Faculty of Technology transferred the 3rd beauty product to Mediworld Company

(VLU16/8/2021) - Following the success of the two-generation SHAPE PRO-SKIN FIRMMING OIL product line, on August 12, 2021, Faculty of Technology continued to deliver the third beauty product - Bio Peel for the Mediworld Company. The product is a testament to the enthusiasm and efforts of the teachers of the Faculty in general and the Aesthetic Technology industry at Van Lang University in particular.

Officially signed a Cooperation Agreement (MOA) with Mediworld Co., Ltd (MDW) on January 9, 2021, so far, the Faculty of Technology Van Lang University has officially transferred them 3 beauty products. Most recently, on August 12, 2021, the Faculty of Technology has just transferred Bio Peel products to support the skin peeling process with many outstanding features.

Nowadays, bio-exfoliation is a popular skin care trend to help users achieve smooth skin. This method uses compounds that act on the surface to help remove dead cells, dirt and bacteria deep in the pores, pushing skin turnover and new skin regeneration. However, the products on the market today are mostly chemical products, so there are many risks of affecting the skin. Bio Peel was born as a breakthrough product that ensures the safety of the biological skin peeling process.

Some special features of the product:

  • Bio Peel is a plant-based product with natural active ingredients that act to remove dead cells and regenerate new skin by biological mechanism. The product is extracted from butterfly pea flower combined with AHA acid group including Acid from Milk, Glycolic Acid from Sugarcane, Malic Avid from Apple will rejuvenate and brighten skin naturally, suitable for all skin types. No occupational risks when peeling skin.
  • Bio Peel can be used in conjunction with an intensive skin care routine at a salon, or customers can use it on their own at home under the guidance of a skin care professional.

vlu san pham khoa cong nghe bCompletely extracted from natural products, Bio Peel is suitable for all skin areas on the body.

Dr. Nguyen Huu Hung - Vice Dean of Faculty of Technology said: “This product has a big difference from other products on the market. Creating a product with good effect not only brings value to the community but also a great joy for the Faculty of Technology. The products are also an affirmation for the training of students in Aesthetic Technology. Students studying at Van Lang University are completely confident in being able to create cosmetic products to meet the production needs of businesses and customers' skin care needs."

vlu san pham khoa cong nghe aaCurrently, Bio Peel is produced in a factory that meets the standards of practice according to the standards of the World Health Organization

Advances in technology are always updated and applied in real products by Faculty of Technology teachers. Thereby, the Faculty is affirming its position in the field of scientific research and technology transfer. This is a foundation for students to have more learning opportunities and hands-on experiences during their study at Van Lang University. It is hoped that in the near future, the Faculty of Technology will continue to launch quality products under the brand name of Van Lang University to serve the community.


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