyebrows, shrinking the wings of the nose, improving wrinkles, reducing skin pigmentation,... However, she also recommended that botox injections must be conducted only by qualified doctors to achieve the best results.

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MD. Nguyen Le Mai - Lecturer of the Faculty of Medicine - Van Lang University presented the topic "Asthma and Notes when using therapeutic medicine". The report helps attendees to understand about asthma, the appropriate therapeutic medicines, and ways to limit asthma attacks in the current epidemic situation.

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PhD. MD. Nguyen Hung Vi - Dean of the Faculty of Medicine - Van Lang University presented the topic "Innovating Thinking in Health Care to Improve Comprehensive Primary Care for the Elderly according to General Medicine Principles". The report was the experiences of Dr. Nguyen Hung Vi in his career. Through the report, he wants to renew the thinking of health care for the elderly, especially improving the comprehensive primary health care for the elderly according to the principles of General medicine: primary examination and treatment with health insurance; comprehensive health management and consulting to solve health problems; improve health for the elderly and their families at health facilities and at patients' homes.

In addition to providing medical knowledge, the doctors also answered many of the medical questions of the attendees through the online comment section.

PhD.MD. Nguyen Hung Vi also said that, in order to further expand the issues of updating and training qualified personnel, the Faculty of Medicine of Van Lang University will train GP-oriented according to General Medicine Principles, contributing to the Medicine Area and the people's health care mission.

Reporter: Le My

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