A memorable internship of Van Lang’s Gen Z in 2021

(VLU05/9/2021) Internship is an activity that every Van Lang student will undergo during his or her study. For students of class 23 and 24, the internship period in 2021 becomes more special than ever because of the impact of the pandemic situation - all activities have been moved to online.

Nguyen Phuc Vy, class 23 of English Linguistics major 

Phuc Vy is currently an intern at NAB Vietnam (National Australia Bank). The bank is headquartered in Australia and is one of the four largest financial institutions in the country in terms of market capitalization, revenue and clients.

Majoring in Business English, Phuc Vy is doing her internship in the communication department, working on events for company employees, assisting in product ideas for the company in the process of branding in the domestic market. As the former Union President of Foreign Languages’s Faculty ​​for the term 2018 - 2020 who actively participated in Union and Association activities, Vy has accumulated a lot of practical experience for her work.

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Being an intern at the company for 4 months during the Covid-19 epidemic, Vy only worked at the office for the first month and then completely worked from home. Work from home for a long time, but she didn’t have too many difficulties because she already had experience working online at the office to connect employees between branches and connect with the head office abroad.

Doing an internship at a foreign company brought Vy many new experiences. Vy excitedly shared that the company sent gifts to employees' homes to encourage work spirit during the epidemic season. The company also sent Vy a laptop to work from home, supporting internal data search. Despite having a specialized English background, Vy said that she always has to learn more skills, tools, etc to apply in the future.

Ho NgocLong Nhan, Course 24 Logistics Major

Following the Logistics & Supply Chain Management major, there are many suitable job positions that Nhan is interested in. He is especially interested in warehouse positions. Through the support of a lecturer, Nhan is doing an internship at Schaeffler Vietnam - a leading company in bearing manufacturing as warehouse officer - office worker at the warehouse.

Working from home has affected and limited internships. Nhan shared: “Because the PC used at the company cannot be brought home, the company's IT department has set up a virtual computer on his laptop. Sometimes personal laptops are not very powerful and often "lag" when communicating or exchanging work with superiors and colleagues. At the same time, working from home sometimes also reduces productivity compared to when working directly at the company."

vlu thuc tap thuc te b

Not only Nhan but many other gen Z students often bring work into personal time or vice versa, causing a disturbance in life. To overcome this, Nhan shared that he applied the method "Whatever you do in less than 3 minutes, do it, if it's more than 3 minutes, make a note on paper to always remember".

Therefore, from a positive perspective, this special internship period not only helps Nhan get acquainted with the actual working process, solve problems during the working process, but also learn how to manage working time effectively.

Phan Tran Dung Long, 24th course Marketing Major

Dung Long is experiencing an internship at Generali Vietnam life insurance company as a financial consultant. Long shared that when the Faculty supported sending CVs to Generali Vietnam, he only thought of interviewing to gain experience, and didn't think that he would have passed to start an internship in such a good working environment.

thuc tap thuc te f

The peculiarity of the life insurance industry is to meet customers face-to-face to advise on contracts and design appropriate financial solutions. During the epidemic season, Long met customers through online applications, which was quite difficult for some customers who were elderly or had little exposure to technology.

Long said, with the current working model, work volume and productivity are not too different, but interacting with superiors and colleagues as well as exchanging letters and receiving feedback online is sometimes very slow. Being flexible, knowing how to manage and divide a reasonable time frame, Long began to control by clearly dividing working hours so as not to affect daily activities.

Working from home has been a great experience as I have access to newer applications, can work without moving too much. The company develops a number of apps for customer care and apps for work control.” This also helps Long somewhat better understand the business's working culture and the response system during the epidemic.

The Covid 19 epidemic is still very complicated. Having the foundation of learning online, work from home is no longer strange to Van Lang students. Internship in the context of the epidemic cannot avoid inadequacies, but this is also a valuable experience for interns.

vlu thuc tap thuc te c

Currently, in addition to the group of students who completed the internship before the Covid-19 epidemic re-emerged, in this third semester, there are more than 700 students of the 23rd and 24th course in the fields of Economics, Media & Arts are in the stage of internships at enterprises or teaching internships under the direct guidance of Faculty's teachers. Faculties have shown flexibility in training directions when collaborating with many units and businesses to conduct online internships in accordance with the situation of social distancing. For some specific industry groups, students cannot register for internships even during the epidemic season. Faculty teachers also actively plan to arrange subjects and prepare for internships in the first semester of  2021 , help students reduce concern and ensure the right to experience practical work when studying at Van Lang.


Reporter:  Tuyen Nguyen - Mai Thy

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