Online Scientific Conference "Look after and improve health during the epidemic season"

(VLU, 29/8/2021) On the August 27, 2021, the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Traditional Medicine of Van Lang University successfully organized a scientific conference with the theme "Look after and improve health during pandemic", taking place online on the Zoom application and livestream on Youtube.

In the situation that the Covid pandemic has been causing a lot of damage to people's health and spirit, self-care and improving health during the epidemic season is essential. With the desire to clarify scientific issues surrounding the epidemic, and bring important knowledge to the community for effective Covid-19 prevention and control, the conference connected attendees with 3 reporters who are Associate Professor and Doctor with extensive experience in the health field, currently working at the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Traditional Medicine, Van Lang University: Dr. Nguyen Hung Vi - Dean of Faculty of Medicine, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Tho - Dean of the Faculty of Traditional Medicine and Dr. Phung Quoc Dai - Lecturer of the Faculty of Traditional Medicine.

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Opening the Conference, Dr. Phung Quoc Dai - Lecturer of the Faculty of Traditional Medicine presented the report "Covid-19 vaccine: Technology and effects in the current situation in Vietnam". Through the report, Dr. Phung Quoc Dai summarized and explained general issues about Vaccines; Vaccine effects and specific descriptions of Vaccines licensed by the Ministry of Health in Vietnam, helping viewers visualize the mechanism of action of different types of vaccines: Sinopharm is considered a "zombie virus", Oxford/Astrazeneca is famous for its "mutated virus" technology, and the group of artificial vaccines is BioNtech/ Pfizer and Novavax injected into the human body is to activate the immune system, protect people against the harm of virus.

With experience and professional knowledge, Dr. Phung Quoc Dai answered many questions from attendees in a clear and concise manner. Ha To Uyen (Pharmacy student, class 26) asked: "Two vaccines are recommended to be given four to eight weeks apart, so can they be given earlier?" Dr. Phung Quoc Dai explained: "It is possible to inject the second dose later than the recommended time, but it should not be earlier. Because the principle of action of injection 1 is to create the immune system, injection 2 is to activate immunity. If the second dose is given too early, the effect is not optimal. Medically, vaccination requires a process, time to adapt and time for T lymphocytes. Socially, in a situation where vaccines are still scarce, many people are eager to get the second dose, which can lead to widespread vaccine shortages."

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Dr. Nguyen Hung Vi - Dean of the Faculty of Medicine presented a report on the topic: "Family doctor - Improving the quality of community health care during the epidemic season." This is a practical topic, helping attendees to understand the issues on family medicine; combining the principles of family medicine and the science of creativity to improve the quality of life and provide more effective health care.

By practical experience, the presentation of Dr. Nguyen Hung Vi helped attendees understand and empathize with those who have been and are struggling with the epidemic. According to the doctor, "External force is important but internal strength is decisive." People are inexperienced in this campaign, so it is difficult to avoid losing control of their emotions. Therefore, it is necessary to have the consistent advice of the strict epidemic prevention system; consider patients as valuable guests, should not discriminate against them, help them be optimistic and motivated to overcome the epidemic. Dr. Nguyen Hung Vi also "revealed" that he is currently researching a number of useful topics and models, hoping to soon contribute to helping people access the hospital safely and effectively fight the epidemic.

Regarding mental health care during the epidemic season, the report "Mental health care during a pandemic" by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Tho - Dean of the Faculty of Traditional Medicine is like a new breeze, bringing positive energy, reinforcing optimism and inspiring attendees. With the closeness between students and teachers, many students dared to ask for Assoc. Dr. Nguyen Van Tho's secret to always being cheerful. Mr. Tho shared: “Continue to work for the brain and body; social connection is a priority; self-care (such as doing yoga, watching movies, listening to music, etc); Help others if possible. Vietnamese people are so strange! "Oh gourd, love the pumpkin, Though of different species, you share the same trellis". When there is trouble, they are braver. When there is an "enemy" like Covid, they are more protective and united with each other. Helping others when possible is like a need in the heart of every citizen. It's great to be a Vietnamese citizen!"

In addition to 3 useful reports, the speakers also enthusiastically answered many questions related to health and Covid prevention methods for attendees, helping each person to accumulate useful knowledge for themselves and their families during the pandemic.

In the time of implementing the principle "staying where you are", taking care of ourselves and improving our health will help us to protect ourselves and the community at large. Always keep yourself in good health, an optimistic spirit, and ready to join hands with the country to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic!

Reporter: Do Thi Cao Thong
Student of Course 23 - Faculty of Law

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